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Technology; Balancing for Children’s Use


There is nothing to argue as to what benefits technological advancements have brought into the modern world. It is making both work and play easier and simpler. Undoubtedly, it has changed the way people think, feel, communicate, and live. Although the transition of such change is abrupt, it has been welcomed by the general population. However, it is one of the many worldly breakthroughs which its effects are disputed into two: benefits and costs. It may be generally advantageous but could be detrimental to children who are still learning and developing.

Children of the past generations are expected to take part in household chores. They would interact and spend a big amount of time with other children in the neighborhood. They are very physically active and participative. There seems to be no day that they will not spend most of their time outside. Children find joy in cycling bikes, running around, swimming in lakes, playing tag, and communicating with other kids in the neighborhood or even to kids who are total strangers to them. They just connect automatically when they see each other.

Now, a child’s companion and best friend could be his or her computer, cell phone, or iPad. Children of this generation find more comfort and joy in spending their time playing online or computer games. Most of them do not find happiness in the simple fact of being together anymore. They tend to be with their favorite gadgets. There are no more bicycle rides, tag games, lake swimming, and outdoor sports exposure. Activities of the past generation have been replaced by technology.

In the past, there was a great joy in conversing with family members during meal times in dining rooms. Now, even when it is time to eat, children would rather face their gadgets and not talk to the other family members. Even when children are at school or at public places, they could prefer playing with their gadgets rather than exploring their physical environment. These may result in deterioration of family core values. If these persist, can you imagine how the children of today will be like in the future?

Don’t get it wrong. The brilliant inventors and innovators created these technological gadgets with a pure intent. The circumstances of their innovative works now greatly depend on the users. The fault comes in when parents fail to monitor and control children’s use of technoloy.

Here are some negative effects of technology to children:

• Health complications: Children would spend their time sitting around while playing with their gadgets. Since there is less movement, fats from food intake would accumulate, slowly making the child obese. This, then, leads to certain diseases like heart failures, hypertension, and diabetes. Children are also exposed to the harmful blue light during evening use because of the suppression of the melatonin that regulates the sleep wake cycle.

• Failed relationships: Obviously, when children prefer to spend more time with their gadgets, the less they interact with the people around them. If children interact less with their parents, there would be no creation of a special bond between them. At worst, this could result to disharmony and disunity among the family members where children would rather find comfort and security with their gadgets.

• Exposure to risks: There are numerous sites of adult entertainment that are harmful for kids to access. The moment they are introduced to such materials, it will be difficult for them not to explore further.

• Poor social skills: Being preoccupied with playing gadgets would mean spending more time alone. Children would get used to and would choose to be alone where they do not engage in conversations with others. If this continues while they are growing up, the more they will be accustomed to it. Dealing with other people will not be easy for them. With all these challenges, the child could suffer depression and other mental illnesses.

• Poor writing and communication skills: Standard English is not used in chatting or in texting. Unconsciously, children make use of such method at home and at school, which results to poor writing and communication skills.

On the other hand, children being exposed to technology, has its own share of pros:

• Fun and leisure: Being able to play with gadgets allows children to think that having fun is important. Aside from having friends, children learn that there another avenue to express himself or herself.

• Exposure: Being exposed to technology at an early age with the guidance of adults, children learn some know-how’s in life aside from making friends, spending time with family, playing outdoors, learning to sing the alphabet and to count.

• Love, comfort, and security: Being provided with material possessions may be a form of love perceived by children towards their parents.

• Learning: Various information can be found on the internet and there are numerous technological tools that are created to cater to the needs of the children. Children, then, can access them anytime and anywhere through the aid of technology with their own convenience.

• Competition skills: When children play games with other family members, relatives, or friends, they enhance their competitive skills. This gradually affects how they will compete in the real world.

Everything taken too much will always bear negative results. The same goes to this issue. There should be no deprivation nor overuse.

• Do not deprive children from technological use. Set daily limits on when to use technological tools.

• Use technology purposefully. Encourage children to pick their favorite shows to watch or to just use social media in chatting friends. Choose games that could structure a child’s intellectual capacity.

• For parents, set a good example. Follow the rules that they also follow.

• Do not use technological tools to keep children busy and quiet. They will get accustomed to it and might think that the action is right.

Raising a child is not an easy task to do. It is important to keep on balancing between the pros and cons of children using technology. Parents need to master this skill. No matter how abrupt and rapid technological advancements may be, the present generation could learn how to handle and control the gadgets. To couple the unstoppable advancements of technology, adults should make sure that children’s use of technology is facilitating their growth.

Telematics For A Safer Driving Experience


It is without a doubt that the kind of technology that blesses the world in the modern era has contributed to making life better, simpler, and easier. Admit it, no matter what you need and want to do, you are going to accomplish them with some helping hands from technological gadgets or software. The current technology sure is smart and helpful!

With the cell phone boom production, aside from the need to call or text, there are a lot of other reasons why you should have a cell phone. This is because you can store and download cell phone applications of your choice. Different technological applications cater to a wide genre of human activities. This includes locating places, karaoke singing, video calling, writing down notes, and more! Soon, there will be even more reasons why you should have your very own technological gadget that you can personalize.

