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With Wikileaks, The Truth Will Set You Free


They say that knowledge is power. It is. Having knowledge of certain things puts you in a greater advantage among all others. Living in this generation with technological breakthroughs helps you realize that you have the right to know every information that can affect you. Do you hate how almost all advertisements exaggerate their products? Do you just hate how a classmate spreads rumors or gossip about you in order to bring you down? Do you hate how a colleague sugarcoat their comments about your OOTD? Do you hate why your boyfriend cheats on you? Do you feel inferior not being included in a top secret meeting in your organization? Do you feel bad how you are excluded from the top section? Are you full of how the presidential candidates broadcast their empty promises to the nation? Do you hate how your government works? At least, even once, you found yourself in one of these circumstances. You have been denied access or to know the truth. Not with Wikileaks!

With Wikileaks, everything becomes crystal clear; everything becomes transparent. So, what is Wikileaks exactly leaking for public dissemination? What is Wikileaks? And is it Wikipedia’s brother? Wikileaks is an international non-profit organization that was founded in 2006. And no. It is not Wikipedia’s sibling. It is ambitious on spreading secret information, news leaks, and censored documents provided by unknown sources for public reading through its website. It basically knows almost all hidden agenda and actions of governments that you may think that Wikileaks is genius! Yes, Wikileaks is that classmate who works his or her ass on research and acts as an activist or a reformer of corrupt school activities by exposing them to the public. Wikileaks analyzes and publishes classified documents that involve corruption, spying, and wars. It houses itself in its own library full of secret information. With Wikileaks’ hundreds of media partners, it has access to every bit of information that you can ever imagine. Now, that is what we call power! Wikileaks has been so confident in its intel service, saying that they do not censor and have never made a mistake. One of the most controversial files that Wikileaks has exposed are the methods and tools that the CIA used to break into people’s personal phones, TV’s, cars, and other belongings. Even the established software of world’s biggest technology brands could be tapped into by the CIA. Imagine being spied by the CIA on whatever action you take online. That’s a breach of privacy and even spooky!

There are also downsides of Wikileaks’ strength. Yes, knowledge may be power, but sometimes it is a burden. Being able to know so much as to how governments or organizations work, the more Wikileaks and its staff put their safety at risk. The world will not be safe for them. What’s more is that Wikileaks is not so open to share their methods and processes. Nobody even knows who works for Wikileaks except for its founder and editor-in-chief, Julian Assange and surely, it has connections or staff working in different countries. Some critics would say that Wikileaks concentrate their efforts in America only. How about the other countries who may be involved in dirty works? National leaders have also expressed their concerns that Wikileaks’ actions in exposing restricted documents put a country’s safety in the pedestal. Imagine knowing that Iraq may be feeling some bad blood to your country and has devised a plan that could result to war. I swear, you’ll panic! But hey, at least, you know how your government works and how other governments think and interact with yours.

In this ever evolving world, nothing is guaranteed. The devil is really in the details of every decision and action of governments and organizations. Wikileaks believe that you deserve the truth and nothing less. The truth always wins. With Wikileaks, no secret is safe. Who knows what Wikileaks is gonna expose next!

Knocki, A Small Revolutionizer: Bringing any Surface to Life


Talking about smart technology, almost all devices introduced in the 21st century fall under the classification of “smart.” From modes of transportation up to communication, every technology has made an important contribution. These devices, being labeled as smart, have proven themselves to be really smart as this era goes deeper. It will surely come to a point in the future that further technological advancements will be smarter than ever! Now, there are reasons as to why these technological feats are being called “smart.” They are interactive. They help in almost all areas in life: home, school, or work. They make living simpler, easier, and better. What else do you expect something from a smart being? Smart brains. They seem to be equipped with their own brain for them to think. Now, that is smart! When we say, smart technology, it is mostly tied to the existence of cell phones as being smart phones. But who would have ever thought that other devices would be just as smart or even smarter than our phones!

