The Best Pregnancy Apps


There’s a sheer mix of fun and anxiety when you realize you’re pregnant. Of course, everyone is happy at first, but then comes the thought that there are going to be some long nine months. You may simply wait for the big moment while following the standard procedures for pregnant women. However, being involved without unnecessary movements sounds like a good idea for some.

Since the advent of modern technology allows us to interact and to make use of gadgets whenever we need, why not use them when it comes to pregnancy? However, remember that the information you may get from online sources and apps is not a substitute for an obstetrician/gynecologist’s opinion.

Because pregnancy is more or less like a waiting game, we present the best apps you can use to pass the time and get informed at the same time. Interestingly, they offer educational tips, list of names for your unborn baby and games you can play while you wait!

Baby Naming Apps


Choosing the name for your baby eats a lot of time and even causes disagreements in the family. We are sure you wouldn’t want a nondescript one, like Joe or Jane. However, picking unusual names that do not have any meaning is not advisable either. Here are smartphone apps which can help you solve this problem.

50,000 Baby Names

Available in: Apple Store

Cost: Free

This app contains a vast list of names, including some obscure ones. It is easy to use, thanks to its simple and well structured user interface. The names can be searched by criteria, like origin and popularity, but many other filters as well. The corresponding meanings of the names are also provided in this app. 50,000 Baby Names has also names fitted for twins.

Baby Names

Available in: Google Playstore and Apple Store

Cost: Free

Baby Names works similar to 50,000 Baby Names, mostly because it gives you the meaning of your baby’s name, but it differs in its name suggestion function. The app finds names that match with the parents’ names, and even explains the meanings and origins. It has also a function which teaches you the correct pronunciation of your baby’s name. Even better is its popularity tracker that searches popular names as early as 1800’s. You will not have to worry about the interface, since it’s easy to read and navigate.

Pregnancy Education


Regular check-ups with your obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) are necessary to ensure the safety of your pregnancy. Usually, the OB/GYN is kind enough to answer your queries, but there are some questions you tend to forget from time to time. Instead of waiting for your next appointment, maybe these applications will help you answer some. Moreover, you will also get first-hand information about your unborn baby.

Totally Pregnant

Available in: Google Playstore and Apple Store

Cost: Free

You can watch real 3D videos of your baby’s development in every week and video blogs, courtesy of other pregnant mothers. The information is arranged magazine-style, and in-app purchases are available while you surf. Even better is its community composed of other mothers, who are more than willing to give tips on how to make your pregnancy a bit more tolerable. The great thing about this app is that it gives you the information you need when you need it and according to the pregnancy stage you are in.

The Bump

Available in: Google Playstore and Apple Store

Cost: Free

The Bump is another interactive application for pregnant mothers. Here you can ask pregnancy-related questions to experts. You may also document your journey with its weekly albums and you get a week-to-week comparison guide in exchange. Perhaps its best feature is the daily editorial, courtesy of award-winning The Bump staff.

Baby Pool

Available in: Apple Store

Cost: $0.99

Believe it or not, these 40 weeks can be excruciatingly long, especially for the pregnant mother. Your movements will be restricted a lot and the growing baby inside you will put stress on your body. In the midst of these strains, why not do some activities while waiting? With Baby Pool you can invite your family and your friends to guess the timing of baby’s birth date. The OB/GYN can also provide estimates, but this game has a twist. Everyone who is participating in the game must also guess the time of delivery, gender and the baby’s weight. Those who joined don’t necessarily have to download the application. They just have to log-in to the company’s website.

Pregnancy ++

Available in: Google Playstore and Apple Store

Cost: $3.99

Every baby was once the size of a grape, seven weeks after fertilization. This application might not be free, but it provides wonderful photos of  your fetus, for every stage of growth. These are rendered in 2D or 3D ultrasound, depending on your choice. For the sake of fun, Pregnancy ++ also compares the baby in each picture with a similarly-sized food. Are you still not sold? You may opt to have an animated picture of a fetus while floating in a dreamy golden flow. For added bonuses, it has its own tracker where you can record your weight, and some articles related to pregnancy.

Mother’s Health


It is imperative to keep your unborn baby healthy. Yet, it is equally important that you also track your own wellness in your pregnancy. After all, the baby will be born well if you are well. Also common in pregnancy is the weight gain, which is understandable, granted you need to nourish your baby. You need to control your food intake, though.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Available in: Google Playstore and Apple Store

Cost: Free

Do not forget that you still need to take care of your health over these trimesters. Thankfully, Ovia reminds you to get back on track as far as fitness is concerned. You can record some personal information, like your age, body mass index (BMI) and pregnancy history in the app. Thereafter, you get useful feedbacks about your well-being. Ovia has its own food log, so you can record the meals you eat, all for curbing excessive weight gain. Lastly, you can also set notifications about the timing of your prenatal vitamins.


Available in: Google Playstore and Apple Store

Cost: Free in iOS, $1 for Android

Medicine names can get pretty hard to remember when the spelling gets more complex than penicillin. Pregnant mothers also have the same dilemma and may not have all the time to ask the properties of a certain pill. Hence, this app will come in handy, thanks to the research of Dr. Thomas Hale, an expert in this matter. Using MommyMeds is also easy. Just scan the barcodes of your medicine or search for its name and you get the vital information about it. The app contains thousands of medicines in its database. With this, you will know whether an over-the-counter drug is safe to take during your prenatal period.

Bonus – Who’s Your Daddy?

Available inApple Store

Cost: $3

Who says pregnant mothers are the only one worrying in pregnancy? Men also get their share of anxiety, especially for first-time daddies. Who’s Your Daddy packs what a usual pregnancy app has – weekly updates and pregnancy timeline. It begins to set itself apart by providing a hospital bag checklist and contraction counter. This app also aims to endear future daddies by expressing their point of view. This helps them get comfortable with the pregnancy, while knowing what their partners want.

What’s your most favorite pregnancy app? Voice your thoughts in the comment boxes.



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