Nothing seems unreachable and impossible anymore with the overwhelming capabilities of different technological tools. One of the treasured reasons why consumers and users buy their own technological gadgets like cell phones and tablets is because of the information storage capacity of these gadgets. Most students do not copy notes in classroom discussions. They take pictures of them on the board. They do not draw a dress design for a dressmaker to sew. They saw pictures of dress designs on their phone and send them to the dressmaker. They do not just browse YouTube to listen to their favorite music online. They would find ways of downloading them on their phones. The same destiny goes for their favorite videos. Why do people do these? The answer is simple. People wanna take a hold of information and data and to access them whenever they want based on their convenience. Trust this, it sure is convenient to easily access data whenever you please. Hey, that is a perk of technological advancements. A lot of inventors and innovators believe that information and entertainment should be readily accessible to people. Because of this belief, the brilliant minds of inventors continue to shower the world with greatness and prosperity. Advancing technology is not too far from achieving development.

And yes, even created technological advancements continue to being developed. From simpler, easier, and better human living, the world is gonna witness a more convenient and safer living. Of course, with the aid of technology. Okay, this word may seem quite foreign to you, but it would probably be something that you are gonna hear more often starting now. We are talking about Telematics! The word, “Telematics” is rooted from the words, Telecommunications and informatics. That’s quite a combination, huh. But first, what is telecommunications and what is informatics. Telecommunication is the process of sending signals, messages, images, audio, or any information through radio, optical, or other electromagnetic framework. In other words, if you are communicating with people by using the services of technology, you are telecommunicating. On the other hand, informatics well, it is the science of applying how telecommunications work. It is the science of processing, storing, and retrieving information. With the combination of both, this could offer endless possibilities way beyond what you can ask for or think about. But really, telematics is a technology for processing, storing, sending, and receiving information to remote objects through technological tools.

Going back to the idea of a safer world, nothing is more assuring on driving even more carefully and safely. Looks like your car has a new best friend a sneaky and helpful companion, to be exact! Insurance providers resorted to using Telematics Black Box. For what? Oh, to monitor your driving activities to spy you, in other words. Through Telematics, risk driving behavior and driving accidents are kept track to send information to your insurance companies and even to the police! So, how does your car’s best friend work? With a GPS, it is possible for it to locate you, record on how fast you are driving, and inspect the internal condition of your car. A scrutiny of the details include on how long you have been driving; your measured acceleration is; how much force you exert on braking; and on your cornering. That’s comforting to know. What’s more is that Telematics has its own application that you can download on your phone. You can access information about weather, traffic, and parking. But what good is in driving safely? Well, making sure that you are still alive, right? But car insurance companies can do more for you! If you are a good driver who drives safely in accordance with the Telematics Black Box’s standards, you will earn points that will save you a lot of money. Just make sure that your Telematics Black Box is properly installed in your car and in no time, it will start spying on you!

Whoever thought that it would come a time that technology would get so much helpful and personalized that will make the world a safer place to live and stay. With Telematics, it is assured that you can drive safely wherever you go.

It Has Always Been YouTube


Every happy moment in your life is meant to be shared. There is a great need and want to share the joyous memories in life. Living every happy moment you are experiencing right now is quite satisfying. Enjoy every inch of them as you can. People do and experience different things and situations in their whole lifetime. With a lot of things to attend to, it is impossible to remember each one of them and getting old would mean forgetting a lot. That’s natural! Fortunately, nowadays, the world and the people are not left with the option of just remembering things and memories.

Living in a modernized world, endowed with the greatest technological advancements invented and innovated by various brilliant people around the world, it is not impossible to be able to revisit the good times and also the bad times in your life. You can now re-witness every second of those memories that start to creep up in the memory disposal. Now, you might be wondering how. So, how? Millenials know how this works pretty well. Two words − Video recording. From simple gadgets to the most complex machines, the creation of a video camera or video recorder is just a piece of cake to create!

With a video camera, you can record all the significant events in your life. The power of recording is now in your hands. To accommodate this phenomenon, various technological gadget manufacturers took on the challenge to fabricate the appropriate devices. How convenient and strategic for them! Aside from video cameras or recorders, cell phones, iPads, and tablets could do the thing for you!

Receiving your first paycheck? Currently head banging in an epic concert of your favorite band? Solving complicated Mathematical problems? Being called “mommy” by your baby boy for the first time? Attending a press conference? Listening to a class discussion? Cooking your favorite food? Exploring the Wild West? Amazed of the Aurora Borealis in the North? You may want to remember these great memories. So, what will you do? You record them. You keep these precious memories attached to you. No need to stress yourself because of your memory losses.

Now, even internet software innovators took the challenge to bring video recording to the next level. What is the use of recording your moments if they left being just recorded? Just like every happy memory, you can now store them or share them to the people across different continents. You heard that right! You can upload them on the internet and spread the good times and vibes to other people; even to people who know nothing about you.