Introducing, a circular tiny device that could instantly turn any surface into a remote control, the Knocki. Yes, it sounds cute just as how it is very handy − small but terrible. From the name itself, Knocki, it has something to do with “knocks.” Wanna guess? Lost your phone and need to locate it? Do you need to have a safer method of locking your door? Are you in your office, but needs to heat your coffee in the kitchen? Did you forget turning off your wifi when you have already laid in bed? You should get yourself a Knocki. Well, when you attach a Knocki into a surface, that surface becomes a touch interface. You can fasten them to walls, tables, furniture, countertops, or doors. Voila! These surfaces are transformed into remote controls for your other devices to perform tasks through knocking. The knock becomes the way of command. For example, you attached a Knocki into a wall. You knock the wall two times, commanding your phone to ring or three times to turn off your lights or when a Knocki is on the living room table, you knock the table two times to turn on your television. A certain knock tells Knocki on which device it will command to perform a task. It supports both simple and complex knocks. As long as a Knocki is attached to a surface, you can always knock away. Worried that your Knocki might mistake a bump on your surface or any noise as a knock? Knocki’s co-founder and CEO, Jake Boshernitzan, assured that your Knocki is equipped with mechanical accelerometers to measure distinct vibrations that can differentiate intentional gestures from random noise. So, Knocki knows when you are just resting your elbow on the table or when you just bumped your wall accidentally. Those are not knocks, Knocki knows!

The Knocki has four AAA batteries that can survive the whole year round. It needs a wifi connection to constantly in contact with your devices. Of course, there is a need for Knocki to be connected to your other devices that you expect to perform a task when you knock. Boshernitzan also claimed that once your Knocki is set up, it supports devices of Nest, Lifx and Philips Hue light bulbs, WeMo wares, and locks from August and Kevo. Agreements are also in process for Knocki’s very own phone apps to be downloaded for both android and iOS users. It is in talks with Toyota, Steelcase, and other companies to let Knocki be embedded into different things and locations.

The Knocki is quite helpful for both the young and adults. Kids can find this device entertaining yet fun that can assist their learning and growth. Adults may find this device great in performing multitasking with lesser effort, but with efficient results. With your busy schedule, you make every daily tasks within your reach. As deep as it may get, Knocki shows the world how everything can be connected into each other and be part of the smart technology. With Knocki, you can control your own world around you. Small it may be, it can surely revolutionize the world of its endless possibilities. Have fun bringing any surface to life and knock away all your tasks!


The Next Biggest Thing: Iphone X


The cell phone world is crazy. There are a lot of different companies that manufacture cell phones. Nowadays, we call them smart phones because hey, they are really smart! If you go to your favorite mall, you will be overwhelmed by the number of various brands selling smart phones. This may get confusing and tense that you only need to choose one phone over a thousand of other phones. Now, this is not an easy task. Even the purchasing process is challenging. You must be able to choose the best phone for you and of course, it should suit to your needs, wants, and budget.

Just as we thought how a phone may not get better or even best among all others, the leading brand in smart phone manufacturing, just proved us wrong. Yes, we are talking about the ever-phenomenal phone manufacturer that Steve Jobs founded which is Apple. After the release of nine brilliant versions of iPhone for the past few years, it is time for the 10th version to be known to the public. Its name is stylized into iPhone X not pronounced as “ex,” rather, “ten.” There is no doubt that iPhones have impacted the world, being in great demand by consumers both young and the adults alike.

The question here, though, is how does the iPhone X differ from the other iPhones? Let’s unveil its features one by one. Well, first, the very obvious, it is an all-screen iPhone. It is a bezel-less OLED screen, meaning, there is no home button any buttons to touch that is near the screen. It boasts a 5.8-inch Super Retina screen. How does it look like? It has curves that flow to its rounded corners. As stated by Apple, its front and back are equipped with surgical-grade stainless steel. Water and dust resistance, to add!

For photo enthusiasts, the exciting part is always the camera and iPhone is envisioning better selfies. Its camera has portrait lighting mode, which could also blur the background to put focus on the image. There are even studio-quality lighting effects. And hey, who ever thought that face recognition locks only occur in the movies? Not in Apple’s watch! The iPhone X camera is endowed with an innovated hardware that will support facial authentication that will serve as your phone’s password. This is called the Face ID that works with the help of TrueDepth camera system which is located at the notch top of the phone’s screen. With the A11 Bionic chip, it can map the shape and features of your face mathematically. Congratulations! Your face is now your new password. Even in conducting transactions with Apple, your face becomes the most valued factor. Your face will still be identified even if you are wearing sunglasses as long as these accessories allow enough infrared lights. Worry not in physical changes in your face, Face ID has machine learning to adapt to this. Cool! You can watch your favorite movies with a 4000 resolution at 60fps and slow motion videos at 240 fps.

