Shark Press and Refresh GS500 – steaming clothes at its finest


Shark Press and Refresh GS500
4.3 / 5 Rating
  • Fast heating
  • Great attachments
  • Easy to use
  • A bit heavy
  • Small water tank
  • Not cheap
For those who travel a lot or like to wear sensitive fabrics which are difficult to iron (i.e. a suit jacket), the Shark Press and Refresh might be the perfect solution. It's extremely easy to use, and with a heating time of approximately 1 minute, it suits those who enjoy a dynamic life and who don't have time or can't use common methods of un-wrinkling clothes. That doesn't mean the GS500 replaces steam irons completely: you still have to use these on your cotton shirts and trousers.
Steaming power4.5
Tank size4
Weight and dimensions4
Tools and accessories5

If you live in US and have a TV, you most likely heard by now at least once an infomercial from Shark. This company produces vacuum cleaners, steam mops, clothes irons and, you guessed it, garment steamers. Shark products are well-known for their durability and ultra lightweight nature. The Press and Refresh GS500 is one of their latest handheld steamers.  If you don’t know what a garment steamer is, I’ll provide a quick definition: a garment steamer (or a clothes steamer) is a device similar to a steam iron, the only difference being that you don’t have to press the device against something to make it work (to remove the wrinkles from the dry fabrics).

The looks

The features

Steaming powerThe GS500 consumes 1580 Watts and heats up in only 60 seconds. The steamer works just like a heavy duty model, is tough on wrinkles. The unit performs quite well on bedding, car seats, slipcovers, stuffed animals, linen tablecloths, pillows, window treatments and mattresses. The steam reduces odors effectively and sanitizes for germ free homes. It is great for cleaning up after pets on clothing and sofas. Furthermore, it eliminates dust mites completely. The Shark Press GS500 has an exclusive heated Wrinkle Eraser which acts like an iron for drying fibers so as to prevent re-wrinkling. The eraser also provides vertical pressing for enhanced results on tough wrinkles and creases.
Tank sizeThe 7oz (200ml) reservoir capacity gives the unit a long continuous steam time of around 8 minutes.
UsabilityThe product is very easy to use. A long 15 ft. power cord will give you the flexibility to choose where to "press and refresh" without much concern for the outlet locations. There is no release button, thus you just have to hold the trigger and then directly place the wrinkle eraser on the fabric so as to allow the steam to work its magic. The producer recommends to use distilled water (which can also be left inside the unit), as to avoid limescale deposits.
Weight and dimensionsIt measures 9 x 12 x 13.5 inches and is very portable thanks to the 3.3 lbs. weight (with a full tank). Although some people complain about the weight, most of the customers are happy with its dimensions.
Tools and accessoriesThe included press pads provide the perfect vertical steaming boards and work with virtually any door. You can refresh and press against without the hassle of having to set up a traditional ironing board. You will also get a lint brush frame, a fabric frame, a small and a large mesh bonnet, 4 Velcro clips and a filling cup.
Warranty1 year
PriceIt's a bit more expensive than your average steamer. If you're really interested in this product, make sure you check out this Amazon deal.


With Shark Press GS500, it is possible to provide good garment care for the entire family’s wardrobe. The Shark Press steamer provides a continuous output, a very hot and powerful steam which deeply penetrates fabrics for wrinkle removal, freshening and sanitizing. Why is this better than any other garment steamer out there? Because it uses a patented wrinkles heated eraser which leaves the clothes with a crisp finish. The unit creates ready to wear garments in a matter of minutes.

For the ultimate comfort, the steamer has a good ergonomic handle equipped with a rubber grip that prevents slippage. The press pad is considered one of its best accessories, as it converts to a vertical ironing surface which you can hang on the back of the door, thus making it quite easier to press clothes clipped with the Velcro clips or hanged by a hanger.

Frame attachments, hook clips and the vertical ironing pad fit over any type of door, thus making it easier to steam any clothing without the use of traditional ironing boards. When it is used as a sanitizer, the steamer is capable of killing 99.9% of common household germs and bacteria.

There isn’t any leakage, squirting or back spitting of hot steam. The unit has an instant steam production, does not need an attachment hose and it is also completely portable.

Last but not least, the quality of the materials is acceptable. As small negative points, one could complain about the small water tank, its heaviness and its reliability.


Have you been looking for decent steamer? The Shark Press and Refresh GS500 is well worth the money and comes with a lot of perks. Besides, it’s a definite time saver. If you have a Shark GS500 experience to share with us, or a question to which you can’t find the answer, don’t hesitate, hit the “Post Comment” button.


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