There are a lot of computer applications, features, and software that will allow you to upload your favorite recorded videos online. You bet you know the biggest video platform in this era and it is none other than YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing website which was officially registered on February 14, 2005. You can stream any music and videos you want. And of course, you cannot stream something without it being recorded in the first place. Entertainment companies and individuals now use YouTube to release music and videos. Name the music and video that you are looking for, you can always find them on YouTube. You can say that YouTube is Mr. Worldwide now. It connects every person who passions in music and video streaming or sharing.

With all the wonders it can do, however, have you ever thought how YouTube was created? How did it start? Behind YouTube are 3 brilliant people who were once diligent workers in PayPal. These are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. Brace yourselves! The first determined projection of YouTube’s future was it to become a famous dating site. That’s out of the current YouTube’s league! So much of its reason of opening it on Valentine’s Day, huh. Users would introduce themselves and share whatever personal information they want to, which includes their interests. This, unfortunately, was not such a great idea as it did not hit the public interest. The founders, then, decided to recreate YouTube as a general video-sharing platform. The founder’s office was a humble improvised garage. The first video was uploaded by Jawed Karim when he recorded his fun experience in a zoo. Nike took interest and decided to advertise their ad on YouTube. The video received an overwhelming number of views. YouTube was rising slowly but consistenly. Not long after, Google saw YouTube’s potential to becoming a great worldwide internet discovery. Because of this, Google negotiated on acquiring YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006. Google marketed YouTube with all its marketing power which led to the release of numerous ads. Success hit through when a video received a billion views for the first time in forever of YouTube’s history. It’s no wonder that YouTube is now the second most popular website. From three guys who had nothing to do during Valentine’s Day to becoming super rich billionaires, the world better prepare as to what YouTube has up on its sleeve for future releases.

If you are thinking about the possibilities of what YouTube could have been when its creators were put in a different circumstance, it may have ended up something else but one thing is for sure − YouTube has always been YouTube. It ends up serving its main purpose. It is quite amazing in many ways, but it remains unprecedented and the best in its field. With every happy moment and memory, YouTube all the way!

Lifi: Faster than Wifi


“Let there be light, then there came light. And it was pleasant.” This occurrence is very true in the context of the Bible. With the creation of light, everything else makes sense. It allows beauty of both nature and material to be appreciated by the human sight. Light allows you to see every object− from simple to intricate, from the biggest to the smallest details. Without it, there comes darkness. Human activities would cease. Blindness would prevail. You see, the presence of light affects worldly activities and clearly, without it, the world’s motion is obstructed. Life would be abnormal! What we are talking about here is both the natural and man-made light, but of course, everything boils down to the kind of light mother nature gives off.

Natural light is the light that the Sun endows the Earth with and the element fire that also emits heat. Because of it, other natural beings thrive. Plants and trees would be nourished with nutrients, bearing fruit for animals and humans to eat. Animals would grow, gaining strength from the minerals emitted by the sunlight. And of course, the beings found in the topmost of the food chain, humans. Undeniably, the light exists for a reason. It exists so that plants, trees, animals, humans, and generally, the world, to live! It tirelessly burns for other beings’ sake. When men discovered fire, they were afraid, but in the present generation, different wonders are made because of it.

The other light, the man-made light, is revolutionary! With the brilliant minds of people through different ages, it has truly changed how people live nowadays. When the Sun takes a rest from a whole day’s work, darkness sets in. And what aids men in his life during the night time? This artificial light. It may not have been part of the creation in the Bible, but the very moment men were put on Earth, the creation of the man-made light is implicated. And light is very useful in whatever human activity may it be from the simplest to the most complex functions. When you turn on your cell phones, there is light. When you watch your favorite movie, your television uses light. When you go to offices, there is light. The presence of light reinforces your gift of sight. It enhances an image and adds beauty to the objects. Even when the word, ‘light’, when used symbolically, is perceived positively and beautifully. It gives off a bright, calming, and pure image.

Living in the present generation, endowed with technological feats, have you ever wondered how light can be of better use in your life? As usual, technological advancements would overwhelm you as soon as they get out in the market. I bet you have always wanted to own those high-tech but expensive gadgets. Sure, you need some source of light if you do your assignments or tasks for your studies or for your work, but generally, there is another brilliant innovation that millenials would greatly appreciate. The world was in awe how it feels to be connected through the internet. Then, it evolved into a convenient wireless connection through the wifi. Amazing! The world was in DOUBLE awe when a better wireless connection came in, the lifi. Yes, it sounds copycat to wifi, but offers a different deal for your internet connection.

The lifi stands for light fidelity. Trust this, it is not infidel. It uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The data are transmitted by illuminating the fiber out of fiber optics through a LED light bulb. You can say that it is an optical version of wifi.

