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It is a commonly known fact that what we eat affects our well-being. Consequently, we are now getting more wary in selecting a diet plan to follow. Do we receive the right amount of nutrients to remain healthy? In most food we eat, certain vitamins are only available in small amounts. Our busy lifestyle leaves us with choosing from whatever is available at food stalls, defeating the purpose of taking as much nutrition as possible.

Certain algaes serve as natural detoxifiers and they contain nutrients which facilitate good digestion. Iodine and anti-oxidants are also available in copious amounts in seaweed, however, we do not normally eat these algaes. Yet, to better accommodate to our limited time and budget, we introduced them into our diets in the form of Green Drinks, which seem to give us more than a whole meal.

What are Green Drinks?

Green drinks are a blend of nutritious algaes and plant species, like Chlorella, kelp, spirulina and barley. They also contain a wide variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables, which are high in nutrients and detoxifiers. Green drinks are prepared by dehydrating the ingredients needed and then turning them into powder. Although you might think of having a tea instead, consider that a green drink is far more nutritious.

The antioxidants found in green drinks help detoxify your body from metal toxins (like mercury and other heavy metals). Meanwhile, the iodine is important in balancing your metabolism, promoting hair growth and protecting your brain cells. Green drinks are also rich in probiotics that stimulate good digestion by making our blood more alkaline. They also have probiotics which encourage the growth of good bacteria in our stomach. Their basic ingredients are not those we usually consume at our tables, so green drinks are indispensable to be holistically healthy.

Best Green Drinks on the Market

This list features organic green drinks that can be bought online. Notice that these are pricier than your normal nutritional drinks, due to these being concentrated with nutrients you need to get through the day. Without further ado, these are green powder drinks to suit your daily needs.

1. Boku Superfood Organic Drink Powder

Boku Superfood Organic Drink Powder

This award-winning green drink has a multitude of organic greens to maintain your overall health. Boku Superfood contains nettle, that is known to curb bad cholesterol in your body, and chlorella and spirulina to detoxify your body. Other contents include sprouted vegetables and super fruits as antioxidants. Lastly, mushrooms were added, in order to boost your immune system. All in all, this is a capable choice, albeit a bit expensive green drink.

2. Reserveage Organics Wholeganic Greens

Reserveage Organics Wholeganic Greens

Assuming that stimulating your digestion is your first priority, Reserveage Organics Wholeganic Greens contains ingredients which specifically cater that purpose. Similar to other green powder drinks in the list, it contains chlorella and spirulina for cleaning your body. Organic grasses and green vegetables are also added, for a holistic nutrition. To support digestive health, it contains fiber blend and probiotics to promote better digestion. This excellent good drink is available at $31 for 8.5 ounces.

3. Paradise Herbs ORAC Energy

Paradise Herbs ORAC Energy

This super drink poses a great balance of nutrients for an affordable price. It has the highest range of quality ingredients content in this list, making it an all-around green drink. Detoxifying and anti-oxidizing greens aside, Paradise Herbs has plants rarely used even in these drinks. This one contains organic greens that alkalize your blood and serve as adaptogens. Acai and maca are also mixed, to sustain your energy and vitality, to make you last through the day. Lastly, it also aims to cleanse your liver, thanks to milk thistle and artichoke.

4. Pure Synergy Organic Superfood Powder Drink

Pure Synergy Organic Superfood Powder Drink

This drink contains a good mix of algaes, which are not common in green drinks. Foti, which is known for reducing hair loss, is also a major ingredient in this drink. Aside from seaweed, this drink is also rich in greens like spinach broccoli, alfalfa and kale. These vegetables give you a boost in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C and other essential minerals for your body. Other ingredients include mushrooms and kelp, which are not common in Western diet. Pure Synergy Organic Superfood Powder Drink is available for around $55 at 12.5 oz.

5. Greens Today Organic Frog, Original Formula

Greens Today Organic Frog, Original Formula

Rest your worries aside, as this green drink did not pulverize frogs in its manufacturing process. Greens Today is another good product which also promotes detoxification and good digestion. Nonetheless, it leans towards the Eastern herbal medicine, because of its ingredients. It has gingko biloba, which enhances your memory and is effective against depression. You can also expect for your liver to be cleansed, because it has dandelion and artichokes. Ancient Chinese medicines, like royal jelly and bee pollen, are also added, as these control men’s testosterone level, and are believed to lengthen lifespan.

6. Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Amazing Grass Green Superfood is also a viable choice when you want to buy green drinks. Of course, it is a given that sea algaes are incorporated, as these detoxify your body. To promote good digestion, ginger and cayenne were added to its mix. This also contains Maca, since it boost your energy and virility. Its main selling point is more focused on your mental acuity, though. Kelp is rich in iodine which does not only balance your metabolism, but also enhances your brain function. Lastly, essential fatty acids help you reduce stress, strengthen your memory and protect brain cells. Amazing Grass Green Superfood is available $30 for 8.5oz.

7. Juvo Raw Superfood Immune Booster Green Drink Mix

Juvo Raw Superfood Immune Booster Green Drink Mix

Green drinks are normally used as food supplements, but not as meal substitute per se. Hence, Juvo Raw Superfood is a nice reprieve for those who are always on the go and people who wish to be on diet. You won’t have to worry about not having enough carbohydrates, because it mixes fruits, protein and vegetable for an all-around food. Juvo Raw also contains nettle, which prevents hair loss and heart related diseases. Lastly, brown rice and apple are added as ingredients, to keep your energy high throughout the day. This can be bought at $45 for 12.7 ounces.

What’s your experience with green drinks? Share your thoughts in the comment box!


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