Another feature is the ability of the user to personalize emojis. The young adults surely love to send messages with each other using different emoticons or even animojis. Apple makes this experience even more fun! So, unleash the inner panda or pig in you!
Iphone X is getting wireless, too! It does not require a cable for charging. You just need to set your iPhone on the AirPower mat anywhere you may be around the world. The A11 Bionic capabilities of your iPhone to enjoy augmented reality for games and apps. With these, the iPhone X is really the “it” phone that you will want.

Now, you may be wondering how much iPhone X is worth. By now, you may have some clues that it would be expensive. Well, it costs $999. You can choose between a 64 GB or a 256 GB types. Pre-orders will start on October 27 of this year and deliveries will start on November 3. Apple is reaching to the whole world with its newest product by making it available in 55 countries. With all these superb features, Apple is true in its words, that the iPhone X “is the future of the smart phone.” Who knows whatever Apple is going to release for the next few years. Hello, future!

Teleportation, an Achievement Unlocked


Ever since the modern world experienced the successes and fruits of technological advancements, the world became even more demanding of certain possibilities that may be too much for the imagination to handle. I mean, who would not want to make life even much easier, simpler, and fun!

When you wanted to save a file for later use, download capabilities of various gadgets made it possible. When you needed to know the answers of your ever-curious questions, Google became your best friend. When you cannot perform complex formulas and equations, calculators made your Math life easier. When you needed to share a hard copy file online, scanners did the work for you. When you wanted to convey an exact information, the copy-paste feature did all the trick for you. When you needed to talk loudly to a large crowd, microphones or megaphones saved you from damaging your throat. When you wanted to re-watch a few moments of your favorite video, the rewind button came so handy. When you needed to access internet in the middle of a street, wireless internet connections saved you from loneliness.

And here we are, continuously advancing further into the 21st century, and yes, people are getting more demanding of what technology can offer. Ever thought about what could be the next biggest thing in science and technology breakthroughs? One word, teleportation. You heard it right! You must be thinking that teleportation is impossible. Teleportation has been numerously used in movies and fiction materials, feeding the fantasies of children and adults alike worldwide. Teleportation occurrences in movies became so mainstream and famous that they may appear simple. I mean, if we are talking about movies that fall under the genre of science fiction or fantasy, teleportation is not a new thing. While this happens in movies, it is greatly challenged by people to happen in real life, but not with science! Living in an era like now and with all the technological advancements that were once thought to be impossible, is teleportation really implausible? First, it is essential to define what the word, teleportation, means. Teleportation may refer to three scenarios. First, the relocation of a certain object to another place. Second, teleportation may mean that an object is scanned where its information is being transferred someplace else to build a new object from different materials. We are talking about the third type here. Now, the third one is quite complex as it involves the beauty of Quantum Physics and how the world, in science terms, basically works. However, scientists and physicists find this fascinating and brilliant. What is sure at this point, though, is that teleportation is possible and has been conducted by scientists of physicists through experiments all over the world with majority of them as successful.

So, through a specialized field in Science which is Quantum Physics, Quantum teleportation seems to be accessible by humans. Quantum teleportation is a process where quantum information can be transferred from one place to another with the aid of classical communication and quantum entanglement. This is not what you see in movies or what you read in books. Quantum entanglement refers to the state shared by two separate particles where what happens to one particle, happens to the other particle. And scientists have made ways of creating entangled particles by firing laser through a crystal. We are not talking about a form of transport, though. This teleportation is a form of communication. Through quantum entanglement, physicists could effectively copy the quantum state of a particle and paste it to another particle. The second particle, then, would exhibit as an identical copy of the first particle. And since there is a possibility to perfectly copy the first particle, qubits can be transmitted which are used in quantum computation. There is a created notion that the first particle is being transported or cloned. What is weird is that once the first particle’s state is measured, the second particle somehow knows what state should it be in. This reality occurs even when the particles are separated by a great distance. Looks like Einstein was right in labeling this phenomenon as a “spooky action at a distance.”

Still skeptical about teleportation? Well, a group of Chinese scientists just sent a load of information from Tibet to a satellite which is orbiting the Earth approximately at 870 miles or 1,400 kilometers above the surface of the Earth. This became the farthest record where quantum teleportation have occurred.

Okay, this may be too much to digest, so, let us simplify how quantum teleportation may happen. For example, identical twins in real life, even though may share the same physical characteristics, would vary in their intrinsic characteristics. Imagine having yourself an identical twin, being identical in all ways: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Whatever your twin thinks and feels is what you may also think and feel. Let us assume that you are both the same in all aspects at the same time. When your twin feels a stomach ache, you would also have a stomach ache. If your twin gets an A+ in his or her favorite subject, you would also get the same grade. If you decide to eat steak for dinner, your twin would also eat steak for dinner. Both of you may think, feel, and do the same things when you are together, but so is the scenario even if you are continents apart. And whatever affects your twin would also affect you. In this way, it seems like you are thinking, feeling, and doing the same thing but in a different location.

