IndoTraq- A new way to experience VR


A great new startup is having a lot of fame from last year’s CES. VR was took to a new level, thanks to a new technology from IndoTraq. Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View right now don’t offer depth tracking. Users can’t really experience moving around while using VR. Thanks to IndoTraq, this problem is solved.

How does it work?

The system works with the aid of a head mounted sensor that is followed by 4 receivers or “anchors”. Indotraq supports at the moment up to 8 sensors. In this way, it provides a better precision and coverage.

IndoTraq just added and updated a mesh network which can accommodate up to 32 sensors. This results in a much greater coverage area. Multiple systems are being able to connect together. Further, it includes several tag updates. Tags refer to a sensor built into the headset, that is a mounted as part of the kit. 128 tags can be supported by the new mesh network. Some of the other features include digital outputs and inputs that are added to the tags. Tags can be placed inside objects. An amazing thing is that tags can see each other. In this way 1 tag can track the position and in the same time the information about the other tags. Tags can output GPS coordinates, thus allowing to communicate with devices that accept GPS coordinates and drones.

The best on the market?

Right now IndoTraq has developed the most precise and fastest wireless indoor tracking system. It comes with a +/- 5 mm precision through indoor walls. Has a range of 100 m and updates at a rate of 200 times per second. On a single system, the outdoor range can reach up to 200 m. Another thing that also places IndoTraq among the best trackers is the precision. It can very precisely track where a object is vs you are in a 3D space.

IndoTraq uses a technology called HSKT or high speed Kalman tracking, which combines an inertial measurement unit and an ultra wide band position tracking system in sync. This is very similar to using GPS outdoors, but utterly fast and precise.

Innovation for VR

VR users will wear the wireless VR headset and immerse in their own new virtual reality apps. The VRTraq allows the users to walk around free of any cameras or cables, thanks to the fact that is completely wireless.

Real experience

Imagine using Samsung Gear VR. One can walk around a room and reach objects as they grow larger. While you back away, they get smaller. When you get to closer to the edge of the virtual space perimeter created by the beacons, you get an attention with an icon that notifies you about this issue. This new technology is definitely a game changer for VR. For example, the med students can watch virtual surgeries and can of course get a closer look. A school cafeteria can be transformed into a war battlefield and students could experience this shared world together. The tracker tags can be be worn by stage and film actors. Possibilities are endless.

What about costs?

The system costs $3,500 and can be bought directly from IndoTraq website.


It is probably too fast to drag conclusions because this new technology is at its beginnings. Until now, we don’t have any negatives on IndoTraq. From what we can tell, it accurately track any type of movements, from fast to slow, depending on your will of moving. We are waiting for this new tech to hit the market. What do you think? Do you believe IndoTraq will change the way we see VR?


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