So, who is the mastermind behind the creation of lifi? The man is none other than Harald Haas from Edinburgh University in Scotland. He demonstrated back in 2011 how a data can be transmitted more than how a cellular tower can by flickering a light from a LED. No one ever saw that coming! A lifi is equipped with the Visible Light Communication (VLC), a way that a visible light of 400 to 800 terahertz. Basically, it works like an advanced form of a Morse code. When you turn the light on, you give a command of digital 1. When turned off, digital 0 is transmitted. Who knows, every light bulb you may see is a hub for data transmission!

You may be wondering how it differs from a wifi. Well, wifi stands for wireless fidelity. Wifi transmits data with the help of radio waves while lifi transmits data through visible light waves. The wifi goes beyond physical borders. This is not the case of the lifi. The lifi only works with the exposure of light: direct or refracted light. Once you get out of the room with lifi, you get disconnected. With this, there would be no interference from other devices that are out of your physical borders. The more data transfer is secured. What is interesting with lifi is that data can be transmitted even when you are under water, in any salty sea water and dense areas. Whatever wifi offers you in frequency operation, lifi can give you a thousand times frequency spectrum.

When your light is, just as how darkness penetrates you, lifi disadvantages creep in… and you are out of connection. Since lifi requires light for constant connectivity, that means even during daytime, you need to turn on your light. Congrats with your electricity bill! Lifi needs enough light bulbs, so, you have to make sure that you ransack the light store. You don’t want to creep out the store owner, do you? Still, this brilliant techie has much more to offer, hiding some things in its sleeve. It is guaranteed that the lifi can transmit data faster than your wifi. You’d never imagine how you can download a high definition film within 30 seconds. Even when using conventional computers, that sounds impossible. Security is stronger as data can’t be intercepted without direct contact of lifi. This, then, leads to prevention of data and connection disturbances. And since you are using LED, this is more cost-efficient.

The world of technology truly surprises us in every discovery. May it be natural or man-made light, these never failed to aid men as the year progress. From the Bible’s concept of the creation of light, who would have ever thought that light nowadays would allow you to be connected to the internet. Once with the wish of having light, there came light with internet data. And it is pleasant, indeed.

Making Childhood Memories With PlayStation


The memory trips of kids in the past consist of riding bikes, swimming in lakes, running around the neighborhood, playing hide and seek, board games, or sports, making tea parties, and interacting with different children of different ages. They created their own forms of play with their creative imaginations. Sure does ring a bell for the 90’s kids. Even though that the children see these as purely games, it is through these ways that they can learn a lot as they are still growing. These kids are so into their games that they seem not to care about anything else and their biggest problem was what game to play next. These were always the ways on how kids spend their days, but hey, they say that the only thing constant is change and that through time, things would really change. Even as to how kids play, there are possible changes and this change is quite a first in its league.

Merry laughter and lively games of children fill up a village’s day, but gone are those days. Gone are the days of playing outside all day. With one quick snap, things took a drastic change. Children, at a very early age, are faced with the technological phenomenon. The entry of the 20th century welcomed a world full of revolutionary ideas and brilliant people who aim for development and prosperity. From this ambitious aspiration, it became inevitable for inventors to discover complex wonders of technological feats. Different forms of technology soon dominated the following years, leaving the world in continuous awe.

Technological discoveries, advancements, and innovations have greatly influenced people’s way of living on what they think, feel, and say. These made both work and play better and more convenient. Different technological gadgets or machines have played a role: from work-related tasks up to games and entertainment purposes. Yes, you heard it right! When it comes to fun and play, these have a place in the technology’s heart. Whoever thought that technology could let you play your favorite childhood games or even introduce you to new and even more fun games! Name the game genre: adventure, action, simulation, strategy, and sports both for girls and boys, different technological tools have them. Games like Mario, Pacman, Tetris, Commando, Pinball, Ping Pong, Space Impact, Chess, Sims, GTA, Counter Strike, Diner Dash, Bakery and Fashion Story, Scrabble, Snake and Ladders. You bet you can play them anytime you want through different gadgets like game boys, cell phones, and computers that you can use to play with your favorite games.

Children of this generation are enjoying this phenomenal change in technology. You see them not playing outside anymore. Few or even no more kids find it enjoyable to play outside. They do not prefer to get dirty with mud, water, grass, and soil. They seem not to find any leisure or pleasure running around which could also promote exercise. Their new best friend is their gadget. No more interaction in the outside world bye good old childhood days! Here are the new “it” games.

And it seems like this change is quite sided with the children’s parents. You see, most children are provided by their parents with their own gadgets to play with. To be exact, another technology has been introduced to the public which puts children as the primary targeted users. This time, it brings gaming to the next level. This technology is being produced by a gaming brand that originates from Japan. We are talking about none other than the PlayStation. The brilliant creators behind the PlayStation is Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation consists of four home video consoles, 2 handheld and phone, media centers, online service, controllers, and numerous magazines of games. Sony figured out on releasing video game consoles in a series with different updates in further releases. When the first and original console (PS1) was released in 1994 in Japan and on 1995 in North America and Europe, it was a megahit that sold 100 million units. This masterpiece was brainstormed for 8 years, dating back to 1986. You could say that the PS1 was really thought thoroughly well by Sony. It was a joint venture between Nintendo and Sony. Some complications rose up. This, however, did not hinder Sony to release PS1. The gaming console introduced 3D gaming experience which was greatly perceived by the public. No other thing has offered such experience. Cool! Who would not want to play games with that! Aside from playing games, you can actually use the PlayStation for watching HD movies or listening to music. So, there are game discs and music discs. Sony allowed third parties to produce games for PlayStation. Sony fought for the legal licenses and ownership of Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo, and Spyro. Additionally, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid were and will always be PlayStation icons. After receiving remarkable feedbacks, it became inevitable for Sony to release an updated version or to continue the gaming console series. Now, there are even handheld devices like the PSP.

