Best Vacation Applications For Your Dream Holiday


Maybe it is high time for you to go out and travel, now that winter is almost over and we are about to welcome the warm spring. In case you are a working professional, taking vacation leaves is one of the best ways to remove office-related stress from your system. Traveling is not as easy as you think though. Finding a good deal for a reasonable price gives tourists some real headaches, from booking flights to settling on accommodation. Whether you plan to spend your precious time on the Mediterranean beaches or somewhere in the tropics, these smartphone applications will surely help attain the vacation you want. All of these are available on Android and iOS and are free, unless otherwise stated.

11. Inviita


If you are a solo traveler and you want to create a plan for the next places you want to visit, Inviita will serve as your mobile assistant in this matter. This new Lisbon-based startup business makes a schedule for your journey based on the mood you are having. Inviita also suggests the cities you might want to stay as well as the activities you can engage, once you are there. On the other hand, the community of this application’s users will guide you in places to visit in the city of your choice.

10. Skyscanner


Skyscanner is an application mostly devoted on searching for the best flights deals available. This saves you time as it compiles multiple airline offerings. Instead of going to their respective websites or other applications, you have all the info under one roof. It is available in 30 languages and you can filter your searches by departure and arrival times, journey duration, travel class, number of airline stops and airline companies. Once you created an account, you will be also notified by a color coded chart which tells you that there are cheaper options depending on the day and month you travel. Your account will be also in synchronized with your PC or tablet, so your recent searches will also be there as and the notifications updates for a price drop.

9. Expedia Hotels

Expedia Hotels

This mobile extension of the long renowned Expedia website also offers travel search, travel information and hotel reservations. It is known for having a clean UI which lets the user to interact with the application with much ease. Expedia Hotels mobile app also relies on Google Maps for navigation and TripAdvisor for recommending places. Car rentals can also be booked using Expedia Hotels and it gives you information on what activities you may do when you are in a tourist spot. You can also compare offers’ prices, although not as easy as with other applications in this list. You must also manually enter your billing information, as this is not integrated with the main website. Nonetheless, it is a good application in finding last minute hotel bookings, which can sometimes grant you up to 40% discount.

8. Yeti


Most applications in this list are mobile aggregators of available airline prices and hotel rates so this one stands like a sour thumb, as Yeti incorporates your preferences before it shows recommendations. Yeti learns what are you interested in, and compares this data with other users to provide you potential suggestions. Then it shows you slick recommendations on the places you want to go the next time you will be in a city you are not familiar with.

7. Roomer Travel

Roomer Travel

You might have booked in advance a hotel for your trip, but circumstances changed and you now wish to cancel it. Instead of losing money, why not resell your slot in order to recoup some cost? Roomer Travel helps you sell your hotel reservation for a reasonable price. On the other hand, people who are in a last minute search for hotel reservations will find some ridiculously good deals with this application.

6. Backpackr


This mobile application stemmed from the inspiration of two broke travelers who went on to create a global community of like-minded helpful persons. In case you are to embark on a journey alone for the first time, Backpackr will make this easy for you. It gives you tips and pieces on advice coming from users in the caring backpacker community. Backpackr will also tell you about hotel deals, beerhouses, affordable food and other quirks for you to fully enjoy your journey.


In case you have already booked a flight but not yet a place to stay, is a good way to find one. Navigation is easy, thanks to fluid UIs. You can filter the results according to the category of your preference. By creating an account, you can sort the hotels according to location, price, deals and review scores from previous guests. Booking also boasts over 800,000 hotels you may opt to stay with and reviews coming from over 50 million users, so you can have a clear idea on what you are spending your money. After booking, you do not also have to worry with the confirmation, as this is saved offline on your device. The best deal? You can book a hotel room even without paying in full, if you do not have all the cash at the moment. The prices however may be higher than booking directly.

4. Airbnb


In case you are the type of traveler who, for various reasons, doesn’t like to stay at big hotels, Airbnb gives you a diversity of choices. It has over 450,000 properties ranging from lofty small hotels to basement apartments, available in 34,000 cities. Itineraries are also available in this application. You can send a message to the host you are staying, and get i.e. directions you need to know. If you want to share your good find to your family and friends, these can be also added to your wish list for guidance in their next trip.

3. GateGuru


Now that you have found a good flight deal and a room to stay with, long distance and connecting flights can have your patience run thin. GateGuru lets you know the best parts of the airport you are currently in. It gives tips and pieces of advice regarding facilities available for recreation and best services these institutions offer. This application will also let you know the best and worst airports in the world, given its wide array of information. GateGuru is connected with Kayak, Twitter and Facebook, in case you want to share some of your flight experience.

2. Hipmunk


This travel application is quite an oddball in a sense that it does not only book flights and make hotel reservations, but also utilizes Airbnb for non-traditional lodgings. You search numerous trips at once. While booking on site is not possible, Hipmunk offers excellent flight options and hotel bookings. If you are keen on looking for the right flight, departure and arrival times and so on, this application is the best one for you.

1. Kayak


This travel application lets you search for the best deal when it comes to airline flights as it compares prices from a wide variety of carriers, including information from other travel compiling sites. Kayak can also displays the time of your departure as well as the airline company that you will be boarding with. More importantly, it gives nice little details about baggage fees, airline number and airport information for your guidance on your belongings. Its service is not only limited on booking flights, as you can also use it to reserve hotels and even rent cars. This is deemed as one of the best travel search applications but it has a limited direct payment applicability. Regardless of its shortcomings, Kayak offers an end-all means guide in creating your ideal vacation.

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