It is important to note that what was successfully teleported for countless times were qubits and not molecules or larger states of matter. Hence, up until now, there is no certainty if humans could be really transported. But hey, with brilliant minds and the progress of technology, who knows, you and your grandchildren will be teleporting your way going to the Moon in the few years to come! With the countless possibilities that this great discovery can bring, the world better prepare. And hey, guess what, the world checks another goal successes in its list. Teleportation through a technological feat, achievement unlocked!

Uber’s Flying cars are almost here


Going somewhere? The Sky is the limit!

Technological breakthroughs in different areas that greatly affect human activity have changed how the world works. The faces of technology may change and may continue to evolve, but they always have one purpose and that is to advance modern day living. From simple machines up to complex gadgets, these, in one way or another, have made human living simpler, easier, and better.

In every home, there is an electric fan, stove, oven, rice cooker, blender, air conditioner, telephone, cell phones and chargers, and television. These simple technological tools contribute to comfortable living. Outside the streets and in certain locations, there are different modes of transportation that could bring people to their destination. There are bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, vans, buses, trains, ships and airplanes. All of these constitute a phenomenal collective term, called technology.

Every technological debut is warm-heartedly received by the general population. When the first airplane was introduced to the public, the world was in awe. It was a revolutionizing idea. People ride in airplanes, arriving at their destinations in minutes or hours. Friends who live continents away now have a chance to meet through a single flight. Through riding planes, an American can have his or her breakfast in India, take his or her lunch in China, and enjoy his or her dinner in Russia. All of these activities can be done within a day! Because of these, different businesses opened up to cater to the demand of having a faster and more convenient transportation.

Nowadays, brilliant minds continue to formulate winning ideas that would revolutionize the means of transportation. Motivated by business competency and innovative instincts, one of the largest transportation businesses have ambitioned on starting an electric flying taxi and that it will be reigning the skies in 2020. The company garnering quite the attention is none other than Uber. The vehicle is qualified as a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) transport. Okay, it sounds crazy… and if you think so, too, then, you may be thinking about some challenges that this may implicate, but Uber is serious as it kicked off Uber Elevate Summit in Dallas, Texas just early this year, 2017. It is surely taking the rides up in the sky! In the conference, Uber discussed about its city partnerships, aviation manufacturers, electric charging companies, and their VTOLs capabilities. Uber is teaming up with the governments of Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai, where they will be first demonstrated and introduced. It also partnered with Hilwood Properties in Dallas to identify sites that can build as vertiports which Uber call as takeoff and landing pads. It came into agreement with 5 manufacturers whose vested with tasks of working on the design and the producing lightweight electrically-powered VTOL vehicle. The 5 manufacturers are Bell Helicopters, Aurora Flight Sciences, Pipestrel Aircraft, Mooney, and Embraer. In making charging stations, Uber teamed up with ChargePoint. The envisioned flying taxi is expected to be small but large enough to carry the pilot and some passengers. They are electrically-powered that takeoff and land vertically. Moreover, they produce zero emissions and are 15 decibels quieter so as not to contribute to the noise pollution of cities. Uber stands proud on claiming that a usual 2-hour ride from San Francisco’s Marina to San Jose would only take 15 minutes through the flying taxi. Who would not want that! Now, everything implicates cost and this brilliant invention could cost up to billions to envision alone. How much more when they become operational? Would they cost much just like a flight fare? Uber’s Chief Product Officer, Jeff Holden, states that a mile in the sky would cost a little higher than a mile on the ground for the first tries of the flying taxi, but Uber is confident that the cost will cut down in the long term, even lesser than car ownership.

All of these are quite promising, but… There is a big but! The runway’s not just crystal clear yet. How can Uber not contribute to the congested air space? Isn’t this project too ambitious, putting the aspiration way before the idea of going broke because of its grandiose? Uber would also need to comply with the air service rules and be accredited by a third party as a safe transportation means. And hey, 2020 is nearer than you think, taking into account that Uber is still in the process of finalizing negotiations and initial major decisions.