Technological gadgets have their own pros and cons. This is true for all. Sony’s PlayStation, in another note, did encounter challenges and obstacles along the way before it was successfully released. Imagined if Sony gave up one in continuing its endeavor on one of those times. The PlayStation would have never been known and that there would be no positioned standards on how gaming consoles should be just as how Sony did it. With Sony’s PlayStation, children get to have even more fun. What’s more is that children learn to play inside their homes, assuring their safety. Children’s play environment may be physically limited inside their four-cornered rooms, but PlayStation makes sure that the games feature a real-like virtual world.

Hey, who says that childhood memories cannot be formed through having fun with a PlayStation. It is just like any other toy or technological gadget. With PlayStation is pioneering in gaming consoles, Sony’s innovative ideas may just not be done yet. You bet, PlayStation is still in the pursuit in bettering its features to bring gaming to the next level above on its current level. Living in this world full of possibilities which have been opened by different technological feats, there could even be better technological advancements soon. So, for the gamers, rev your engines!

So Much with Smartphones for Smart Technology


The precious and carefully-crafted brains of humans are capable of wonderful ideas that led to the discovery of thousands of discoveries. These discoveries have been realized one by one as the years go deeper in the 21st century. Technological advancements are part of these revolutionary ideas that continue to modernize the world by making life simpler, easier, and better. Genius, smart, intelligent, amazing, overwhelming, innovative you will run out of adjectives in describing the technological feats that are being used and enjoyed by the young and adults alike nowadays. There are a lot of simple gadgets and complex machines that are used on a daily basis by different people all over the world.

When we talk about technological gadgets, it is important that they are smart. With all the demands in the current generation, being smart would get them in a long way. And you know pretty well what the first thing comes to your mind when smart technology is the topic, is a smartphone. At first, the phones were just phones. They are used in calling and texting or beeping someone for notifications. They were equipped with simple instructions. Now, phones have evolved into smartphones. In these days, cell phones are getting smarter than ever. More than just texting and calling, these smartphones are endowed with high-tech software and hardware. There is a wide gap between a phone which is just a phone and a smartphone. Technically, a smartphone is a computer with a mobile operating system. It is pocket-sized and has the following features: send and receive texts and calls, have virtual assistants, notepads, calendar, music and video players, applications and games, recorder, flashlight, calculator, internet connection, and a camera. It has a color display with graphical user interface. Its display is a touch screen which is touch-sensitive. And no more keypads! It has a virtual keyboard for typing words, numbers, characters, and emoticons. The power lies at your fingertips. You can even choose your own wallpaper from your photos.

So, you can actually personalize everything about your smartphone look. With these features, who would not want to have a smartphone! You can literally do anything with it; any task you do, it can help you with it. Basically, a smartphone is a must-have. Ever wondered what the first smartphone was? Who or what company started all the smartphone craze that people currently experience? No, it is not Apple with its magnificent iPhone. Iphone was first introduced more than 10 years after. It was the Simon Personal Communicator created by IBM and was introduced in 1994. It is quite pricey as tagged with $899 which is estimated to be $1,435 in nowadays. Its LCD is monochrome which measures 4.5 inches by 1.4 inches. Yes, it is pretty clunky. It has a stylus. It features a note-writing collection, address book, world clock, and a planner. It could send and receive messages, emails, faxes, and pages. According to Bloomberg Businessweek that even though it may have not acclaimed the same amount of fame compared to the current popular smartphones, IBM managed to sell about 50,000 units. Regardless of the question if it was popular or not, the Simon Personal Communicator paved way for the creation of competitive smartphones in a long line of history. From what Simon offers to its users, other manufacturers took them as the standards and a catalyst to bring in even more amazing features. As expected, other phone manufacturers pursued whatever IBM started. There would be no smartphones of today without the initiative of IBM or the smartphone history could have taken another course.

Being smart could get you anywhere. Look what ‘smartness’ brought the world in the 21st century. If you come to think of it, these smartphones would be not be here right now without the brilliant ideas of inventors and innovators. Yes, smartphones are really smart. Smart people produce smart stuff, huh. Smart technology rules!

