Are You Up to the Challenge of Building these 10 Awesome LEGO Sets?


Toying with LEGO blocks is a fun way to maximize your creativity and, at the same time, you can share the fun with your family and friends. This is also a source of excitement and challenges, considering that building a scale model will test your patience and logic. A LEGO set has different sizes of bricks and by losing a single brick you risk to not complete the scale model. Before you start building your scale model, make sure to have a bucket ready. Keeping the bricks in a deep bucket will secure your every piece.

1. 10189 – THE TAJ MAHAL

Total number of pieces: 5922

The Taj Mahal’s epic beauty can also be seen majestically in a LEGO’s recreation. But beware, because, before you can sink in the beauty of such place, great challenges lay ahead. To speed up the completion of such a massive LEGO set, you might need to call your friends or family to join the fun. If you are planning to have a staycation for a week or two, this is the best LEGO set to kill your time with. It is one of the world’s toughest LEGO sets, waiting for you to accept the challenge.


Total number of pieces: 5195

Star Wars fans will definitely love to work on the biggest Star Wars LEGO set! This set includes 5 minifigures, quad-laser turrets and some really cool features, like the retractable boarding ramp. The collector edition was released in 2007, with a $500 price tag. Yes, folks, it was one of the most expensive LEGO sets at that time.


Total number of pieces: 4634

The Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ looks a bit complicated at a first sight, but once you get started with the building, you will get used to it in no time. The challenging part here is making the HQ’s exterior go together with the Fire House. If you are a hardcore master builder, this will be your stuff. The design includes 9 minifigures that include the ghostbuster gang and some of the nasty ghost.

4. 10214 – TOWER BRIDGE

Total number of pieces: 4295

London’s very own Tower Bridge is one of LEGO’s marvels that you should try. The 40 inch long LEGO set is rich in details that look similar to the actual iconic landmark. The design is quite fancy and, at the same time, the challenge level will definitely please a master builder.

5. 10181 – EIFFEL TOWER

Total number of pieces: 3428

The City of Light is once again magnified by LEGO’s Eiffel Tower set. The iconic landmark can be built with over 3000 LEGO bricks, most of them having the same colors. Needless to say that patience is always a virtue, especially when it comes to building a 1:300 LEGO scale model, based on original blueprints. Shrink the iconic tower and put it inside your room. Are you up to the master builder’s challenge?


Total number of pieces: 3152

At 50 inches long, the Super Star Destroyer LEGO set is an iconic ship that challenges the builder to aim his/her focus on the interior part. The set includes minifigures of Darth Vader, Dengar, Bossk, IG-88, and Admiral Piett. Your hard work will be rewarded by a rich detailed starship, once you are done.


Total number of pieces: 2996

The S.H.I.E.L.D’s Helicarrier is one of the coolest LEGO scale models to the date and a real challenge for builders. The Helicarrier consists of five superhero mini-figures, two runways, 3 Quinjets, utility trucks and 12 micro-mini figures. The big challenge here is mixing the bricks that are shaded with the colors of gray, black and white. If you are up to the challenge and ready to reap the reward of accomplishment in finishing the scale model, then start building now!


Total number of pieces: 2359

Challenge yourself and build the 28-inch Tower of Orthanc, with Saruman’s throne room, where his treachery brewed. The LEGO set has several mini-figures: Saruman, Gandalf, an Uruk-hai, Gandalf’s eagle, the Orc Pitmaster, and Saruman’s henchman, Grima Wormtongue. The LEGO set has a detailed representation of the inner structures of this iconic Lord of the Rings superbuilding: the dungeon of death, Saruman’s throne room, the attic, the alchemy laboratory, the library and the entrance hall.

9. 6860 – THE BATCAVE

Total number of pieces: 690

The Bat Cave is one of the best LEGO sets that you must have, even though it has a relatively small number of pieces. The finished scale model will showcase the chamber of Bruce Wayne from where he is monitoring or tracking the bad guys on his super computer. The batmobile repair bay, Bruce Wayne’s bat-gear and 5 minifigures await for you to take the challenge and build. And the best part is you will actually get to see how Bruce Wayne turns into a truly kickass vigilante!


Total number of pieces: 607

Technically, a free-for-all design set that allows you to maximize your creativity without boundaries. The Creative Bucket consists of bricks with different colors, shapes and sizes. It is up to the master builder’s creative mind what he or she wants to build, whether it’s zoos, farms or houses. If you are a free thinker, the LEGO Bucket is definitely for you. Can you build the world’s most epic LEGO design at your place?

What’s your favorite LEGO set? Share your LEGO adventures by commenting below.


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