Blade Nano QX – Experience Drone Flying at the Next Level!


4.7 / 5 Rating
✓ Stable ✓ Responsive ✓ Simple Controls
× Sensitive to the wind × No navigation LEDS × Short battery life
A stunning mini quad that will let you define your style of flying. The quad is very stable and the durable props guard will not let you down. Dinging the quad on the ceiling and walls will not be an issue, this drone is a flying beast perfect for a person that knows exactly the meaning of fun.
Accuracy and precision5
Battery life3
Weight and dimensions5

The Blade Nano QX quadcopter is specially designed for indoor flight, responsive and easy to fly. With this drone you will not have any headache, even if you are a beginner. Thanks to its durable propeller guard, dinging the drone on any surface will not be an issue. The materials, light but durable and tough, make this drone perfect for first-timers. Also, it’s simple to control, and the flyer is aided by Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) technology. You can get the Ready-To-Fly (RTF) version, which includes a remote control. The Bind-N-Fly does not have a remote, but it works on a compatible transmitter and it is usually cheaper than the RTF version.

The Looks

The features

BodyThe quad has 4 rotors, 6 mm brushed cordless motor that measures 5.5 x 1.97 inches. The quad weighs around 0.58 ounce.
ControllerHas a 4 channels transmitter for reliability. The remote has switch for the drone’s operational mode.
Flight time6 to 8 minutes.
BatteryThe drone is powered by a 150mAh battery with a charge time of 25 minutes.
Miscellaneous The package includes an extra set of propellers and USB chord.
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Undeniably, the Blade Nano QX build is rock solid. It is very fun and agile, so, once you get the hang of it, you can do some stunts too. The drone can fly in two modes; the stability mode is useful for first-time flyers. When the drone detects the possibility of a collision ahead, it automatically takes over the control, then level to an area away from any collision risks. The agility mode is for experienced flyers, as doing aerial exhibition is more than allowed in this mode. The propeller guards works quite well, because they can protect the propellers from getting smashed.

The Blade Nano transmitter has a two-stick control and it is a bit similar to an Xbox controller. As expected, it delivers a perfect fit in my hands and the other control functions work responsively. A slight push to the stick and the drone responds quickly. It is really fun to fly the drone, do some loops and flips.

The company promised to have the usual 8-minute flight time. However, it only lasted for almost 7 minutes for a full swing, before the battery got drained. I suggest you should buy an extra battery to continue the fun. You can get a 150 mAh battery for roughly $10 to $20.

The package comes with an extra set of propeller replacements and a backup canopy, just in case you will need them. It also has a USB cable for charging the drone’s battery.


The drone is highly recommended for drone starters; the price of $90 is also considerably enticing for its value and the deliverance of the promised specifications. I will consider buying the upgraded version, which is the FPV, couple of months from now. I am very happy and satisfied with how the quad performed in both an indoor and outdoor flight. There is no doubt that the drone is one of the world’s best.



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