With a single tap on the phone, you could get an Uber taxi service. In the Philippines, you can get a motor ride. Who would have ever thought that ‘push a button, take a flight’ would become a reality soon! Get ready and embrace yourselves, the world will be in awe as soon as Uber will officially operate its very own air service that would continue to advance the power of technology. Truly, the sky is the limit!

The truth about Solar Power


For countless reasons, the sun is essential for life on earth. The sun provides light, warms the planet and gives the energy source of the human race, but also to the biological world, bacteria, trees, animals. We all need the sun and its rays in this pioneering generation, researchers are trying to create a technology as an alternative to natural resources to make life easier yet complicated. But as time passed, the irony is that we strongly depend and rely on natural resources to generate something. Just like the sun as the most dominant energy provider. The energy that the sun sustains to the earth for one hour can already maneuver and run the entire year of the world’s system and economy.

Solar energy is luminous heat and light that was elicited from the sun by the use of solar panels which converts sunlight into electricity. The criticism of the people that installation of Solar Panel is expensive was just an uncertain critique. It is because, if you are going to calculate and measure the costs of expenses just to power your appliances at home, it will probably charge you big. Compared to using this renewable energy which you can use for free upon lighting homes, heating water and electricity. Solar Energy helps the environment as it conserves energy for the future, it is also an alternative to fossil fuels and does not produce any pollutants, especially on water resources because it doesn’t depend on water to function.

We used to see first the pro’s and con’s of a specific matter before purchasing it. Other companies offer 20 to 25 years of warranty for materials in Solar Installation. It is low maintenance because it is not a necessity to clean it often, it only requires once or twice a year cleaning schedule.

The need of greater surface area to install the Solar Panel can be considered as its downside. However, it can be placed in the backyard or rooftop. We can name different shortcomings and drawbacks of Solar Energy just like the fear of not functioning when winter and rainy season comes. It simply means that there would be no generation of energy if there would also be no sunlight showing up. It is not guaranteed to provide a firm and constant service unlike the generator which can serve as a back up if a black out in some areas may occur.

Next is the de-installation and re-installation. Yes, the cleaning routine may put you at ease, but if you’re planning to move and relocate, this would cost you much since it has been considered as a challenge to the company in expediting things.

Aside of heating homes, solar as cooking and production of electricity, it has been deliberated already that solar energy for cars will be actualized. The power to make the car run will no longer be gas, but through the solar panel being attached to the roof of the car which generates energy caused by the solar radiation and the energy will also store in car’s batteries.

Renewable and non-renewable resources have been given contrast. And Solar Energy was evaluated as a clean and pure source of energy directed from the sun. This also helps address and fight the greenhouse gas emissions.

With different goals and benefits emerged from this system, why not try to weigh the difference between installing solar energy than profiting the utility rates? You will not just only be enlightened that it will be a huge advancement of our environment, but it will also make you realize that this is for the sake of everybody in different life aspects including income generation and stronger economic growth.

Deep learning system AI. That can identify protesters.


Given the chance that you believe in seeing your future of the magical tarot cards, do you also believe that you there are possibilities for you to acquire a supernatural and special powers? Can anyone predict the future? Is it possible for a human being to have a psychic ability and forecast the future occurrences?

Science has already gone too far. Supposing that human doesn’t have this attribution and special skills, It can be possible through science. Just like the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) which has been invented by a group that came from the UK and India where you can actually invest knowledge and cognitive activities on it. Artificial Intelligence was also designed to recognize protesters who always make disagreement, publicly raise their opinions, wants public attention and aims to get justice to a certain issue. But the truth is, they are mostly the main cause of chaos in which they sometimes put their lives in trouble and gamble.

People wearing mask and shades, scarves wrapped over the neck and faces, tinted sunglasses or any other cover just to hide their identity can still be recognized with the help of Artificial Intelligence. But It will not be easy and quick as a snap of a finger to prove someone’s specification, perhaps it is not an error-free invention so the results may not be a hundred percent guarantee to depend on nor to be used by law enforcement.

Researchers are using algorithm for this undertaking. It involves calculations of data and it uses 14 specific segments of a face and measures the gap between them. Although it will not automatically show and reveal someone’s portrait and real identity, it will still a big help for a quicker progress to seize those criminals, terrorists and wrongdoers who are trying to conceal behind the masks and face covers. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is also empowered by Gait Analysis. Gait Analysis is a systematic study of determining the way a person walks and run. It is an evaluation of your locomotion movement towards one point or another. This type of assessment does not require the subject to be focused on and get done a serious system process, since it is being done from a distance, it will just allow the subject to move or do locomotive performance. In addition to different methods like facial identification and fingerprint-based approaches, gait recognition will help you measure and evaluate our body mechanics and movement patterns.

