The 16 Best Wireless Headphones for All Users


Getting tired of the hassle with tangled headphones? Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can now enjoy a wide list of wireless earphones, for a relatively affordable price. The stigma that these have terrible audio is also gone, due to the vast improvement brought by manufacturers. While their sound is still not yet at par with wired headsets, these are good enough for casual listeners. Wireless connection has never been this accessible, since Bluetooth is installed in almost every gadget manufactured.

Are you a first time buyer or unsure if you need a wireless headphone? Let us guide you in choosing the best ones on the market right now. The entries in the list pack the right balance of price, specs and design, which we hope will satisfy everyone’s needs. Note that the order of these wireless headphones does not indicate a ranking. What we aimed for in this list is to present units which cater to all types of consumers.

16. Ecandy Universal HBS-740

Ecandy Universal HBS-740

This product is for those who just want to tread the waters first and decide later whether to buy a more expensive wireless headset or not. Ecandy Universal delivers good punches, despite its $13 price tag. While it is really cheap, its features will give you the basics of having a wireless headphone. Ecandy is a necklace type headband, whose control buttons are embossed for easier navigation. Its Bluetooth connection and range are at par with most gadgets in this list. The sound quality is also decent for its selling price and it has a good battery life. You must exercise the utmost care when using this device, as it has a tendency to break easily, especially its wires. Nonetheless, Ecandy Universal HBS-740 is a good tester, if you’re still finding out whether wireless headsets are for you.

15. Jabra Move Wireless

Jabra Move Wireless

Jabra’s first venture on the Bluetooth market is a resounding success, thanks to its mix of visual coolness and auditory satisfaction. This is one of the most visually striking headset in this list, and its design fits any scenario you might find yourself in. You will not have to worry if it runs out of battery, because Move Wireless can still be plugged as an ordinary headset. For only $80, you’ll experience a powerful audio performance, with clear sound and deep bass. Jabra Move Wireless has a subpar battery life and is also sparse on accessories. Nonetheless, the pros are more than enough for this unit to be here.

14. Kinivo BTH240

Kinivo BTH240

Do you think $80 is still expensive? You may resort to buying the Kinivo BTH240 headset, while still enjoying a crisp sound, good fit and relatively wide range. It is also foldable, light weight and is really comfortable to the ears. However, the materials used in building this wireless headset are nothing above average and the sound leaks at times. Nonetheless, the BTH 240 has a good value for money, because of its long battery life and outstanding sound quality, given its affordable price. The best deal? It’s available for only $29.99! If you are a first time user who is keen on budget but wants a good wireless headset, this one’s for you.

13. Sony MDR-1ABT


Some customers are keen on brand names and will buy something branded, despite its high price tag. Of course, the hefty $399.99 price of Sony MDR-1ABT is not just for show, as this headset is also a powerhouse in terms of audio quality. It can play high-resolution audio tracks with ease and enhance ordinary ones, thanks to its drivers packed with ultra-wide frequency. The touch controls are also ergonomically placed, and it provides a good fit to the ears. Lastly, its long battery life puts it ahead of those wireless headsets that are similarly priced. Some might nitpick about this unit’s soft mids and expensive price tag. However, we all know the outstanding after-sales service of Sony and the premium feel a product gives, whenever they release a new product.

12. Beats Studio Wireless

Beats Studio Wireless

I guess there is no need to give much introduction to Beats, as this headset already enjoys its popularity. The latest model now boasts with noise cancelling features and significantly improved sound,which place it above the old models. Studio Wireless can also answer calls, a feature that is absent in most of its predecessors. The unit itself is foldable and it has a decent battery life. However, its very high selling price of almost $380, remains the biggest flaw, as some do not find it justified given the specs. Beats also does not have a passive feature that, once its batteries die, allows the headset to continue working, as long as it’s wired to a smartphone. For the premium look, popularity and sound quality, this headset surely deserves to be on our list.

11. Master & Dynamic MW60

Master & Dynamic MW60

This wireless headset is not for everyone, mostly because of its whopping $549 price tag. Yet, those who can afford it will be provided a unit which is not only beautifully crafted, but also an audiophile’s dream come true. The design speaks for its expensive price: fine leather, stainless steel components and aluminum antennae were used for the exclusive feel of this headset. It also has large audio drivers, a wide wireless range and an above average battery life. Master & Dynamic MW60 is generous with accessories: a decent case and two cable wires are provided to users during purchase. However, the unit causes discomfort to users upon long time use, because of its weight. If you have the money, choosing this beautifully crafted and powerful wireless headset is a viable choice.

10. Phiaton BT 460

Phiaton BT 460

Let us now introduce a wireless headphone that has a midrange price. Available for $199, it features touch controls, as well as its auto-pause properties when you remove it. BT 460 is also good looking, thanks to its uncluttered design and innovative controls. The powerful bass provides a satisfying listening experience. Lastly, it comes up with a detachable cable, useful if you want to use it as an ordinary headset, once the battery runs out. Its control panel might feel weird to use at first, but you will get used to it in no time. Otherwise, this is a powerhouse wireless headset.

