Best Cheerson Drones for Beginners and Hobbyists


Guangdong Cheerson Hobby Technology Company Limited, or simply Cheerson, is a firm specializing in producing drones and other remote control gadgets, since 2003. The company has received international acclaim for some of their products, like the CX-10C and the SH product line. The China based company ensures through global certifications that the production processes are at par with those of its Western counterparts. So, as far as this industry is concerned, their drones are among the most respected on the market today.

Of course, you might have heard news about defective Chinese products every now and then, but this nation is also the world’s market leader in terms of drone sales. In fact, over 1,000,000 drones were sold in December 2015 alone, and the majority of these were supplied by China. Let’s just say that making these mechanical birds is their expertise.

Going back to Cheerson, you don’t have to worry about the ease of using their drones, because online communities flourished so a newcomer can surely find support. Moreover, you will also find a lot of information on how to make full use of your gadget. Without further ado, we present the five Cheerson drones you should purchase.

1. Cheerson CX-91

Cheerson CX-91

We might as well begin with one of the most recent Cheerson quadcopters. Drone racing is getting a considerable attention in the drone community, lately. Hence, the company just added another contender in this niche, by releasing CX-91 early this year. This FPV racing drone has a unique feature which enables it to induce inverted flying. That alone qualifies it as an acrobatic quadcopter. Beware though, as this feature is certainly not for beginners. While it sounds fascinating on paper, mastering it in real life is quite hard, even for seasoned hobbyist.

The build of this quadcopter is made from plastic black body shell, which can be disheartening, because an ugly crush will destroy it. CX-91 has four brushless motors that support its racing attribute. As expected from Cheerson, the unit is pretty easy to assemble and disassemble, and the blades can also be easily changed whenever necessary. The drone has a 11.1V 1,600 mAh battery that translates to twelve minutes of flight time. In addition, the drone’s 5.8G 32CH transmitter features automatic search frequency and includes a FPV monitor with a snowflakes screen. Its On-Screen display shows the battery status and the channel that receives the FPV signal. Image quality is decent, as the drone houses a 2 MP camera capable of recording videos at 720p.

The CX-91 works as intended when used as a racing drone. It has speed modes you can manipulate to suit with your flying style. The top speed is reported to be at a whopping 80 kilometers per hour. The quadcopter is also responsive enough to avoid obstacles in drone racing, courtesy of electronic speed controllers. You can operate it either in easy elevation mode, or in manual mode. The former is quite fascinating, as the drone balances by itself to cater beginners. The latter, on the other hand, allows you to perform suave tricks, like aerobatic loops, barrel rolls and other acrobatics to amuse onlookers. As expected, CX-91 lands automatically whenever the battery hits critical level, to avoid ugly crashes. The control range is about 300 meters, which is impressive enough for a drone priced at $300. In the end, this is a relatively affordable FPV racing drone that contains all you need in a single box.

2. Cheerson CX-10C

Cheerson CX-10C

Cheerson has gained the reputation of producing tiny drones. After all, they produced CX-10, which was labelled the world’s smallest drone for a very long time. The record was broken sometimes later, but they reclaimed the title with the CX-10C. And what is more, this is also the world’s smallest drone to sport a camera. Even better, this small gadget’s price is lower than $30, so beginners can surely practice their way by purchasing Cheerson CX-10C. In terms of design, CX-10C looks exactly as it is advertised and the feel is solid. Be careful though, as this little fellow can only take a few ugly crashes before it breaks down.

It houses a 0.3 megapixel camera that takes images and records videos. The battery life is about 4 minutes solely flying, and 2.5 minutes with video recording. The short flying time was compensated by the ridiculously fast charging time of 30 minutes. Do not look for advanced features, such as headless mode, or auto return, as CX-10C is as basic as you can think of. Nonetheless, Cheerson was generous enough to provide spare blades included in the box upon purchase.

Thankfully, Cheerson CX-10C is easier to fly than its predecessor, due to its added weight. It may be slower than the original CX-10, but it won’t leave you wanting for extra speed, as it’s enough for a first time user. It also comes with a 2.4G transmitter that allows you to operate this in three speed modes. Keep in mind that you should cool it after recharge, before you can fly it again. Photo and video quality are in 720p, which is okay given the price. In the end, Cheerson 10CX-C is as good as a novelty drone. While not for hobbyist, this is a perfect drone for beginners.

3. Cheerson CX-22

Cheerson CX-22

Priced at a whopping $600, Cheerson CX-22 is a high-end drone from Cheerson and has Dual GPS Auto Positioning. You might think the price is too high at this point, but we are talking specifications at par with quadcopters which are priced at thousands of dollars. What piques the interest of hobbyists is its Follow Me function, as this allows you to configure the drone to tail its transmitter via GPS antenna. The dual GPS also serves for a more stable flying.

