Knocki, A Small Revolutionizer: Bringing any Surface to Life


Talking about smart technology, almost all devices introduced in the 21st century fall under the classification of “smart.” From modes of transportation up to communication, every technology has made an important contribution. These devices, being labeled as smart, have proven themselves to be really smart as this era goes deeper. It will surely come to a point in the future that further technological advancements will be smarter than ever! Now, there are reasons as to why these technological feats are being called “smart.” They are interactive. They help in almost all areas in life: home, school, or work. They make living simpler, easier, and better. What else do you expect something from a smart being? Smart brains. They seem to be equipped with their own brain for them to think. Now, that is smart! When we say, smart technology, it is mostly tied to the existence of cell phones as being smart phones. But who would have ever thought that other devices would be just as smart or even smarter than our phones!

Introducing, a circular tiny device that could instantly turn any surface into a remote control, the Knocki. Yes, it sounds cute just as how it is very handy − small but terrible. From the name itself, Knocki, it has something to do with “knocks.” Wanna guess? Lost your phone and need to locate it? Do you need to have a safer method of locking your door? Are you in your office, but needs to heat your coffee in the kitchen? Did you forget turning off your wifi when you have already laid in bed? You should get yourself a Knocki. Well, when you attach a Knocki into a surface, that surface becomes a touch interface. You can fasten them to walls, tables, furniture, countertops, or doors. Voila! These surfaces are transformed into remote controls for your other devices to perform tasks through knocking. The knock becomes the way of command. For example, you attached a Knocki into a wall. You knock the wall two times, commanding your phone to ring or three times to turn off your lights or when a Knocki is on the living room table, you knock the table two times to turn on your television. A certain knock tells Knocki on which device it will command to perform a task. It supports both simple and complex knocks. As long as a Knocki is attached to a surface, you can always knock away. Worried that your Knocki might mistake a bump on your surface or any noise as a knock? Knocki’s co-founder and CEO, Jake Boshernitzan, assured that your Knocki is equipped with mechanical accelerometers to measure distinct vibrations that can differentiate intentional gestures from random noise. So, Knocki knows when you are just resting your elbow on the table or when you just bumped your wall accidentally. Those are not knocks, Knocki knows!

The Knocki has four AAA batteries that can survive the whole year round. It needs a wifi connection to constantly in contact with your devices. Of course, there is a need for Knocki to be connected to your other devices that you expect to perform a task when you knock. Boshernitzan also claimed that once your Knocki is set up, it supports devices of Nest, Lifx and Philips Hue light bulbs, WeMo wares, and locks from August and Kevo. Agreements are also in process for Knocki’s very own phone apps to be downloaded for both android and iOS users. It is in talks with Toyota, Steelcase, and other companies to let Knocki be embedded into different things and locations.

The Knocki is quite helpful for both the young and adults. Kids can find this device entertaining yet fun that can assist their learning and growth. Adults may find this device great in performing multitasking with lesser effort, but with efficient results. With your busy schedule, you make every daily tasks within your reach. As deep as it may get, Knocki shows the world how everything can be connected into each other and be part of the smart technology. With Knocki, you can control your own world around you. Small it may be, it can surely revolutionize the world of its endless possibilities. Have fun bringing any surface to life and knock away all your tasks!



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