Finding the Best Value Travel Destination in 2016


If you constantly burn out yourself from work, now’s the right time to think of a vacation. You might want to treat yourself to a cozy breeze of the sea paradise, unwind and let your body experience the best shiatsu in town, or discover new places that are filled with excitement and adventure.

If you are looking for the best value travel destination, we got it all covered for you. Better decide to mark that calendar, plan your trip and we’ll help you with the rest.

Costa Rica’s pride – the Caribbean Coast

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Costa Rica’s big draw will indulge your weary soul with a joyful experience. Discover the Caribbean coast and you’ll find an evolving destination that is filled with parties and great atmosphere. This paradise is still evolving and it will eventually boom over the next few years.

If the parties are not the ones to convince you, there are always other attractions, such as the  Sloth Sanctuary in San Jose, you can visit the green turtle nesting site at Tortuguero National Park, or, if you are adventurous type, you can try rafting on the Rio Pacuare or scuba diving in the reefs of Manzanillo. If you are a surfer or you want to learn surfing, you can check the black-sand beaches on the southern coast.

This travel destination is perfect for independent travelers and those interested in birdlife.

Québec City, Canada

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If you are living in the North America and want to have an escapade to Europe, but you don’t have the budget and the time, you should consider Québec City. Being the 2nd best travel destination Canada has to offer, Quebec City welcomes you with heaps of exotic scenery that will remind you of the Old Continent. In this Francophone city you can visit the beautiful Old Quebec, the historical region of Quebec City, which is among the UNESCO World Heritage treasures. Here, you can dine in an old-school wine bar and explore the timeless cobblestone streets of the town. Not far from the city you can get a taste of its wilder side. You can enjoy some wildlife-viewing by visiting the Jacques-Cartier National Park and Montmorency Forest. Getting there is really easy, especially if you have your own ride and some extra time.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Can’t get your budget to work out for a vacation in Europe? Worry no more about the currency fluctuations – We got it all sorted out for you! Lucky there are still places that fit your budget, no matter where you come from. Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the places where you’ll feel that you got the best deal. The price for accommodation is not high, you can travel by intercity buses and trains, but if you want to reach the most spectacular secluded areas, a car would really do the trick. The capital, Sarajevo, is sure to charm you with it’s cafes, hospitality and the history of the Old Town “Bascarsija”, the capital’s old bazaar. You must also see Herzegovina’s cultural capital, the city of Mostar, and its landmark, the Old Bridge. If you are after some heart pumping adrenaline rush, you can go rafting on the Una River. This is a rewarding place for both cheapos and those that are into the less well-travelled parts of Europe.

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam

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Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi City is one of the great places to visit that will put the value on your bucks. According to the Price of Travel Index, from a list of 31 Asian cities ranked by the ‘price’ factor, these two came on the 3rd and 2nd. You can spend $20 per day or less for accommodation, food and sights. This sure makes these destinations the best place to visit at a really low cost.


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Would you believe us if we were to tell you that the chunks of change in your pocket after leaving the EU zone could get you a drink, accommodation and a lot more? Yes, it can happen in Estonia. Your hard-earned cash will be rewarded by a glorious experience of staying in a place where the Nordic and Eastern lifestyles mix together. The idea of ‘affordability’ lives in this place.

It’s more fun in the Philippines


The Philippines is one of the great travel destinations in the world, the country offers wide variety of majestic scenery, 7,100 islands to explore, magnificent beaches, superb diving sites, river rafting, friendly smiles everywhere, historical sites, surfing in Siargao, hiking & trekking in North Luzon, delightful delicacies, street foods to enjoy and a lot more. The Philippines is a place where the Spanish, American, and Japanese influence collide in its history. It’s a heaven that finally starts to get the attraction it deserves. The country is very diverse, in fact it has 13 indigenous languages with at least one million native speakers.

Galicia, Spain

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Galicia is located on the northwestern territory of Spain and it is a place that is not completely explored by travelers. Once you get beyond the famous Santiago de Compostela, you will be greeted by fragments of rocky coastlines met by remarkable inlets (rias) and lovely interior of many untainted villages. Galicia prides itself on its abundance in seafood and meat products. Expect the good stuff for less.

If you are on a tight budget, you can aim for self-catering properties around the region.

New Mexico

Best Value Travel Destination 8

If you are in the Southwestern part of the United States, it’s your lucky day and you should mark the calendar for an awesome trip. New Mexico can stretch your vacation budget further. With almost 300 days of sunny weather, this place will enrich your stay with lots of adventure and art. Also, if you are a movie fan, you can visit the City of Albuquerque, where “Breaking Bad” was filmed– don’t mind the price, it’s just a trolley ride! You can also enjoy an inexpensive meal from a hole-in-the-wall taqueria.

Despite the all-year-warm-weather, New Mexico gets an average of 300 inches of snow each season, so it is ready to send you skiing, and at a good price.  The excellent part here is the outdoors it’s FREE! You can hike in the Alpine forest, track down a petroglyph site. Plus, there’s free wild hot spring for everyone.

Because all of these attractions can be found within the state, New Mexico is a go. Enjoy your time and your money.

Western Australia

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Western Australia sure offers a dream-like landscape vacation. The iconic natural rock formation is an eye candy here. You can unwind in the relaxed city of Perth, the Western Australia’s capital, which is set on the Swan River and stretches out its western part to the Indian Ocean. Here you can enjoy historic sites, wineries, breweries, museums and many more. If you prefer exploring wilderness, head north, along the Indian Ocean, to the Pinnacles. Further north you enter the Kimberley region which will wow you with its spectacular scenery. Even farther to the north, you will find the town of Kununurra, where you can relax, fish, and enjoy the wildlife, or, for those more adventurous, you can try rock climbing, rodeo or horse races.


Best Value Travel Destination 10

If you’re thinking of a vacation in a little-known yet highly affordable destination, then East Timor (Timor-Leste) is your best choice! Away from Dili, its internationally-influenced urban capital, you can get a nice hut on the beach of Atauro Island, or a warm welcome from the locals in the misty hill country. In spite of the ongoing security concerns, East Timor is perfect for a passé adventure – Expect the bumpy road and an overloading mass transport.

What is your dream destination? Share it with us by commenting below.


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