Bose QuietComfort 20 – Review of the Best Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones In Town


Bose Quiet Comfort C20 and C20i
4.6 / 5 Rating
  • Compactness
  • Comfortable for your ears
  • Superb sound quality
  • Awkward Design
  • Battery is not replaceable
  • Not automatic
The Bose QuietComfort C20 and C20i are undeniably stunning when it comes to performance and deliverance of noise-concealment feature, comfort, and superb sound quality.
Sound quality5
Extra features5
Weight and dimensions4

Bose is a leading producer of headphones and earphones that are used by the military, aviation and consumers. In 2000, the company released its first consumer level series of noise-cancelling earphones, named QuietComfort. The QuietComfort 20 series has two variations, the QC20i, which is specially designed for iOS devices, and the QC20, which is for non-iOS devices. The QC20 and QC20i models are highly recommended for travelers. But the noise concealing feature proved to be perfect not just for when going in a trip. You can also use it on a regular day, to appreciate the beats of your music.

Note: Before committing to any model of noise-canceling earphones, you should first consult an ENT care provider, because having a sensitive ear can cause itchiness and discomfort and increase the risk of getting infections.

So let’s get down to business and discover the worth of this baby.

The Looks


Active noise cancellation undeniably, the noise concealing feature and sound quality are stunning compared to the other earphones.
Long battery life A full charge can last for 16 hours.
Fast charge time You will only need 30 to 45 minutes for a full charge.
Micro USB charging port Provides versatility for charging the control pod. The control module has three indicators the power, noise-concealing, and battery. The indicator is color coded, green if it’s all good and orange for a warning, the battery may last for quite some time.
Hands-free remote control The QC20 model has a single button used to enable “awareness mode” while the QC20i model has three buttons to manage your tracks and control the A-mode. The awareness mode will disable the noise-concealing feature and lets you hear again the sound.
PriceYou can get this in-ear gear in a special offer by clicking here.


When I was working for a military contractor, the Bose QC20 model was exactly what I have been looking for from an earphone. The noise concealment feature was perfect for the frequent deployment to other military outposts. The QC20 helped me enjoy music even when there was an overwhelming sound coming from choppers and other military assets. The comfort level is soft as feathers and the sound quality is outstanding. The comfort brought by the QC20 silicone ear tips helped me fall asleep faster, even on an 8-hour convoy supply run. The noise concealment plus the sound quality made my chopper ride more exciting and at the same time relaxing, because of the complementary music – the right tracks, YEAH!

The 16-hour battery juice is also a huge factor to consider, because it will keep you going for a whole day of continued use. The QC20 model did a great job on delivering the promised endurance of battery life, it did not disappoint me on any of my out-base deployments. The charging time is also convenient for me, because a 10-minute charge can last for hours. I would recommend you to charge it at night, before going to bed, to make sure that you have all the battery needed for the next day.

The micro USB charge port lets me charge my QC20 on any machine that has a USB port. Usually, I do a quick charge on my laptop while doing a network troubleshooting or doing paper work.

Although I did not have the QC20i model because I am using an android device, the QC20 remote control did quite good on adjusting the noise-concealment feature and comfort level of the in-ear gear.

The package includes two earpieces that are joined together to a remote control. The 2.5-foot long cable has at its end the control pod, which has a lithium ion battery in it that powers the gear. You will also get two extra sets of ear tips (large and small).

You might complain about the price, but it’s all worthy compared to other noise cancelling earphones on the market, that cost higher and don’t even match Bose’s QC20 features and sound quality.


Unquestionably, the Bose QC20 series delivers the promised features and it’s the best choice if you are planning to travel or simply want to experience music to the next level. This in-ear gear will not disappoint you.


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