What Is a Hoverboard and Where Can You Get One?


What is a hoverboard 1Hoverboards, or self-balancing scooters, are today’s smart transporters. They are like mini Segways, minus the handlebars. To use one of these, the riders should stand with their legs akimbo and their feet near the wheels on each end. To move your smart scooter, lean a little forward and it will slowly move forward. Lean a little backward and you’ll go on a slow reverse or break. To make turns, simply press forward or backward with one foot, then with the other. You might worry about falling down at first, despite the self-balancing feature of this modern transporter, but, with a little bit of practice, you should be able to control it and keep your balance.

The top speed of a two-wheeled-self-balancing-scooter can reach up to 18 mph, the slowest one claiming a top speed of 5 miles per hour, as for the price range, it goes from $300 to $1,800.

The self-balancing scooter has a rechargeable battery that can endure up to a 20-mile run with a single charge. The electric-two-wheeled scooter is classified in two different classes, one is the single powered motor and the other is the double powered motor. The two-wheeled scooters have different type of models; each model has their own distinctive features that outclasses the rest.  Some of the features are smart key system or an app controlled feature that allows you  to use an application on your mobile device to prevent unauthorized use of the board.

Today’s hoverboards are not like the one that can truly levitate, used by Marty McFly in the movie “Back to the Future 2”. However, there are tech firms that are dead serious on developing the levitating board of the future. Hendo and Lexus are the primary tech firms that are putting their efforts into turning our sci-fi dream into a reality. If you are wondering if you can get your hands on those prototypes, I am sorry mate, for now, they’re not for sale.

Quick Tips On Acquiring a Hoverboard

If you are really excited to get your hands on a self-balancing scooter, better scan these tips to help you make an excellent choice.

  • Beware of knockoffs, as there are unknown sneaky manufacturers covering their fake product as major brands. DO NOT COMMIT if the product you want doesn’t have a return policy and a warranty that lasts for more than one year. Also, it is recommended that you purchase the hoverboard directly through a manufacturer’s website. This way you minimize the risk of getting a product that can explode or combust.
  • Check your town and school for any laws that disallow the use of self-balancing personal transportation devices. Also, if you plan to travel by plane, you might want to know that, on most airports, hoverboards are banned. However, if you are a wild spirit ready to take a risk, check for the possible fines that you might get if you break the law. It’s better to be well informed than sorry right?
  • If your purpose is just for a hobby, don’t buy a hoverboard that is in the $600 price bracket. The boards that are in that price range are usually for sports. The entry-level e-boards can give you the same level of fun and thrill that you can get on the expensive boards. Don’t go below $300, though!
  • Weight check anyone? Before purchasing a board, it is wise to check the weight specification of the board to prepare yourself on how to transport it. The weight range goes from 18 Lbs to 30 Lbs. But since the idea is that the hoverboard will be doing most of the carrying, you also need to pay attention to the weight capacity, which ranges from 220 Lbs up to 325 Lbs. When you buy one, make sure you choose it to fit your needs.
  • Don’t expect your hoverboard to carry you uphill! It will most likely not work on a terrain that has a more than 30-40 degrees inclination. The e-boards are especially designed for flat and well cemented surfaces.
  • Expect a few hours of waiting for complete charging. A good battery should be ready to go in two hours or less. Also, a good quality battery should last for about 2000 charging cycles and increases the lifespan of your hoverboard. It will also affect its acceleration, making it smoother.
  • We recommend you to consider purchasing U.S-based brands first, such as the famous RAZOR, which offers both customer support and warranties.
  • Put some time into reading customer reviews on Amazon or any online resources from which you can learn more about the board’s build quality.
  • Because of many accidents, a new California law forbids children younger than 16 years of age to use hoverboards in public. The riders are required to wear helmets and to ride on streets with a 35mph speed limit, or less. Those who disregard the rules or ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol, will have to pay a $250 fine.

Where are We Allowed to Ride Our Hoverboards?

hoverboardNo matter how great you think your hoverboard is, keep in mind that there are places where these cool gadgets are not welcome, such as the United Kingdom, Australia and State of New York

Please note that there are schools, airports, malls and many other public places that banned the use of e-boards in their premises. Better call the administrator of the facility before jumping into the fray, okay? – a friendly reminder from the Gizmosnack team.

Before you pack your board for a long haul flight, better phone the airline’s customer support hotline to confirm if the board is allowed on the flight. Airlines such as Southwest, Hawaiian, American Delta, Jet Blue, United and other airlines which already put out an advisory regarding the banning of e-boards in their customer’s luggage.

Despite of the bitter fate of e-board use in some places, there still are countries that will allow an electrically powered wheeled device to be used in anyplace a bicycle can go, including the bike lanes on streets.

Sign Me Up – Where Can I Buy One?

To get a good hoverboard, we strongly advise you to visit the e-board’s manufacturer website. This way you make sure you purchased the right product and get a warranty that will shield you from unexpected disasters or any type of production defects.

Because of safety concerns, Overstock.com stopped selling boards. Amazon pulled out most of their board listings, including popular models such as IO Hawk and Phunkeeduck. However, there are few models that are still available on Amazon like the Hover X and Razor Hovertrax. The U.S Postal services also made an announcement that, for safety reasons, the shipping of the e-boards will not be made by plane but by land transport.

How to Spot a Fake Self-Balancing Board?

  1. Check the plug – According to the trading standards, you should check for an e-board that uses a three pin BS 1363 plug. DON’T buy it if it’s not included in the product information. It is important for you to look for the shape of the plug, as numerous e-board models that uses a “clover shaped” plug has been marked as unsafe. A big NO for these type of e-board plugs.
  2. Check the manufacturer – Legit manufacturers have traceable information, such as the contact details of the manufacturer, name and address of their industrial unit.
  3. Check online purchases – Put some time into further research about the board of your choice, read reviews about the board, see if the manufacturer information is correct and you can personally verify them. Does their website or product information have spelling or grammar mistakes? Think twice then, since this is a clue of a business that is not professionally run. Read the small text on the product information, notice anything that may seem odd.

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