Nokia Ozo – A camera that defines a new form of art and cinematic experience


Nokia OZOIt has been tough time for Nokia after losing the battle for smartphones. Technology giant Microsoft acquired Nokia in 2014 promising that Nokia will get back on track. Nokia now returned with a new product – the Nokia OZO 360-degree VR camera. This will be Nokia’s first product launch in the VR industry. Nokia’s OZO camera can capture stereoscopic 3D videos of the real world and it is capable of real-time 3D viewing using the virtual reality headset.

Nokia’s President, Mr. Ramzi Haidamus is talking about the dawn of a new era, where new technologies will transform the way people connect and share stories, events, and other interesting stuff.

This month, the release of OZO made a momentum for Nokia and it struck the enthusiasm of the community. Nokia gave birth to a professional camera that will capture moments unlike any other, and will let you share them everyone. The camera is built and designed for professional content creators, and proves its worth based on its price tag. The VR camera is being sold for a cool $60,000. You can also purchase a specialized docking station with accessories for $1,500. – Yes, the price is high but continue reading and you’ll know its worth it.

Nokia’s “connecting people” spirit is their foundation in creating a concept and implementing it to this project. The concept of the virtual camera emerged at the early stages of implementation, and continued through research and development. The engineering team encountered big challenges primarily on how they can address the heating problem of the 8 cameras. After several prototypes and tests, they came up with a design that enhances consistent airflow, keeping the core of the cameras cool and allowing it to solve the heating issues.

Haidamus also explained the purpose of the OZO, which is mostly destined to professional creators which are working in the field of virtual reality. The market is still in developments, but I would expect a great demand from several universities and research centers.


OZO has a 360-degree field of view, and can easily record videos, being equipped with eight high resolution optical image sensors that can shoot 2000 x 2000 of resolution capturing an entire sphere of the scene. Each camera lens covers a 195-degree field of view. They allow it to slightly overlap from one view to the next, to improve its performance and make clearer video recordings. It also has eight microphones that can record a four-dimensional audio. The recorded audio and video will be stored in a 500GB solid state drive. It can shoot a full HD video for approximately 45 minutes. The Ozo’s sensors let the camera collect the data in seconds, data which is then transmitted to a VR headset, allowing the users to view the streaming. The VR headset will now do its job by letting the user experience the live video. Imagine yourself using the VR headset and experiencing the recorded world. You may be exploring a virgin forest, top of the hill or watching a lovely sun set. What do you think?

The release of OZO made a huge comeback for the company. Nokia always lived on its code creating and innovating design to its simplest form and outperforms the rest in that field.

Nokia’s current project is also a big step in helping film makers revolutionize the art of film making. OZO’s distinctive innovation marks the new age of virtual reality that we will surely experience it in our houses in the future at a cheaper price.

Nokia OZO full specification:

These are the technical specification of OZO that will help you decide if it’s worth a try. For the video part, the sensor features Progressive Scan with Global Shutter. Films can start at 20″ minimum distance. The interoptic distance has an effective max. 86 mm / 3.4″. Each lens has 195 degrees FOV. The relative aperture is f/2.4. The omnidirectional microphone as a 360 x 360 degrees area coverage, measuring up to 120dB max SPL. The output is a MOV file wrapped in OZO Virtual Reality with 8Ch raw Video and 8Ch PCM Audio. The camera comes with a cool 500GB, Solid State Media drive which can store up to 45 minutes of continuous recording. The device an output via 3G-SDI SMPTE 242M, DIN connector. The captured frame rate is 30.00 fps, and the rechargeable batteries are built from Li-Ion.

You can control the OZO via a remote OSX application or via 802.11 Wifi. The OZO also comes with a proprietary OSX application called the OZO Creator Application. Images can also be sent to HDMI. The unit weights 9.3 lbs., including the battery. The weight is not that high because the case is made out of milled Aluminum alloy. It measures 10.4 x 6.7 x 6.3″ (264 x 170 x 160mm). It is certifies CE and FCC, it operates temperatures higher than +32F (0C), but not as high as +77F (+25C).


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