What Does Your Smartphone Say about Your Personality?


A quick look at your smartphone can unveil a lot of things about your personality. The wallpaper you’ve set, your playlist or downloaded apps reveal what’s important to you. Before personalizing your phone, you had to choose the device itself. Smartphone preference is the basic level of phone customization; even this can show some things about a person. More often than not, your smartphone is seen as a status symbol.

But don’t take our word for granted. Here is formal research conducted by top scientists that surveyed over 500 respondents in the past two years concerning their telephones and what they felt about it. These conclusions might scare or fascinate you, depending on your… personality.

They found out that the respondents are increasingly getting anxious concerning their smartphones as status objects. Nonetheless, that’s not the juicier part of their study.

In Love with a Smartphone

They also observed that many of them are younger females. It can be construed that they are conscious to the image they project, and as to what the society thinks of them. In extreme cases, some might even say that they have a tendency to lie just to get things for themselves.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they are prone to emotional bursts and are full of themselves. Some might even relate this to the US-elect President Donald Trump. We’re sorry to burst the party but he is still more of a tech user.

The research also stated the traits of a medium Android user. They are generally more agreeable, less prone to violate rules and they don’t pay much attention with keeping the rich lifestyle.

This study was originally presented last September at the annual conference of British Psychological Society-Social Psychology Section. Ultimately, the study was formally introduced in the academic world through Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.

Nevertheless, the study needs to be expanded. There can be another set of surveys for those who ticker their phones from Android to iPhone and vice versa. It might be simplistic at the moment, but it offers a nice insight on what goes in our minds when we own things.

Does age really matters?

Apple started targeting young people with the “Mac VS PC” campaign a few year ago. The add represented Mac as a young tech knack and full of answers, whilst the PC was old, outdated and undependable. These ads helped Apple to connect and approach youngsters. When it comes to customer preferences, youngsters now tend to choose Mac over Windows.

Mac VS Windows

Data shows us that smartphones and tablets users of all ages happen to find iOS equally interesting. Speaking about age, the biggest difference in device selection is tablets. The use of Android tablets increases with users’ age. Kindle e.g. is not only popular between older customers, but is mostly used by women.

The difference between Men and Women

Alongside, men and women both prefer Windows over Mac. Mac is a little more popular among women with only two percent. Likewise, women are more supposable to own iPhones than men. This can mean that women are more likely to be interested in the iPhone’s slick design (or that men who own an iPhone are more open to better design).

Smartphone companies can also use this data to market their products to the right demographic.


These days, if you see someone pulling out a flape telephone or a “hunk phone”, I bet your jaw will drop. Even though Blackberry and even Nokia introduced elements that put it in the smart class, you rarely see someone using them today.


TalkTalk mobile made a survey about Android, Apple and Blackberry holders. According to this survey, BlackBerry users are more likely to make a lot of cash and to work in finance and healthcare field. They also declared that they consume a lot of coffee and have more longer relations than iPhone and Android users.

Blackberry users tend to be more frugal than tech savvy. In addition, we can say that people who have older phones are persons who prefer simplicity. This shows that technology is not so important for them, and prefer to spend money on experiencing life before things.


Android is today the highly used operating system. This operating system is mostly preferred by millennials. A study made by Battery Ventures established that Android users are presumtive to be smokers, or on the other side, to be more religious than iPhone users.


A study made in U.K found out that Android users tend to be:

  • More honest;
  • Older;
  • Male;
  • More agreeable;
  • Less concerned in fortune and rank;
  • Less probable to break rules.


iPhone users tend to just follow a trend and they are not actually interested in freedom or in free customization. They tend to like things simple, easy and which usually work. When you see somebody getting out a brand new iPhone, the first things that rush into your mind are that  this person is rich and likes to be in trend with the new technology.


A study made in U.K showed that Android users tend to be:

  • More extroverted;
  • Younger;
  • More as likely to be women;
  • Concerned in fortune and rank.

What can you say about these findings? Do you agree, at least with some?


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