The Best Balance Boards – A Complete Guide


In case you haven’t hopped on the balance boards bandwagon yet, now is the best time to do just that. Balance boards are used for a wide range of purposes. Professionals use this to show off their circus skills, because they are similar to what you see in carnivals. Health conscious users are keener to their cognitive benefits. Meanwhile, those who are sports-oriented see balance boards as essential to their workouts.

Balance boards are configured to help you stretch your lower extremities and reduce some belly fats. They are also a good accompaniment in ankle and knee rehabilitation activities. Do you have an interest in skateboarding or surfing, but do not have any idea on how to start? Well, a balance board gives you the basics of these activities and you can choose whether you go outdoors or stay inside.

If you are just a casual fitness fan who wants to give this gizmo a try, you should know that, at least on your first uses of a balance board, you must be cautious. Also, give yourself some time to learn. But before you start, you need to choose the best balance board. So here it is, a list of these amazing gizmos, to help you decide. Be reminded that this list does not indicate a ranking, since we intend to offer diverse entries in terms of buyer’s preference and price range.

1. Bosu Balance Trainer

Bosu Balance Trainer

Regular fitness gym goers might have seen this balance board before. Bosu Balance Trainer has a diameter of 26 inches and can support up to 300 pounds. It weighs about 13 pounds and is available in either blue or pink. The handles on both sides allow you to do push ups, to strengthen your core. Bosu is also quite generous in terms of accessories. The package also comes with a 4 in 1 XPLODE Workout DVD, a bonus Workout DVD and a pump. This device is also adjustable to both a beginner or an intermediate user. At purchase, this fun gizmo comes with a limited 90-days warranty as well. The relatively short warranty period might raise some eyebrows, but Bosu Balance Trainer is sturdy enough to withstand huge pressure, so you shouldn’t worry. For you to be able to use Bosu, you need to inflate it until it is 10 inches high. It is advisable that you set an allowance of about ½ inch, to prevent it from popping accidentally. Nonetheless, Bosu Balance Trainer is thick enough to withstand the listed weight limit, as long as you don’t jump on it when you aired it full. You may opt to choose the Home version at $110 or the Pro Version by paying additional $50. The Pro Version offers the same perks, but you get an extended 1 year limited warranty and a higher weight limit.

2. Exertools Economy Wobble Board

This Wobble Board is perfect for beginners who want to experience the basics for a fairly low price. Despite its modest price of only $35, you can perform various exercise activities, like stretching your legs and perform squats or sway your lower body. The Wobble Board is a 15-inch balance board and weighs about 3 pounds. It is available in three variants: catering beginners, intermediate and advanced users. The beginner’s wobble board is tilted at 9.5 degrees, so you do not have to worry about suffering a bad fall. The top portion is covered with aluminum oxide, to prevent users from skidding while using it. The main body is made from half-inch thick plywood. Hence, Wobble Board should be sturdy enough to support moderate weight. Given its price and build, you can expect a decent performance from this gizmo. It is not for well-built people though, since its simplistic design and its relatively small diameter might prove unsatisfactory for them.

3. Fitaboo Wooden Balance Board

Fitaboo Wooden Balance Board

This playful balance board challenges you to stand on its top whilst preventing it from wobbling. It makes a perfect companion for you to exercise with, even at office, and it is aesthetically pleasing. You may also use Fitaboo as a footrest, or as an alternative way to exercise, like kneeling or trying to stand upright while using it. Fitaboo strengthens your balance, muscles and prevents potential ankle injuries. It has a diameter of 16 inches and weighs 4.1 pounds. It is relatively light, despite the fact it is made from wood. Many users have claimed that it is durable enough to hold weight up to 250 pounds. Using it sounds easier on paper, however you need a sturdy support when experimenting with it the first time. Some of those who used it for the first time have had a few bad falls, because their body wasn’t adjusted to the gizmo. You can purchase Fitaboo for only $43.

4. Fitter Rocker Balance Board

Most entries in this list can be used depending on your expertise. The innovation of Fitter Rocker, however, made it possible for this balance board to satisfy all ranges of users. It is adjustable to three angles: at 10, 12 and 15 degrees. You can choose the angle you need by twisting to the left the two spheres located at the bottom. A non-slid mechanism is available, to stop you from slipping when using it barefoot. Hence, you may choose a setting which makes you feel safe and comfortable. Fitter Rocker has a diameter of 20 inches and a base board of 14 inches. It weighs approximately 5.1 pounds and is made of multiple layers of wood. Aside from balancing and training, it is a great companion for those who are undergoing rehabilitation after ankle injuries. At $10, this gizmo is a bit hefty for beginners and casual users. However, Fitter Rocker works as an alternative to physical therapies, so you get more than its price tag with its medical use.

