Deep learning system AI. That can identify protesters.


Given the chance that you believe in seeing your future of the magical tarot cards, do you also believe that you there are possibilities for you to acquire a supernatural and special powers? Can anyone predict the future? Is it possible for a human being to have a psychic ability and forecast the future occurrences?

Science has already gone too far. Supposing that human doesn’t have this attribution and special skills, It can be possible through science. Just like the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) which has been invented by a group that came from the UK and India where you can actually invest knowledge and cognitive activities on it. Artificial Intelligence was also designed to recognize protesters who always make disagreement, publicly raise their opinions, wants public attention and aims to get justice to a certain issue. But the truth is, they are mostly the main cause of chaos in which they sometimes put their lives in trouble and gamble.

People wearing mask and shades, scarves wrapped over the neck and faces, tinted sunglasses or any other cover just to hide their identity can still be recognized with the help of Artificial Intelligence. But It will not be easy and quick as a snap of a finger to prove someone’s specification, perhaps it is not an error-free invention so the results may not be a hundred percent guarantee to depend on nor to be used by law enforcement.

Researchers are using algorithm for this undertaking. It involves calculations of data and it uses 14 specific segments of a face and measures the gap between them. Although it will not automatically show and reveal someone’s portrait and real identity, it will still a big help for a quicker progress to seize those criminals, terrorists and wrongdoers who are trying to conceal behind the masks and face covers. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is also empowered by Gait Analysis. Gait Analysis is a systematic study of determining the way a person walks and run. It is an evaluation of your locomotion movement towards one point or another. This type of assessment does not require the subject to be focused on and get done a serious system process, since it is being done from a distance, it will just allow the subject to move or do locomotive performance. In addition to different methods like facial identification and fingerprint-based approaches, gait recognition will help you measure and evaluate our body mechanics and movement patterns.

Artificial Intelligence can scan a CCTV footage and identify faces that is in the list as suspects or protesters. It is like a computer where we can add a lot of information to its storage from time to time and restore it for future use. Unlike the human brain, which might forget and produce error upon remembering and determining a person’s physical appearance of the face. Amarjot Singh, one of the developers at the back of the A.I. and is a PhD student in Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory, proposed already similar kinds of studies of objective recognition. The first one was last 2008 which focuses on different hairstyles that can still be used as a determiner to someone’s identity. He published again another research paper last 2014 about face recognition. He expressed that this study actually focuses on criminals and convicts. However, there are still some factors that affect his research, and those are the emerging studies on how to trick and elude face recognition technology.

There has been a prediction that there might be a collision of brilliant ideas about the development of a strong and powerful facial recognition algorithms, while other researchers might also get busy creating an opposing program to hoax and complicate the artificial intelligence recognition. For any unlawful activities, violence against civilians, we need to be more cautious and vigilant. Who knows that those biggest criminals in our society are also the one who’s serving under our government? We need an assistant as a lookout and eagle-eyed to end this dilemma. A lot of the ordinary citizen is aiming for the successful development of the artificial intelligence. It will definitely an aid to minimize and hope to vanish the delinquency and crimes in our society.


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