So Much with Smartphones for Smart Technology


The precious and carefully-crafted brains of humans are capable of wonderful ideas that led to the discovery of thousands of discoveries. These discoveries have been realized one by one as the years go deeper in the 21st century. Technological advancements are part of these revolutionary ideas that continue to modernize the world by making life simpler, easier, and better. Genius, smart, intelligent, amazing, overwhelming, innovative you will run out of adjectives in describing the technological feats that are being used and enjoyed by the young and adults alike nowadays. There are a lot of simple gadgets and complex machines that are used on a daily basis by different people all over the world.

When we talk about technological gadgets, it is important that they are smart. With all the demands in the current generation, being smart would get them in a long way. And you know pretty well what the first thing comes to your mind when smart technology is the topic, is a smartphone. At first, the phones were just phones. They are used in calling and texting or beeping someone for notifications. They were equipped with simple instructions. Now, phones have evolved into smartphones. In these days, cell phones are getting smarter than ever. More than just texting and calling, these smartphones are endowed with high-tech software and hardware. There is a wide gap between a phone which is just a phone and a smartphone. Technically, a smartphone is a computer with a mobile operating system. It is pocket-sized and has the following features: send and receive texts and calls, have virtual assistants, notepads, calendar, music and video players, applications and games, recorder, flashlight, calculator, internet connection, and a camera. It has a color display with graphical user interface. Its display is a touch screen which is touch-sensitive. And no more keypads! It has a virtual keyboard for typing words, numbers, characters, and emoticons. The power lies at your fingertips. You can even choose your own wallpaper from your photos.

So, you can actually personalize everything about your smartphone look. With these features, who would not want to have a smartphone! You can literally do anything with it; any task you do, it can help you with it. Basically, a smartphone is a must-have. Ever wondered what the first smartphone was? Who or what company started all the smartphone craze that people currently experience? No, it is not Apple with its magnificent iPhone. Iphone was first introduced more than 10 years after. It was the Simon Personal Communicator created by IBM and was introduced in 1994. It is quite pricey as tagged with $899 which is estimated to be $1,435 in nowadays. Its LCD is monochrome which measures 4.5 inches by 1.4 inches. Yes, it is pretty clunky. It has a stylus. It features a note-writing collection, address book, world clock, and a planner. It could send and receive messages, emails, faxes, and pages. According to Bloomberg Businessweek that even though it may have not acclaimed the same amount of fame compared to the current popular smartphones, IBM managed to sell about 50,000 units. Regardless of the question if it was popular or not, the Simon Personal Communicator paved way for the creation of competitive smartphones in a long line of history. From what Simon offers to its users, other manufacturers took them as the standards and a catalyst to bring in even more amazing features. As expected, other phone manufacturers pursued whatever IBM started. There would be no smartphones of today without the initiative of IBM or the smartphone history could have taken another course.

Being smart could get you anywhere. Look what ‘smartness’ brought the world in the 21st century. If you come to think of it, these smartphones would be not be here right now without the brilliant ideas of inventors and innovators. Yes, smartphones are really smart. Smart people produce smart stuff, huh. Smart technology rules!


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