Best Swing N Slide Playsets – keeping your kids happy though the summer


The Best Swing N Slide Play Sets 1

As the weather becomes warmer, more parents take their children to playgrounds and parks, to spend quality time and have fun. Because of this, playgrounds and parks sometimes become a bit overcrowded, which makes it impossible to really have fun and enjoy the nice weather.

However, you can opt to having your own swing and slide set in your own backyard, for your children to have plenty of space to play. Plus, they can always invite their friends and play together. Before purchasing your mini playground set, you have to make sure that casualties will be avoided and your children will have a good time.

Backyard swing and slide sets are made from wood, plastic or metal. Some of them have climbing walls, forts or picnic tables, but expect that these added features come with a quite hefty price tag.

First of all, we should consider safety as our number one priority. To do this, the ground where the play set will be placed should be covered with protective surfaces, such as play sand, rubberized mulch or pea gravel. All these materials can lessen the impact, should the child fall from one of the play set’s sections. Also, parents should avoid getting play sets that have nets, which could entrap a child’s hand, feet or worse, necks. Lastly, always thoroughly check your play set and always have it installed or made by the professionals. Any loose bolt or nail sticking out can cause major disasters. You might save a few bucks going with a not so good play set manufacturer, but since your child’s safety is at risk, you might want to invest in what’s best.

Bearing all this in mind, it’s now time for us to check the best swing and slide play sets available on the market. Check out our list below and you might find the best play set for your children.

This playset is straight out cut out from your children’s dreams. It has rock climbing stairs going to a play house at the top. The house has all it needs: a wooden roof, windows and a door. Beside the roomy house, your children can also enjoy a nice and warm sun bath on the spacious porch and balcony. They can also take a break at the picnic table installed below the wooden house. The monkey bars can help in your child’s muscle development. Aside from swings, this play set features a 10-foot-wave slide. What more can you ask for? It’s totally a complete package.

This outdoor play set features swings, a slide and a mini trampoline. Not all play sets have a trampoline, so if you’re looking for a fresh idea, this is totally your best bet. The swings have a built-in colorful canopy, that can protect your child from the sun while playing. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth, as this play set is reasonably priced.

This complete backyard play set is perfect for homes that have a quite small backyard. Due to its small footprint, this playset can fit in your small backyard, without compromising the fun of your children. It has a picnic table situated under a 4-foot main deck. It also has swings and acrobat bar, where your children can play and, why not, it might spark their interest in acrobatics. Your children will definitely enjoy the 8-foot wave slide with their friends, as this play set can accommodate several children playing at the same time.

If you’re looking for a play set that can let a great number of children to play at once, then you’re on the right track. This play set can support and accommodate 10 children playing, at 155 lbs. each. The children will never have to fight over who goes first in the slide, as this set has two slides, one of which is a twisty tube. How’s that for fun?! It also has a climbing rope, magnetic chalkboard, rock climbing wall, rain wheel and a multi-child glider. Even though this play set is a do-it-yourself, parents don’t have to worry, because it uses a bracket system which makes assembling it much easier.

This play set is one of the best available on the market and it’s also featured in some of TV home shopping networks. The Brook play set features a fun slide, monkey bars and wooden house complete with wooden roof and windows. There’s also a balcony, situated just beside the wooden house. A picnic table is placed under the house, where your children can take a break and eat their snack mid-play. The multi-child glider, swings and a wall climber also add to the fun, as several children can play on this play set at the same time. Your children and their friends will definitely love it.

Which of these play sets have caught your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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