The Power of Smart Phones


Technological breakthroughs continue to put the world in awe ever since the entry of the 21st century. And perhaps, one of the revolutionizing ideas is the cell phone. Who would have ever thought that the world would become even more interconnected and closely-linked because of the brilliant minds behind the creation of a mobile phone?

A cell phone’s primary purpose as it was first created was to facilitate contact or communication between people. With a few clicks, there is no hassle in keeping in touch with the people you love. Do you need to inform your parents of your whereabouts while they are far away? You need to say something important to your friend who is out of the country? Do you need to contact a business partner residing in a different building? Cell phone advancements continue to progress through time. This time, oral communication between a Californian and an Indonesian became possible. Distance became irrelevant, connecting every person in a single communication line even to those who are miles or even countries away.

Still, cell phones continue to evolve both physically and technically; consequently, being called as smart phones. From big, bulky and heavy ones, the world now enjoys the portability of cell phones because of their light weight and sophisticated appearances. Better features are now served. From clicking rough buttons, everything can be controlled with a single soft touch and swipe of a screen. Since small amounts of memory space, cell phones now offer big spaces of memory that can store your favorite pictures, songs, videos, and even file documents. From accommodating short-distance signals, high-level signals are now enjoying, improving the quality of communication. From simple games of Snake and Space Impact, the present generation is now overwhelmed with a number of fun games and applications that can be downloaded within seconds. Also, to accommodate your photography skills, mobile phones are now equipped with high definition cameras that will capture every important moment of your life. Truly, mobile phones are now smarter than ever! Pretty smart inside and out.

Furthermore, mobile phones are not simply used for communication anymore as it was initially planned. This is part of its evolution, but still, it serves as the main device to communicate with other people. This time, however, there is the aid of the internet through different social media platforms like Facebook, Yahoo and Google Mail, and Skype. From simple phone calls, these facilitate video calls and emails. You can call people who are close to your heart and even those who you are still trying to get to know with as distance does not stop you from communicating. Bored? When you have your mobile phone, who would be? Smart phones serve as avenues to spend your break times with. Different creative games can now be played. Name the genre: adventure, arcade, puzzles, there are tons of them. So, play away all the stress and let your phones do all the work. Songs, photos, videos, and documents can now also be streamed and viewed through the phones. And you can keep them if you like by downloading them. So, if you are not so fond with playing games, hey, you can always enjoy some good music and quality art! Phone applications are also very interesting as they delve into people’s personal activities. Do you need to check on your grammar and spelling, there is already a dictionary as a phone application. There are applications that could help monitor sleeping hours, menstruation activities, diet intake, and exercise routines. Some of them even serve as reminders of our busy schedules. Cell phones also connect and update us with new information that may be vital for our safety. Acquiring knowledge is just a few clicks away. Who would have thought that cell phones could entertain and help us this much!

Cell phones are created in the best interest to aid people in their daily activities and to make their lives better and easier. A cell phone may be the best investment you have. As you buy a mobile phone, it’s like buying all other gadget’s features: buy 1, take all! A mobile phone now becomes your storage box, mp3, mp4, alarm clock, camera, memo, flashlight, and all others. With all these features in 1 and is made affordable and available everywhere, who would not want a cell phone nowadays! May it be for its main purpose of communicating or for entertainment, cell phones do serve their purposes in ways that put the world still in continuous awe.


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