UDI U818A – Revealing its full potential


4.7 / 5 Rating
✓ Easy to maneuver ✓ Newbie friendly ✓ Affordable
× The camera is not upgradable × Typical battery life × The battery gets hot
The UDI 818A is one of the best drones that is perfect for beginner flyers. The drone has a camera which is good for taking aerial snapshots and recording videos. The flyer is assisted with two different modes; mode 1 perfectly fit for beginners and mode 2 is for experienced flyers. This quad is highly recommended if you are new to drone flying. Considering to buy this drone before jumping to the bigger and advance one is a smart move for you – Oh, this drone fits perfectly on your budget.
Accuracy and precision5
Battery life3
Weight and dimensions5

The UDI 818A is a budget friendly drone that has all the features a newbie flyer needs. The quadcopter is really fun to fly; doing maneuvers, hard turns, agile run and tricks are easy, once you get used to it. Its lightweight construction make this drone agile, but watch out for the wind, because it is not quite wind resistant. This is the usual issue that occurs when dealing with smaller and lighter drones. The UDI818A camera will capture an aerial video recording and take snapshots with just a simple tap on the drone’s remote controller. Flying this drone will provide a whole new experience to its flyer.

The Looks

The features

BodyThe drone prides itself with its minimalistic design. There is a frame that supports the rotors protecting it from any surface collisions. The drone is made of lightweight plastic materials making it easy to fly and easy to maneuver.
CameraIt has a small camera that is attached to the mid-bottom part of the drone. The camera has a small lens that is why the quality is not quite appealing although it can record 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second and can take snapshots at 1280 x 960-pixel resolution.
ControllerThe is bind by a 6-channel 2.4GHz UFC frequency remote control. Also, it has LED light indicator and LCD screen that displays the drone’s flight worthiness and control.
Flight Time 7 to 9 minutes can last 4X with a power bank.
BatteryPowered by a 500mAh battery. A full charge can last about 30-45 minutes.
MiscellaneousParts are sold separately.
PriceGet this one time offer from Amazon and you’ll have a great value bundle that includes spare parts and extra battery pack.


Though the drone uses a lightweight plastic material, it should not be taken lightly, because the light materials were studied by researchers to make it more durable. The light materials are also responsible for the drone’s maneuverability. It’s a worry free quadcopter that you can fly both indoor and outdoor.

The drone’s camera is for basic video recording and snapshots. It can record a 640×480 video at 30 frames per second. The drone can take aerial snapshots at 1280×960-pixel resolution. Due to lack of a stabilizer, the video recording is not exceptional. Also, its pictures will be blurry and unclear if taken when the drone is in motion. If you are into photography, the quality of this drone’s camera will disappoint you. However, if you love this drone and want to pursue your hobby as a photographer, you can get the upgraded version, which is the Discovery. It has an HD camera that will most likely satisfy your needs.

The 6-channel 2.4 GHz Ultra High-Frequency remote control lets you fly the drone for a maximum distance of 300 feet. The remote control’s design, LED light, and LCD screen indicator extends its functionality and boosts its controllability. I was really amazed how they designed the remote control. It was a whole new flying experience and the controls are stunningly responsive.

With its 500 mAh battery, the drone can last for 7-10 minutes of flight time. However, using the camera will shorten the battery life. I purchased an extra battery pack to triple the drone’s flight time, so all went well. I usually engage in drone flying after work, since it helps me drop my stress level, relax and have fun.


The UDI 818A stands out from its competitors because of its value, minimalistic design, durability and starter-flyer friendly feature. The drone may not have the best video and image quality, but it’s one of the world’s best fly-for-fun drones.


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