Passenger Drones: The Sky is an Option for Transportation


The technology of today has greatly contributed to the advancement of human living. These technological feats aids in men’s communication and transportation convenience or they may be purely just for entertainment; something just to keep you up on doing something simpler, easier, or better. With all these advancements, it gets to the point that it may be not possible for some tasks to be carried out. You wanna get to your favorite restaurant, but it may be 5 kilometers away? Stress not. There are different forms of transportation that will get you in that restaurant in less than an hour. You wanna say hi to your cousin who migrated in Canada while you are in the Philippines? Computers, laptops, and cell phones through texts, calls, video calls, and emails could strengthen your friendship. Are you a music lover and wanna listen to the newly-released songs by your favorite singer? Mp3s and Ipods are your best friends. It is a wonder that these devices could do whatever task you need and want to do. In this high-tech era who knows what kind of technology could be introduced next. Thanks to the amazing ideas of inventors and innovators worldwide.

Returning to the idea of going to different places by means of different transportation, being from one place to another is getting less hassle. From simple machines of bicycles up to complex transports of motorcycles, buses, cars, trains, ships, and airplanes, more intricate machines, without doubt, would be soon introduced in the market. Just when the world finds it amazing how a person could be transported from one place to another in a matter of minutes, here comes another form of transportation that would fly a person from one place to another. You heard it right fly! And when it comes to flying, the possibilities are endless. No, we are not talking about airplanes here. It has a mid-weight feel yet jam-packed with a sophisticated system. It is expected to carry, at least, one passenger. At first, this kind of technology is originally for entertainment where it can be used to monitor or to document pictures and videos… And since, they can fly up in the air while the ground is crowded with people, it can capture panoramic images. This high tech device could be controlled by a remote. You might have an idea what this is summing up to. All of these descriptions talk about a drone. Ta-dah! That was easy to guess, wasn’t it.

And it seems like brilliant minds never cease to discover even more brilliant ideas! From simply flying off in order to take pictures or to transport a thing from one place to another, a drone’s function has surprisingly upgraded for the greater good. Now, drones carry people. Guess what! Drones are now in the business of transportation, bringing you to your destination. Of course, in order to do this, drones are specially designed bigger, spacious, but do not really occupy too much space in the sky. It is officially called a passenger drone and is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV). No joke, the drone is pilotless. This sounds scary, but for those who are in for some adventure and innovation, this is interesting. The first ever passenger drone was introduced on January 2016 by Chinese entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. It was the Ehang 184. It is eco-friendly as it is powered by electricity. That means no smoke. It aims on serving medium-short distance communication and transportation. It can carry a passenger or weight of 264 pounds on air more than 11,000 feet. Take off and landing are points are predetermined by the company. Good news is that when one set of the power system is malfunctioning, you could still experience a safe and convenient flight as its power systems are multiple. If there are any serious power malfunctions, it would immediately land in the nearest area. This is what we call smart technology. Its application system is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate. There may be some skeptics pointing out the disadvantages of this technology, but they do not surely outweigh the advantages.

This technology is revolutionary! Who ever thought that, aside from airplanes, there would be passenger drones for faster transportation within minutes, which you will spend an hour going by car. Who would not choose a drone, then! Entrepreneurs sure do know the hassles of traffic, so, if you are in a hurry for a ride with drones, the sky is an option!

OpenAI bot defeats all the Pro Dota Players


We are currently in the 21st century where people are almost entirely dependent on machines. In which technology paved the way of major changes in our lives. Applied science is rapidly making dreams into a concrete vision of reality. It is merely because we are in the generation of full of incremental advancement and evolution. Elon Musk is one of those techies behind these innovations. He is a South African-born Canadian, American entrepreneur, a multimillionaire and a quest for an imaginative future. A brilliant engineer who founded Paypal, the one that developed solar-power systems, electric cars and a futurist who has a plan of creating a private space travel and even building a human colony on Mars. He introduced a machine called Artificial Intelligence that reacts and executes as a human but still behaves irrationally. Artificial Intelligence might be useful in any medical diagnosis, fraud, and robotic ascendancy.

One fascinating issue emerged was when AI defeated world’s best video player in one-on-one match for Dota 2 game. It is an internet robot which interacts with human messages and commands through online. This learning machine already had beaten many pro players of Dota 2. Dota stands for Defense of the Ancient which is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) computer game. A player chooses a unique character of different abilities known as “Hero” and has the control to make the hero move from any direction, attack the opponent and release weapons. This game is complicated because you need to protect your base and yourself while striking your enemies just to take the throne, else you’ll get killed by the opponent.
Introducing Go as a complex strategy board game, and chess, which is also far from being an easy game, Dota 2 was considered as more complicated than Go and Chess.
There are 113 heroes in Dota 2 that are divided into 3 categories and a lot of different items to be purchased to level up your hero. Is it really possible for a learning machine to function and defeat a real player for this human designed video game?

A lot of international competitions are being held for Dota 2. In fact, it is the world’s richest e-sport which cost millions as the prize pool for the winner. It was designed by Icefrog and was developed by Valve Corporation. Every year, Valve anchors annual tournaments and releases a prize pool that may exceed to $24 million championship prize pool.