5. GoofBoard Classic

GoofBoard Classic

Another high-end entry with a price tag of $149, GoofBoard Classic, targets a sizable niche: surfing aficionados. Yet, the hefty price is not without basis. While it may not replicate everything you experience whenever you are skating or surfing the sea, it’s enough to simulate the basics. GoofBoard provides the most reliable skateboard ride, against others in this list, because of its rails-to-rails feature. This is the balance board to buy if you want to do some surfing but don’t have the time or the place. Because Goofboard was designed similar to a surfboard, you also use it like one. Place each of your feet at both ends, while being perpendicular to the device. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Yet, even seasoned surfers experience difficulties in staying upright. At 44 inches, it is the longest balance board right now on the market. It weighs 17 pounds and can withstand weight up to 450 pounds. Users praise its build, because it’s sturdier than it looks and its uncomplicated use. It also gets compliment for helping in rehabilitation and strengthening your core strength.

6. Indo Board Original FLO GF Natural

Indo Board Original FLO GF Natural

GoofBoard offers a very compact product, but Indo Board offers more add-ons for a lower price. Aside from the 28 inches long surfboard, you also get a cushion having 14 inches in diameter and an instructional DVD. Indo Board works by inflating the cushion and placing the board above it. Then you can balance on it. Rest assured that the cushion does not roll, so you won’t experience bad falls. It weighs about 5 pounds and can hold on to 225 pounds. Its lightweight is great for those who want to shed extra weight. When compared to other balance boards at this price point, for Indo Board the price seems to be its main con, because of its weak build. You can buy this for $125.

7. Isokinetics Brand Deluxe Adjust Balance Board

Isokinetics Brand Deluxe Adjust Balance Board

Perhaps the most affordable entry in this list, at $20, this budget friendly device lets you focus on biomechanics. Isokinetics’ 16-inch balance board has a height of 3 inches and a weight of 3 pounds. It is made of plastic and has a textured surface for a better grip. Despite its price tag, it is also adjustable at 2 levels: 10 degrees without the adapter and 15 degrees with it. This setting allows you to progress in physical therapy programs or strengthen your sense of balance. However, its build might give you some doubts regarding its durability, but it delivers mostly on weight support. In fact, some users claim that it supports at most 300 pounds. Its dual mode feature is a bang for the buck feature, as it’s mostly not available in the under $50 balance boards. The light weight also encourages its portability, so you can use it either at home or at the office. Nonetheless, avoid stepping on it barefoot, because its holes can cause scratches.

8. JFit Round Fixed Angle Balance Board

JFit Round Fixed Angle Balance Board

The simplistic design makes this 16-inch balance board suitable for beginners. JFit is made from birch wood and weighs about 3 pounds. It is tilted at 14 degrees, which aims to enhance your core strength and rehabilitate injured ankle. The top portion is fully covered with nonslip rubber, so you can use it with or without shoes. Meanwhile, the bottom part has a wooden half-sphere, which has the job of challenging your balance. Your liking of its ball’s size depends on your mileage, as some users find it too small to stimulate ankle therapy. It may also come off at times, so you need to reattach it from time to time. The packaging might be also too much if you compare it with its simplistic design. Nonetheless, its design supports up to 300 pounds, as claimed by users. JFit Round Fixed Angle Balance board is a mid range product priced at $30.

9. Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

GoofBoard gives you the basics of surfing (or skateboarding) in your own room, but this one challenges you to perform even more advanced techniques. This is the only balance board in this list capable of supporting ample tricks, such as kickflips and 360 flips. Core 32 also has a roll control feature, which keeps the roller underneath for a more stable landing. This mechanism gives full control to the rider. Moreover, the roller glides along with the board, but stays still when you do a trick above it.  The board itself is 32 inches long and is 8.5 inches wide and its design is reminiscent of typical skate decks. Despite its length, the wooden body is durable enough to be used over a long period of time. The maximum weight it can support is not disclosed though. These features are the reasons why Core 32 is the choice of advanced balanced board users. For $140, you can now practice surfing or skateboarding even when you can’t go outside your home.

10. Sivan Health And Fitness 16-inch Balance Board

Sivan Health And Fitness 16-inch Balance Board

We go back to entry level balance boards with our last recommendation. Sivan Health And Fitness delivers a 16-inch balance board, for merely $23. It weighs about 2 pounds, which is the lightest among the entries in this list. Its relatively small size and its light weight give this product an edge in terms of portability and convenience of storage. The build is made of plastic and is designed to have a textured surface for a better grip. It may, however, prove a bit slippery when you use it with your shoes on. Also, the fact that it’s made of hard plastic makes its use optimal on carpet floors and rugs. Otherwise, its end cap will slip. This balance board is 3.5 inches high and can hold up to 250 pounds. You can also adjust its cap, depending on your preferred level of difficulty. The product’s actual diameter is slightly smaller, so it might not be suited for well-built users. Both the features and the price are good reasons to start with this balance board.

For those of you who still aren’t sure what to go for, we hope this article helps you in choosing the right balance board. What’s your most favorite in the list? Voice your comments below!



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