Corentium 223 Digital Radon Monitor – A Radiation Gauging Device For The Masses

Corentium 223 Digital Electronic Radon Gas Monitor
4.6 / 5 Rating
  • Highly accurate
  • Very easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Sparse in terms of accessories
  • Disposable batteries
  • Limited Warranty
For a nifty price, Corentium 223 Radon Monitor is one of the best commercial radiation measurement devices you can own right now, for its simplicity of use and the lesser need for recalibration. Not only it has a great accuracy, but it also features small power consumption and comes with a price that is more than accessible.
Accuracy and precision5
Battery life5
Weight and dimensions4.5

I think everybody’s aware that we are all exposed to a certain level of radiation during our daily life. However, most of us brush off the possibility of exposure to high levels, given the low risk imposed by domestic activities. We feel safe when we stay at home, since we are away from the city’s chuck full of gadgets and machinery emitting radiation. Many are unaware of the fact that radiation can be also found in soil, and can pass through walls. Radiation can travel kilometers away from its source and can still indirectly affect everything that is exposed with it. That is why we employ professionals to measure radiation levels at home but, for a fee which some might find exorbitant. Moreover, their service is normally a one-time event so you will not be able to check for changes unless you pay again. Luckily, residential users will not have to worry about that anymore since Corentium came up with a great solution, the Radon 223 Monitor. This gadget allows you to measure radiation levels by yourself at home.

The Looks


DisplayThe screen displays relatively simple content, as to enable users to read the data without the need of expert help.
Accuracy and precisionThis radon gas monitor utilizes the same technology with quality components and mechanisms utilized by more expensive counterparts. It measures radiation levels by sampling air quality through a passive diffusion chamber and alpha spectrometry. Rest assured you get accurate results, as this gizmo adjusts with the environment and corrects itself whenever necessary. You will get an accuracy of < 5% ± 0,14pCi/L. At a value of 2,7pCi/L, you will get short term precision of 20% (7 days), and a long term precision of 10% (1 month). The measurement range is 0 pCi/L - 500 pCi/L - more than enough for all types of users.
Battery lifeIt uses 3 AAA battery, which should last around three years, given the small power consumption of less than 250µW. Hence, you will not replace the batteries that frequently. The product itself can last up to 10 years without recalibration. Moreover, it is dustproof and humidity does not affect its accuracy of measuring radiation levels.
UsabilityThe Corentium 223 Radon Monitor automatically turns on after you inserted the 3 AAA batteries (which are included in the box). The unit will also notify you in case you need to change batteries. The unit starts to take readings of the room you wish to measure. The monitor works effectively even in with places that are relatively hot. The producer recommends that you operate it at temperatures between 32F (0C) - 104F (40C). A reset button is also available in case you want to set a new measurement in your home. Additional connectivity (i.e. with a smartphone) would have been nice.
Weight and dimensionsThis monitor is 4.75 inches long, 2.75 inches wide and 1 inch thick. Its shipping weight is about 4.6 oz (130 grams).
Warranty The product comes with 1 year limited warranty.
PriceFortunately, the introductory price of Corentium Radon 223 is much higher than the current price. This monitor is far cheaper than similar products from Sun Nuclear or even Soeks.


Radon is an inert gas, which you cannot smell or taste but it is harmful to the human body in high doses. This gas is directly associated with an increased risk of cancer and other diseases related to radiation exposure. Places near industrial or mining areas are the most vulnerable areas to radiation. Worse, you will never know the radiation level in your place without the service of professionals or the use of a radiation measuring device. Normal people such as you and me (I hope) don’t really know how to use professional devices such as those made by Sun Nuclear, and one might not have the money to pay for experts in this field. Therefore, Corentium 223 Digital Radon Monitor allows everyone to obtain this information in exchange for an affordable price. Its ease of use and accuracy in taking the radiation levels daily, weekly or in long term come really handy at this point.

Opening the box of the Corentium 223 Digital Radon Monitor gives you the main unit and a user manual. This might be sparse, but it squeezes the price for a service that normally costs more. The main product is simple in terms of design but is never that bland to be called cheap. Turning the product on will show the long term and the short term averages of radon levels. Also present is the time it took to arrive the measurement located at the bottom most part of the device.

Using the Corentium 223 Digital Radon Monitor is very easy, once you inserted three AAA batteries. It will automatically turn on and you only need to place it in the room you want to take the radiation measurement. It normally takes 48 hours before it gives an accurate measurement. After such, it can display radiation levels daily or over the last 7 days through its screen. Since recalibration is not needed for this device, it troubleshoots itself every 24 hours by doing self-calibrations and self-testing for a few minutes. During this phase, the Reset mode is deactivated. This also occurs when turning the device on for the very first time, so waiting for few moments is needed before you can use it.

Pressing the reset button at the back of the gadget will allow you to take new measurements in the place of your choice. However, you should place Corentium 223 Digital Radon Monitor at least 50 cm above the floor and at least 25 cm from the nearest wall. It must not be exposed to direct sunlight, for maintaining the accuracy of the readings. Hence, it needs to be placed 150 cm away from the nearest door or window. The device should also be always on, for taking optimal results.

The ease of use sets itself apart from other gadgets which also measure radiation levels. These devices normally need to be recalibrated after a year or two, but Corentium 223 does not require such, which saves you time. You also do not have to press any buttons for it to work, unless you need to reset the measurement. Accuracy is also a big plus with this device, as it presented readings close enough to a standard Charcoal test, which is the golden standard in measuring exposures to radiation.


This might be a niche product, but the Corentium 223 Digital Radon Monitor is a smart investment for a really affordable price. Accessories might be lacking in this device but you will not be needing much of these because it is really easy to use. The price is affordable and the return of investment is trivial, especially in the case of people working in the real estate industry. What do you think, would you buy this device for personal/business use?


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