Artificial Intelligence can scan a CCTV footage and identify faces that is in the list as suspects or protesters. It is like a computer where we can add a lot of information to its storage from time to time and restore it for future use. Unlike the human brain, which might forget and produce error upon remembering and determining a person’s physical appearance of the face. Amarjot Singh, one of the developers at the back of the A.I. and is a PhD student in Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory, proposed already similar kinds of studies of objective recognition. The first one was last 2008 which focuses on different hairstyles that can still be used as a determiner to someone’s identity. He published again another research paper last 2014 about face recognition. He expressed that this study actually focuses on criminals and convicts. However, there are still some factors that affect his research, and those are the emerging studies on how to trick and elude face recognition technology.

There has been a prediction that there might be a collision of brilliant ideas about the development of a strong and powerful facial recognition algorithms, while other researchers might also get busy creating an opposing program to hoax and complicate the artificial intelligence recognition. For any unlawful activities, violence against civilians, we need to be more cautious and vigilant. Who knows that those biggest criminals in our society are also the one who’s serving under our government? We need an assistant as a lookout and eagle-eyed to end this dilemma. A lot of the ordinary citizen is aiming for the successful development of the artificial intelligence. It will definitely an aid to minimize and hope to vanish the delinquency and crimes in our society.

The Power of Smart Phones


Technological breakthroughs continue to put the world in awe ever since the entry of the 21st century. And perhaps, one of the revolutionizing ideas is the cell phone. Who would have ever thought that the world would become even more interconnected and closely-linked because of the brilliant minds behind the creation of a mobile phone?

A cell phone’s primary purpose as it was first created was to facilitate contact or communication between people. With a few clicks, there is no hassle in keeping in touch with the people you love. Do you need to inform your parents of your whereabouts while they are far away? You need to say something important to your friend who is out of the country? Do you need to contact a business partner residing in a different building? Cell phone advancements continue to progress through time. This time, oral communication between a Californian and an Indonesian became possible. Distance became irrelevant, connecting every person in a single communication line even to those who are miles or even countries away.

Still, cell phones continue to evolve both physically and technically; consequently, being called as smart phones. From big, bulky and heavy ones, the world now enjoys the portability of cell phones because of their light weight and sophisticated appearances. Better features are now served. From clicking rough buttons, everything can be controlled with a single soft touch and swipe of a screen. Since small amounts of memory space, cell phones now offer big spaces of memory that can store your favorite pictures, songs, videos, and even file documents. From accommodating short-distance signals, high-level signals are now enjoying, improving the quality of communication. From simple games of Snake and Space Impact, the present generation is now overwhelmed with a number of fun games and applications that can be downloaded within seconds. Also, to accommodate your photography skills, mobile phones are now equipped with high definition cameras that will capture every important moment of your life. Truly, mobile phones are now smarter than ever! Pretty smart inside and out.

Furthermore, mobile phones are not simply used for communication anymore as it was initially planned. This is part of its evolution, but still, it serves as the main device to communicate with other people. This time, however, there is the aid of the internet through different social media platforms like Facebook, Yahoo and Google Mail, and Skype. From simple phone calls, these facilitate video calls and emails. You can call people who are close to your heart and even those who you are still trying to get to know with as distance does not stop you from communicating. Bored? When you have your mobile phone, who would be? Smart phones serve as avenues to spend your break times with. Different creative games can now be played. Name the genre: adventure, arcade, puzzles, there are tons of them. So, play away all the stress and let your phones do all the work. Songs, photos, videos, and documents can now also be streamed and viewed through the phones. And you can keep them if you like by downloading them. So, if you are not so fond with playing games, hey, you can always enjoy some good music and quality art! Phone applications are also very interesting as they delve into people’s personal activities. Do you need to check on your grammar and spelling, there is already a dictionary as a phone application. There are applications that could help monitor sleeping hours, menstruation activities, diet intake, and exercise routines. Some of them even serve as reminders of our busy schedules. Cell phones also connect and update us with new information that may be vital for our safety. Acquiring knowledge is just a few clicks away. Who would have thought that cell phones could entertain and help us this much!

