Lose the Snooze with Ruggie


For many of us the snooze button on any alarm clock is our best friend, especially on rainy mornings or when dreamland is a happy place. But it looks like those extra minutes of sleep are not so glorious after all. Experts found out that the repetitive use of the snooze button makes people experience extreme grogginess and disorientation that can last for about an hour and a half. Along with the grogginess comes a serious lack of productivity throughout the day and the inability to fall asleep at night. Unfortunately this behavior doesn’t just ruin your day, it can throw you off balance for a whole week.

The displeasure of leaving the bed in the morning has led to all sorts of inventions meant to help us start our days on time: the clock that emits your favorite scents, the clock that wakes you with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and the clock on wheels that runs away – these are just a few of many attempts to defeat snoozing.

Having to go through the same ordeal of snoozing for countless times, Winson Tam from Vancouver, Canada, decided to create Ruggie – the clock that won’t allow you to sleep after the alarm goes off.

Made from high density memory foam and wrapped in soft fleece, the small 46 x 60 cm Ruggie makes waking up more comfortable, despite the need of resting your feet on it to make the alarm stop. And don’t think you can just place one foot down then go back to sleep. The pressure-sensitive alarm clock doesn’t have a snooze option and both feet need to be placed on Ruggie for at least three seconds to turn off the alarm.

Ruggie-Alarm-ClockThe “smart rug” has a small LED digital display in a corner, also activated by touch. This can be a useful night light for a fast run to the bathroom. The light goes off after 20 seconds, so it won’t bother you during sleep.

The clock comes with a few alarm sounds, such as bird songs and bubbling water, so you wake up to a soothing sound instead of an annoying beeping alarm. Beside, Ruggie is equipped with a USB port that allows you to connect it to a computer and customize the alarm. On top of everything, if you feel the need to lay down, Ruggie can be quite a motivational speaker that gives you the “courage” to get out of bed. The cheers that Ruggie plays can also be personalized, so you can add funny cheers, goal reminders, your favorite song or whatever brightens your mornings. The speakers used on the clock are similar to those smart phones have.

Of course, if it’s a rug placed on the floor, it will get dirty. But there’s no need to worry, because the material covering the electronics is washable. Ruggie runs on three AAA batteries that are estimated to last for a year. Setting the clock, the alarm and other sounds can be done using the control keys which are hidden in a zipper pocket on the lower side of the mat.

Project Ruggie had its Kickstarter launch in January 2016. The campaign has over 3100 backers and raised almost $450.000, well over the $50.000 goal. Ruggie is estimated to sell at $99. For Kickstarter backers, Ruggie has a price of $59 and shipment is expected in September 2016.

We are all familiar with the expression “If You Snooze, You Lose”. The new Ruggie promises to make a difference by eliminating the snooze and add a few days to people’s lives. I’m sure, though, that everyone that gets one, will eventually find a way to sleep in. 


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