The design of this quadcopter is a dead ringer of CX-20 and its outer shell is also made of plastic. This time though, it possesses dual colors for better orientation. This makes it easier for you to distinguish which is the front and the back. Cheerson CX-22 is poised as a FPV Quadcopter and its transmitter gets a digital screen and a mountable LCD monitor for supporting that feature.

The flying time is a whopping 25 minutes, thanks to its monstrous 5400 mAh battery. Meanwhile, it takes about 3 hours before you can fully recharge this. The motors also took an upgrade to do some heavy duty and carry weight as heavy as 500 grams, despite weighing 700 grams itself. It also packs a powerful 5.8 GHz transmitter that allows your quadcopter to have a flying range of 800 meters. It is a given that features in midrange drones are also found here, such as autoreturn, circle hovering, safe landing and headless mode. Its built-in camera can record 1080p videos at 30fps. You might also be surprised that it captures images at 14 megapixels. This makes CX-22 a perfect drone for aerial photography. Again, the price might be the barrier to buy this excellent quadcopter, but the specifications are more than enough to convince a veteran hobbyist.

4. Cheerson CX-35

Cheerson CX-35

If you find CX-22 too expensive for your liking, Cheerson CX-35 also gives you FPV and altitude hold, for around $119. This is the company’s first drone to have brushless motors, which is rare in midrange devices like this. Luckily, Cheerson is quite generous in terms of accessories needed for a successful flight, so replacements can be easily bought for mere $4. CX-35 also has one key return to home, though not via GPS, and it is also the cheapest drone to have an altitude control. The build of the plane itself and the transmitter is quite solid, if you ignore the fact that its on/off switch seems to be of poor quality. When turned on, the blue LED lights makes the design of this drone similar to a killer whale. Three other LED lights are located on its arms, with varying colors.

The transmitter includes a 4.3-inch FPV display that presents real time data, due to its camera. The screen itself can withstand direct sunlight by adjusting its angle and contrast ratio. There are buttons solely dedicated for take-off, tilting the camera, recording video and landing. It has a total of 16 buttons, but half of them are unlabeled. Its control sticks are self-centering, which is a nice surprise for a toy grade drone. Flying distance, as well at its altitude control, are set to be 100 meters.

Cheerson CX-35’s battery capacity runs at most seven minutes of flight time, which is a letdown. It has 2 cell 1,300 mAh Li-Po which can be recharged quickly. Nonetheless, replacing it with a larger battery pack is not possible, due to the small compartment. Cheerson seemed to have compensated this by the automated warnings when the battery hits low and automatically landing when it needs to be recharged.

A built-in camera is also attached in the device, and it captures 720p videos. The camera has four vibration reduction balls, which enables you to record smooth videos. Image taken and videos recorded are saved to its 2GB card that can be attached behind the camera. The photo quality is decent for drones, as it was able to capture 0.9 megapixel photos. Pictures display a prominent jello effect though, so this is not the best drone to use if you’re aiming for aerial photography. On the positive side, you can freely tilt the camera in the direction you want.

In terms of flight performance, CX-35 might as well be treated as a beginner’s drone. This has a stable flight under moderate winds and is not that fast for it to become a racing drone. The altitude hold works perfectly but the FPV needs some improvement in terms of distance. Fortunately, an external WiFI antenna can be added to the transmitter for its full potential. In the end, the only major shortcoming of this gizmo is the short battery life but, that can be forgiven because of the price.

5. Cheerson CX-20

Cheerson CX-20

The GPS-enabled Cheerson CX-20 is poised to possess the strengths of DJI, while asking for half of the price. What’s even more fascinating is that you can now maximize its potential, due to a dedicated online community support. The quadcopter has features like return to home, failsafe and other amusing quirks. You can also attach your favorite action camera on it, thanks to its GoPro support. Different versions of this drone are available, one being the CX-20 Bigshark and the open source version. It is more recommended to purchase the latter, since it supports mission planner software for your convenience.

This drone has four LED lights that emit signals as to what direction it is heading. Cheerson made sure these lights shine bright enough to be seen even during the day. The flight time is about 15 minutes, which is at par with high-end drones. This was made possible due to its 2,000 mAh 20C 3c battery. Recharging time only takes about 2 hours, so you can toy with this gadget for multiple times daily. This drone has a control and altitude control of 300 meters. This range is said to be above average, as this is the farthest you can get with a drone whose price is less than a third of DJI’s. The maximum speed is measured at about 22 miles per hour, and this is quite fast, even for high end drones.

The company also incorporated some failsafe measures in this drone. Traits like the Intelligent Orientation Control prevents it from doing uncontrollable spins until you lose control of it. CX-20 can also stabilize itself to take decent photos and videos, and automatically lands when its batteries get low.

Cheerson CX-20 is available for $207. Given the specifications, I honestly think this is a good deal, since drones this powerful cost you more than twice of its price. You should be reminded that this is not for beginners, though. Remember that most drones are not autonomous, so an ugly crash can destroy your product.

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