Cell phones are created in the best interest to aid people in their daily activities and to make their lives better and easier. A cell phone may be the best investment you have. As you buy a mobile phone, it’s like buying all other gadget’s features: buy 1, take all! A mobile phone now becomes your storage box, mp3, mp4, alarm clock, camera, memo, flashlight, and all others. With all these features in 1 and is made affordable and available everywhere, who would not want a cell phone nowadays! May it be for its main purpose of communicating or for entertainment, cell phones do serve their purposes in ways that put the world still in continuous awe.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bill Gates


Money isn’t everything, it is just almost everything. A lot of people want to be rich, but don’t know how and where to start. They say, that if you want to be a millionaire, you should start thinking like one. And think that you have to do everything by yourself. Like what this “king of Software” who has done so much to make our world better and is the world’s richest person for 3 years in a row which has been declared by Forbes as the lists of world’s billionaires.

And here’s 10 things you might not know with Bill Gates.

1. Bill Gates’ mansion

The Xanadu 2.0, took seven years to build the estate.
His mansion costs $120 million USD and contains 24 bathrooms which is located in Medina, Washington. His house is Eco-friendly that reduces heat loss using natural ways and has a temperature regulator. He also has computer that monitors his favorite maple tree from where the water will automatically stream onto it if it becomes dry.

2. Learning Foreign Language

“I feel pretty stupid that I don’t know any foreign languages”. He expressed.
Aside from being essential, learning multiple languages at once opens opportunities for relationship and multicultural understanding. Fluency isn’t required, as long as you are trying to communicate with the natives of a particular country that you’ve been in with your travel destination, they can immediately feel the regard and respect that could make them feel comfortable towards you.

Also, it is one among all certainties in which money cannot afford to.
For Bill Gates, it is one of the things that he regretted. Though, he took Latin and Greek way back in high school, he still wishes he spoke French, Arabic or Chinese. With his wealth, intelligence and resources, he might seem to have it all but he’s still aiming to learn French as the easiest among his target languages.

3. The self-made billionaire that dropped out college

The future your world is in your classroom today, as everybody says. But others oppose that school is not really necessary for education. Grades do matter, but it doesn’t define you as who you really are. The mantra is you don’t need to compel yourself to get a 1.0 to be successful. And Bill Gates can be considered as the living proof for this. It is all about life skills, it’s all about hard work. And to name other successful individuals who never finished school, here are they: Oprah, Steve Jobs, Spielberg. They are the influential and eminent person who has been a college dropout but turned to Billionaire.

4. He pays $1 million in property taxes a year

Tax is considered as the lifeblood of the government. Therefore, without our taxes, a government cannot execute and implement ministerial duties such as paving our roads, hiring police officers who’s trying their best to maintain order and peace, and even construct much-needed infrastructure enterprises including hospitals, schools, and bridges. Bill Gates pays over 1 million USD per year in property taxes for his house and has an estimated net worth of $79.7 billion which appears to grow every year.

5. Banned his kids from mobile phones unless they turn 14

Bill Gates got 3 children and implemented rules to them. He once said that he has an intention of donating his wealth to a charity and help the world’s poorest while his children will inherit just 3 per cent of his wealth’s complete total. Regardless of this, Bill Gates demands to buy his children an inexpensive phone which also has a good quality. He is also restraining screen time before his youngest go to bed and disallow them from having mobile phones until they were 14.

6. $28 billion charity donation from Bill Gates.

Bill Gates caused the media to call him “Centibillionaire”. But he donated the majority of his wealth to charities and inspires fellow billionaire to help the poor and needy people. With his foundation which focuses on improving health, reducing poverty and aiding education, he donated the biggest amount of capital on any account that has been mainlined to charity.

7. In 1994, Bill married his long-time girlfriend Melinda French

Marriage was never been easy, but has been so worth it. Melinda Gates, a former Microsoft employee, an American philanthropist and the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who married his boss, Bill Gates. They dated for six years before Bill proposed to Melinda.

8. If Gates was a country, he would be the 37th richest country in the world

With Bill Gates’ net worth of $81.6 billion, who keeps getting richer every year, the one who founded Microsoft, no doubt he’ll be richer than any other country. Qatar which has been considered as one of the poorest Gulf states, has now emerged as the richest country when the oil boom. Gates was also compared to a country and regarded him as the 37th richest country in the world.

9. I wanna be a Billionaire

Occasionally, his kids enchantment is to tease him by singing the song ‘Billionaire’ by Bruno Mars and Travis McCoy. He claimed that his three kids favorite ways to poke fun at him is through a song, “Billionaire” and he finds it so funny. The lyrics of the song actually fit him unintentionally that was composed by Bruno Mars and Travis McCoy. The song contains the lyrics of “I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin’ bad. Buy all the things I never had. I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine. Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.”

