Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters


According to a recent study, an average household spends $400-$600 annually on water heating. Water heating is considered to be the second on the list of our household expenses. The usual expenses add 14%-18% to our utility bills. To save a few bucks, we should invest on energy efficient electric tankless water heaters.



The first thing that we should look for is the temperature adjustment feature. There are water heaters that are easy to use and you can have everything sorted out with just a single knob. But there are other electric water heaters which are quite hard to operate, because of complex command panels. We should also look for the safety and warranty features of these gadgets (the safety features are more particular when it comes to gas-powered heaters).


The good thing about the tankless water heater is that the water is only heated if needed. For this reason, energy efficiency is highly observed. However, different water heater models come with varying energy efficiency ratings and the amount of heat that they can generate. This will vary depending on the model’s British Thermal Units (BTU), the quickest a heater can heat water, energy consumption measured in kilowatts (kWs), and the gallons per minute (GPM). Considering the model with the high BTU, the low kWs, and the high GPM will be the best choice.


Electric water heaters have varying installation setups and they also differ in performance. Settle for the heater that is efficient, secure, and affordable.


The life of water heaters is expected to last for years and that’s the reason why they aren’t cheap.

Because the market is so full of products and choosing can be quite difficult, we made a short list of some pretty good models for you to choose from.

Today’s Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters

This model has a top-notch automatic temperature control and a cutting-edge flow regulator mechanism. Unfortunately, the warranty covers only three years with professional installation. The heater is unquestionably one of the very best in today’s market. The water flow and temperature is satisfactory and reliable.

The heater has a control panel that lets you control the temperature by one-degree increment. Being energy efficient and a buck saver are this heater’s biggest benefits. You won’t have problems getting those extra pennies in your pockets. The bad here is the flow rate, as it is slightly lower compared to other expensive models. Well, of course, the little difference is not obvious. This heater is considered to be the best budget-friendly water heater in today’s market.


This heater is ECO Smart’s latest and biggest model, perfect for big families that live in a cold area. It can heat over 3 gallons of 37 degrees Farrenheit water per minute. When it comes to features and specification, this is quite superior to its predecessor. The heater can offer you 50% less on water heating cost, thanks to its cutting edge technology that will efficiently use the needed amount of electricity to cater your water heating needs. Sounds great, right? This model has a pretty stylish design and a control panel that lets you control the water temperature in 1-degree increments. If you are up to adding a few extra bucks, you won’t regret deciding to go for the upgrade.

The ECO 11 is one of the best energy efficient tanks in its price range. Equipped with an advanced self-modulating technology that will let you save 50% of water heating utility bills, it has a digital display that lets you control water temperature by an increment of one degree. Reliable and durable materials researched for utmost performance.

This heater is on high demand, as it can provide endless hot water and it can adjust the temperature to the flow rate. The model has a digital temperature meter to display the output temperature. What makes this tankless water heater special is the materials; it contains stainless steel and copper components designed for maximum efficiency, easy to replace, and durable. Another thing that you’ll love about this heater is its compact size.

Care to tell us about your tankless water heater system in your home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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