9. Jaybird X2

Jaybird X2

Another midrange unit on our list, the Jaybird X2, is the recommended choice for active personalities. It looks solidly made, it has a good audio quality, great comfort and long battery life. Jaybird X2 also provides a lot of accessories, some in the form of ear tips, when you buy it. It is also sweatproof, which makes this a good companion when you are doing your workouts. The sonic quality is good, with its deep bass and clear highs. It does not indicate which earbud is for the left or right though, which causes confusion to some users. For under $150, you may now enjoy this bang for the buck wireless headphone.

8. V-MODA Crossfade Wireless

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless

And just like that, we swing back to high end wireless headphones. Crossfade Wireless is the long awaited entry from V-Moda, and it’s easy to see why. The signature V-MODA design is worth its price, as its structure allows strong sound, whether you are in active or passive use. It has customizable shields, great build quality and a sturdy case. This unit also provides ample accessories, much to the delight of users. Given that Crossfade is meant to be sturdy, it is heavier than the other entries in this list. With its $300 price tag, this premium looking unit is undoubtedly worths every cent of what you spent.

7. Bose SoundLink Earphones II

Bose SoundLink Earphones II

Bose is known to be a leader in this field, and this unit proves why. For under $280, you can get a premium looking product, that packs specs normally found in more expensive units. It parades itself with quality sound, great battery life and noise isolation features. Bose SoundLink II has a very powerful bass for a Bluetooth speaker and it can connect to up to two devices at the same time. The sound quality is also clear and crisp, as expected from the world’s leader in wireless headphones. You might encounter signal changes response, depending on the volume, but it is a small con for these excellent earphones.

6. LG Tone Pro HBS-760

LG Tone Pro HBS-760

The South Korean stalwart brought to the wireless headset market its Tone Pro HBS-760. This might cater those who want budget level prices, but, at the same time, its features added value to this headset. Tone Pro HBS-760 is available in different eye-catching colors and is designed differently than other gadgets on this list. It has a necklace band that allows more space for more buttons, and vibrates when you need to take a call. This wireless headset also offers a decent sonic experience with its clear and crisp sound. However, it lacks bass, which makes the audio quality sound bland when listening to music. This flaw aside, for under $50 you will get more than what you paid for with Tone Pro HBS-760.

5. Phiaton BT 330 NC

Phiaton BT 330 NC

Do you want a wireless headphone with noise cancellation feature for less than $200? Phiaton BT 330 NC is a competent unit, with a powerful wireless streaming quality and a solid design. It looks clean and futuristic, similar to its predecessors. However, you might stumble on its mediocre noise cancellation feature, so just remember this is a wireless headset. The buttons are also densely located over an ear cup, so one might accidentally press playback instead of pause, or vice versa. Nonetheless, this is a great device, if you see it as a wireless headset first, before a noise cancelling one.

4. BeoPlay H7

BeoPlay H7

Another high-end product in this list, at a little over $400, this European wireless headset has a sleek design that screams premium. BeoPlay H7 is a sturdy gadget, thanks to a metal headband, as the soft ear cushions guarantee a comfortable wear. The sound quality is also what you expect with headsets at this price point. Comfort aside, BeoPlay H7’s best quality lies with its long battery life. This can last up to 20 hours on a single play and it is also replaceable. Don’t let the price discourage you from buying BeoPlay H7, since it is a well built headphone and it sounds great. Plus, the touch interface, which allows you to change songs, fiddle with the volume and take calls, make this gadget worth every penny you spent.

3. SkullCandy Hesh 2 Wireless

SkullCandy Hesh 2 Wireless

We have offered many good budget wireless headsets so far. However, SkullCandy Hesh 2 is also a good choice, if you want to spend less than $100. It has a cool design, wide range and a decent battery life. The sound quality mostly does not falter, due to its distortion free sound and a strong bass. You can also listen in passive mode, thanks to its cable wire. However, the audio is not as crisp as expected, and you might feel uncomfortable when you wear it for a long time. Since the gadget is not so expensive, comes with a passive mode and a distortion free sound, it might be enough for you to buy it.

2. ROC Sport Freedom On-Ear

ROC Sport Freedom On-Ear

If you are the type of buyer who is attached to the label, or endorsing it, ROC Sport Freedom On-Ear is the perfect wireless headset for you. Priced at around $250, this is the official headphone of the football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The design holds true to its hefty tag, owing to the gold accents and lightweight construction. Sport Freedom also works passively, through a 3.5 mm jack similar to normal earphones. It is also sweat and water proof. This makes the unit perfectly compatible with your heavy workouts or jogging under inclement weather conditions. The sound quality might be bland for this price point, but the noise cancellation feature compensates this major flaw.

1. Samsung Level On Wireless

Samsung Level On Wireless

Some find ROC Sport Freedom On-Ear pretty underwhelming, because of its price tag and nondescript audio performance. At $244.99, Samsung Level On Wireless comes at half of the former’s price, while doubling in the performance department. This gadget comes in various colors, depending on your choice, and is actually foldable and lightweight. Level On Wireless offers top notch sound quality, while retaining its noise cancelling features. The best feature? It has an app that allows you to tweak its sound to suit your own taste! The design might look cheaper than it really is, but its sound quality and user comfort are more than enough to buy it.

What is your favorite wireless headset and why? Please tell us in the comments!


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