Strike Two: another Samsung recall this year?



This year was a tough year for Samsung, due to the recall of defective Galaxy Note 7s. And after weeks of recalling the defective phones, another issue broke out. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently announced to the public that they have received reports of exploding Samsung washing machines. The incident was reported to CPSC by top-loading machines owners.

According to an ABC news report, a number of 21 people filed a report to the CPSC in 2015. They reported several incidents of exploding washers, with one consumer from Texas reporting that the explosion was so powerful it destroyed the wall of her garage. Due to these incidents, Samsung will probably face class-action lawsuits and will most likely recall some of their washers.

CPSC formally released a statement warning the public of an exploding washing machine model, made between March of 2011 and April this year. Unfortunately, they did not specify which Samsung units are affected. On the other hand, Samsung answered the CPSC’s warning with a statement: the washing machines “may experience abnormal vibrations” when customers are washing bulky items like bedding. Those vibrations might pose a safety risk or could cause damage.

The company also added that consumers have used Samsung washers for “millions of loads”  since 2011, without having the issue.

Due to the ongoing investigation, Samsung recommends using the washer in a low-speed setting. Bulky laundry and other water resistant materials should be washed on a delicate cycle. The setting will work without having an issue.

Good news for front-loading models: they are not affected by this malfunction.

If you are one of the consumers with a top-loading washer, please keep in mind to check if there’s a need for precautionary measures, by entering the washing machine serial number here.



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