But one headline brought astonishment to everyone when Danylo “Dendi” Ishutin, a Ukrainian professional Dota 2 player who is playing for Natus Vincere since 2010 was defeated by a bot. With Dendi’s 7434 MMR, he is the world’s 44th highest earning player as he reached $730,000 USD at 2014. He started his career at the young age of 17 and started playing professionally with WG in 2006. While the bot was only trained for 2 weeks and was able to store the game procedures and functions of heroes within that limited time span. During their live one-on-one match, Dendi expressed that the bot feels like a human, but a little like something else. After being defeated twice in their live one-on-one match, Dendi surrendered to the 3rd match. Dendi labeled the game as fun and challenging, he also said that he might need more practice to beat the bot. It was considered as an achievement compared to those competitions of AI Bot versus human for Jeopardy and Go game. It is because of the complexity of the Dota 2 game consisting lot of heroes and items to be manipulated.
It is actually not the first time in history to develop a bot player for online game, Microsoft developed an AI before intended for the famous 1980’s video game, Ms. Pac-man, in which human players that are not adept can’t beat the bot.

Since Dota 2 is a game of two teams consists of 5 players each team, the OpenAI team has a plan of making a 5-vs-5 match game to be possible by next year’s tournament.

Elon Musk explained that though AI might be useful, beneficial and gives amazing impact to everybody, those governments wishing to have Artificial Intelligence to be implemented in their country should be mandated by rules and regulation for the use of AI. Because it may still cause risk and danger for whatever purpose is if it will be used improperly. Meanwhile, OpenAI announced that they are releasing their bot for practice to all players who want to beat and play against the bot. Making their bots available for practice is just a give and take concept, in which the organization is making a new way to improve the bot through trial and error while gearing the players towards their improvement.

You can watch the match here :

Tesla battery powered house


Powering up your house? The Tesla Powerwall is the one for you!

In a world blessed with technological advancements, it is a thought to ponder as to how these gadgets or machines work. There must be a force that dictates their life cycle. What moves them to function? A technological gadget could be likened to that of a person. A child crawling to gather his or her toys. A student exhausting his or her energy in studying. A colleague finishing his or her task assigned by the boss. All of these scenarios require an external force that will cause men to move. What is it? It is motivation; a drive to reach or aim a goal. The child gets his or her toys to satisfy his need to play. The student studies hard in order to get an excellent grade. The colleague works his or her ass off to gain the trust of his or her boss where he can land a promotion all with the aim to receive a higher salary.

Gadgets are of no difference to people. Different technological feats, from simple to complex machines, exist due to the brilliant minds of their creators. For these gadgets, though, it is not motivation that commands them to work. What gives life to cell phones so that you can text or call your loved one? What is the life source of your flashlight so that you could see things in the dark? What moves your clock to remind you always of the time? The answer may be pretty much clear to you now. It is power. Even for humans, the motivation is their source of strength and power to go on living. It is motivation that powers a student to attend classes diligently. It is motivation that pushes a mother to wake up early in the morning to cook for her family. It is motivation that drives men to do his or her job to close that deal. It is motivation that lets scientists and experts innovate inventions for better, simpler, and easier living.

And when we talk about power as the driving force that gives life to a gadget, the next question is, where is it exactly stored? Clearly, power just doesn’t appear and wear off anywhere out of the blue. When you charge your cell phones, flashlights, power banks, Ipods and Ipads, the electric power go to these gadgets’ batteries where they are stored for later use. Yes, it is the battery that we are talking about here. It is one of those simple things that people take for granted, yet without its existence, a gadget will not be brought to life. With advanced and powerful batteries, what else could be brought to life! Well, Tesla batteries will shock you as they introduce the possibility of a house to be battery-powered! That’s just how the word, ‘crazy’, is spelled out, but hey, that is always the first impression when an amazing technology is first introduced. Whoever thought that Tesla motors would involve itself to the home energy storage market.

You may be curious as to where the battery is placed in the house. The battery may be attached or put on a wall and whaddaya get? A powerwall! This powerwall or powerpack is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that stores energy for home use. It can store 13.5 kWh of energy and can provide continuous power of 5kWh. Just like any battery, it is rechargeable. This innovation is manufactured by Tesla, Inc. It was introduced in 2015 where 500 units were built. These powerwalls are now being constructed under Gigafactory 1. The main purpose of a powerwall is to serve as a back-up during electric outages and mishaps, natural disasters or even the zombie apocalypse! The powerwall is incorporated with the Tesla solar, so you can also self-power your house. No need for a solar roof. That’s lesser cost! This powerwall is also a completely automated system; installation is easy, no maintenance needed. The powerwall is so quiet in its work that you don’t even know that it’s just there. And hey, this technology is also smart! It monitors energy and sends off alerts to severe weather responses. It is modular that you can put up to nine powerwalls side by side. What’s more is that you can manage your powerwall with the Tesla app. The power is still in your hands. If you may have problems with your powerwall, well, it is pretty much convenient that the warranty extends up to 10 years. Now, that is customer-centered service! This powerwall is hyped up ever since the moment it was introduced that Tesla received 38,000 pre-orders.