10. Bill Gates is very active on Twitter but not on Facebook

You want to be connected to the world’s richest individual? Search him on Twitter but not on Facebook. Bill Gates expressed to his visitors on a forum in New Delhi that he quit Facebook. A lot of people think that Bill Gate is competing with Mark Zuckerburg as the co-founder of Facebook, but the real reason behind it was that Bill Gates was too overwhelmed with over 10,000 people wanting to connect with him and sent him a friend request.

Now that you know a little bit more about the Richest man alive, you’ll appreciate finding out that we are all human and all possibility is achievable.

5 Things you didn’t know Google could do


Computers are powerful with a variety of reasons where they can process information with incredible speed, accuracy and dependability. But they still pose no match for the brain and intelligence of a human. A computer can carry and transport data swiftly from storage to memory, process it, and then store it again for future use. By all odds, storage capacity of a computer is one of its most worthy possessions.

In this innovative generation, our civilization has come a long way where everything is now labour-saving and convenient because of some advances in distinctive kinds of software and programs across almost all sectors.

Just like this famous search engine which is taking a hold of more than three billion searches each day just to respond different questions, inquiries, advices, and hacks that people need. It is Google. A web search engine that makes a way out of no way. It gives answers and solutions to different life aspects and even to the hierarchy of needs of an individual from the most fundamental and basic four layers of Maslow’s pyramid.
Google can give you an account of all the phenomenon happened from the past and can also impart you some words of wisdom for the future. There might be things we don’t even know that only Google knows. Mysteries, deaths and disappearances, government, politics and conflict, aviation, ethnicity, race and religion. You might have no idea of some deep and rooting stories about these varying degrees of issues, but through Google, you can easily hunt and quest lot of exposition and defense about a certain matter. Here are some things you don’t know Google can do:

1Google helps you decide where to eat

Deciding where to eat is a nightmare. Instead of considering choices as the supreme thing where we can just easily pick between the possible course of action, having too many choices is now emerging as a problem to everybody. We always have the condition of being undecided, whatever we select the other option would have been better.
In this dubiety, Google shows you restaurants that is in nearby places and your point of interest along with ratings and descriptions. So if you have a Google application installed in your phone, you can certainly think about food whenever and wherever you might be.

2Manually draw characters or symbols and Google will translate it for you

Many people tend to stop at the point of learning other countries writing system because of the criticism that it is not easy as they think. Chinese, Finnish, Arabic, Korean and Thai are just a few examples that will leave us struggles when it come to their writing system. A lot of languages are completely unrelated to English, difficult phonology and they are even derived from different scripts. But through the help of Google, you can simply draw the character or symbol that you desired to and it will show you the translation that you’re actually looking for.

3Split the tip bill for your squad

There is already an ongoing action of eliminating the giving of tip in American restaurants. Mandatory means being obliged to, but giving of tip is actually optional. It is a customer’s choice and not a server’s suggestion. A lot of people who provide services and commodity relies on top, thus, they do their best to make the customer’s experience be pleasurable. In spite of the fact that they are always engaged to some annoying customer where they have been yelled at and belittled. And for you to be given an effortless hack on how to divide a sum of money to a service worker in addition to the basic price, tip calculator will be the best thing for you. You just need to type the total bill, the percentage that you desire for the tip, the number of people and it will definitely show you the fair amount of your gratuity.

4Google fonts for a lot of amazing fonts to be downloaded for free

You need to choose the appropriate typeface among the set of fonts in accordance to what article or website you are making. There seem to be endless lists of categories and choices that’s why picking a specific typeface is a complicated process. Sometimes, what is being offered in your computer or MS word is not the accurate font style you’re looking for. Through a Google search, you can easily choose and download a load of typefaces from old style, transitional serifs, decorations, and even the script type style of font.

5Check your arrival and departure status

You can go to the airport late but be sure not to miss your flight or else, you’ll be somehow out of luck. Unless if the airline will let you hop on the next plane after you get to pay another fees and experience sweat and stress. With the help of Google, you can track your flight with some details showing about arrival, departure times, any cancellations, delays and diversions that will end your struggle on checking for flight status.

There’s a lot of things we don’t know what Google can do for us. Some eyebrow-raising things that we don’t even know. Some facts about you that you wish this search engine didn’t know. Haven’t you bothered to ask what Google doesn’t know? Well, it’s for you to find out what Google doesn’t want you to know.