SVS SB12-NSD 400-watt DSP Controlled Sealed Box Subwoofer


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4.1 / 5 Rating
  • Acurate, detailed sound
  • Great build quality
  • Excellent transient response
  • Better in small rooms
  • Difficult to overdrive
  • The air inside restricts cone movement
Amplifier Power4.5
Frequency Response3.5
Max Acoustic Output4.5

For the first time available in premium Black Ash finish with a stylish curved metal grille that will give a fancy look to your room, the SVS Sealed Box Subwoofer 12 is a device that is not much larger than a 12” driver. Being the smallest subwoofer made by SVS, it comes with an unbridled offer and with a lot of benefits, a good quality and a top performance.

Sealed Box Subwoofer


Dimensions14.2 x 14.2 x 14.6 in
Amplifier Power400 watts RMS (800W Peak Dynamic)
Frequency Response22-196Hz
Max Acoustic Output117.1dB
In-Room Low Frequency Extension20Hz
Warranty5 Year Unconditional


With a smaller size, the SVS Sealed Box Subwoofer-12 is perfect for those of you who do not have enough space but want an amazing experience when listening music or watching a movie. Having only 35 pounds, this unit is easy to move and locate anywhere.

However, inside its small cabinet is an amplifier that can output more than enough clean low frequency audio output power for a small size room. In addition, the SVS SB12 has been engineered to improve the listening experience not only for music lovers, but for movies enthusiasts too.

The Sledge Amplification gives a foundation of room for energizing bass performance. Having digital bass and pliable set up options, the sleigh amp makes it easy to optimise for any kit and to suit to the room characteristics.

I believe that people are satisfied with volume and a satisfactory amount of earth thrilling power going through their bodies and probably can’t see the distinction. Using the system for home applications, hard music, gun shots, or other sounds that shake your SWB you wont be able to see a difference, but when you will use this device for home theaters, or even parties that will not shake your house from the ground, you will see a difference, the accuracy and quality of the sound will definitely impress you. I do not say that the SVS Sealed Box Subwoofer-12 is not good for hard music or badass parties; it is, but you have to consider that is a quite small Subwoofer. Considering this things, still the music listening is where this SVS Subwoofer really excels.

We cant forget that the build is gorgeous, particularly at this charge point, the black ash finish and the grd are classy touches.

The small confinement of the Sealed Box Subwoofer-12 is made of 1” MDF material and even though it doesn’t have ant cross panel enlivening on the inside, there is no resonance and vibration during functioning. The interior has a lot of poly batting on almost all the enclosure panels. The important fact here is that the panels are small. It has a cone made of lightweight aluminum with a compound of dust cover that is embossed with the logo. Having a high temperature material, is good for hot and long summer parties.

The fact that Sealed Box Subwoofer-12 has grilles makes it more durable that the previous models from SVS, in addition the grilles and the amplifier are beautifully implemented in the space designed for them. The outcome is visually delightful.

SVS Sealed Box 12″ Subwoofer back view

Taking the Ultra Deep Extension to another level, SVS Sealed Box Subwoofer-12 employs practical DSP equalization to make the overall pattern of the pulsation response and roll-of slope, in order to benefit of the entire room. Plus, having an intelligent integration and an accurate, detailed sound given by the advanced digital process and a flat and balanced loudspeaker, the machine successfully connects with a full range of satellite speakers and is delivering you the entire experience that the artist/band/director wanted you to live. In addition, you will never hear sounds that should not be there. The end result is a much deeper in-room extension than the quasi-anechoic frequency response would otherwise suggest.

SVS Sealed Box 12″ Subwoofer front view

Compared with the other SVS models, the Sealed Box Subwoofer-12 has the best in in-room Low Frequency Extension (20Hz), the only model that overshadows it is the SB-1000, which surpasses it with only 2 Hz. On the other hand, it has a quite bad Frequency Response (quasi-anechoic), a value framed between 22-196Hz, considering the fact that SB13 has a Frequency Response framed between 20-460Hz. Being the lightest SVS model, it is easier to move it in the room where you hold the party or where you enjoy your movie night with your close ones. In addition, having pretty small dimensions makes it perfect even for a small college room.

Having a right standard 400 watts of power, an efficient cool runner with a friendly environment mode “stand by”, input and output connections, having a noise free modulating, the fact that is easy to connect to every amplifier makes it easy to use for anyone.

In addition, you do not have to worry about the installation of the product, because the SB13 comes with an installation manual. You will find it online on the producer’s site or on Amazon. This manual that will help you to connect it with the amplifier. After that, you are ready to enjoy your music, whatever it is: jazz, rock, classic, pop, or your movie.


The tightness of the bass and the punch are solid. Great for music and home theater. Absolutely a home run of a product from a home theater enthusiast! In other words, it’s very accurate and very musical. In addition the quality of its structure, finishing and elements, it has a very good price/quality ratio.

So, what do you think? Would you put this SVS to good work?


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