This powerwall is convenient for whatever use, may it be for home or commercial purposes. With another technological feat like this powerwall, human activities are getting more convenient than ever. Just like your motivation for school or work, this powerwall will surely never disappoints on providing full power for energy use. The lithium-ion battery created by Tesla provides the driving force for your powerwall to function. How about you? What gives you power?

Expecting Instant Results with Nanotechnology Biocomputing


One of the biggest reasons why the 20th and 21st century have witnessed a number of technological advancements is the need for speed. A lot of tasks require efficiency. What is greatly appreciated in a workaholic generation right now is the ability to do or to produce a lot of things in a short period of time. What is MORE greatly appreciated is the ability to multitask and not everyone can multitask. That is why multitasking is impressive. Of course, the multitasking should not sacrifice the efficiency of the outcome.

The human mind naturally needs focus to perform a certain task. When it is trained, it can do multiple tasks at once. And there are times when it can get confused as it is trying to process the commands at the same time. This is the same when you open a number of tabs on your computer. The computer will buffer for a certain time for it to analyze the different commands at once. Because of this great need, simple and complex machines, gadgets, and software that can perform a long pile of tasks in a time that may be impossible for a man can do have been invented.

Having problems in handling big numbers? Calculators will solve your problem. Copying a long list of notes? You can just take pictures of them. Going to the 30th floor of your boss’ office? Elevators or escalators will save your knees. Sending a letter to your loved ones abroad? Emails will convey it just as how you want them to be. The common denominator out of all these are their results which are instant or quick. With the fast pace of developments and happenings, even day-to-day activities of people also require things to happen FAST. There is a need to do something INSTANTLY. That is why there are prominent fast food chains, beauty clinics and products that can instantly whiten the skin or that can instantly slim down the body bumps, rush ID, instant food like noodles, and all other stuff that allows haste.

What everyone wants right now is instant results. Students are given assignments and projects that are expected to be passed during the deadline. Teachers are given deadlines to pass their records, too. An employee is expected to comply with the tasks within the day of what was given to him or her by his or her boss. May it be at school or at the workplace, the ability to perform tasks with speed is needed.

These speedy work has chances to result in inefficient outcomes, but not with the latest technology that experts have created! Welcome to the world of Nanotechnology Biocomputers! Okay, that may be too technical to understand. So, before we delve deeper as to what this technology offers, let us dissect it word by word. Nanotechnology is the study and application of extremely minute objects that can be used for the advancement of the sciences like chemistry, physics, biology, or even engineering. The unit nanometer is the smallest out of all. Compress the Earth 50 million times or more, you get a soccer ball size. Compress 50 million times more and you get a nano material. That’s how small the objects are being studied. This study is about matter on a molecular and atomic scale that can be manipulated by scientists. And the smaller a particle is, the better and faster it can enter and carry out tasks. Nanotech is performing wonders in the field of medicine like how revolutionizing it is to detect and treat damages to the human body. Whoever thought that particles could already undergo operations like adding or removing electrons to or from them. Nanotech is also being applied in military armaments where nano materials like carbon nanotubes that are lighter and stronger than steel are used in parts of armors and equipments.

Nanotechnology is paired up with Biocomputers. A Biocomputer works like a powerful computer that has a CPU as its brain and DNA as its software. You heard it right, a DNA does the trick. Biocumputers are equipped with living cells that allow it to store information, perform complicated equations, and process and retrieve data. So, why the DNA? A DNA has an immense storage capacity where a single gram of it can store information of what 1 trillion compact discs can hold. One word, amazing! With this capability, it is hard for scientists not to take advantage of it in order to create even better technological feats. This time, scientists are making computers tap to the capacity of DNA on holding complex blueprints of organisms. You could say that biocomputers are not just smart, but really alive! Usual computers transform commands in qubits (1’s and 0’s) while biocomputers perform commands moved by atoms, molecules, or particles.

With nanotech’s possibility of particle manipulation and biocomputing’s endowment of DNA to perform complex tasks, their combination offers endless possibilities that would put the world in awe. A group of researchers at Lund University in Sweden has fabricated a biological computer that uses nanotechnology. It can answer mathematical equations FASTER than the usual ones and is more energy efficient. Now who would not want that! This computer possesses molecular motors that carry out tasks in living cells. An example is one that can be found in human muscle cells, the myosin. The myosin moves protein filaments that are made up of actin along an artificial path that direct the filaments’ movement. Put simply, it participates in the building of a maze-like structure of nano-based channels that move along certain instructional paths. The solution in the maze corresponds to an answer of a calculation. What’s more is that many particles find their ways at the maze at once. That’s what we call instant!
How nanotechnology and biocomputers work may be complex to understand. How much more when these two combine their capacities! Their reason of being boils down to performing multiple complex calculations or tasks in a short period of time that you can ever think of. With nanotechnology biocomputing, processes that were once just imaginations in the past have progressed into becoming realities!