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While owning a pet comes with numerous perks, there is no denying that maintaining your house clean becomes a big challenge. Pet hairs stick to your carpet, and cleaning excretes may sometimes tick your patience. Allergens are another source of concern. We are sure you don’t want to spend your days sneezing, or, even worse, give up your pet. Put your worries aside, because, as always, people came up with a solution to make life easier.

Enter the vacuum cleaner, the modern tool to help you get rid of your pet hair problem. But we’re not talking about conventional ones. We all know they can eat so much of your time. Hence, we witness the rise in popularity of smart robot vacuum cleaners.

There are many robot vacuums available right now, especifically those that do general cleaning. However, if removing pet hair is your first priority, the list of choices narrows down. These robot vacuums possess motors especially designed for that purpose. Some of them are also equipped with HEPA filters, which help trap allergens, like tiny dust and other dirt particles. Even though robot vacuums with these features are quite expensive, the benefits you will get are well worth the investment.

5. Infinuvo CleanMate QQ5 Plus

Infinuvo CleanMate QQ5 Plus

Although this is not among the best gateways to the wonders of robot vacuums, it does it’s job quite well for its price. It is highly recommended you use it only on hard floors. CleanMate QQ5 Plus has a diameter of 13 inches, it is 3.15 inches high and weighs about 6.8 pounds. Its smaller size gives this device the ability to easily go under your furniture. The design is also slick, employing a minimalist take on robot vacuums. The charging dock allows you to program the daily cleaning schedule of CleanMate QQ5. You can even go for a weekly schedule, setting a different time for each day.

The firm also provides accessories and spare parts, when you buy a unit. You get two (2) brushes, replacement filters and sonic walls. Also included in the package is a remote control.

As smart as it is, CleanMate QQ5 lacks the discerning cleaning method of a more sophisticated vacuum cleaner. This gizmo only operates via timer, as opposed to other robot vacuums which don’t leave the area until it’s clean. It runs for 80 minutes and operates via 10-minute interval. The anti-collision feature works as a double edged sword for this device. While it prevents this robot vacuum to hit walls, cleaning parts 8-inches near these is also impossible.

The gizmo also does it’s job when it comes to cleaning pet hair. However, you will have to remove the pet hair from the brushes from time to time. Here is where the product design proves a bit inefficient. You have to learn some quirks first, when it comes to cleaning brushes or emptying the dustbin. Also, there might be times it will get stuck in some places, until its battery dies. Remember that this is a budget cleaner and is competent enough for its price tag.

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4. Samsung VR9000 Powerbot Robotic Vacuum

Samsung VR9000 Powerbot Robotic Vacuum

Samsung VR9000 Powerbot is a stunner, based on looks alone. The shiny CycloneForce suction system is located right in the center, which allows you to see what’s happening inside the machine. But this feature is not only there as part of a fancy design. You can literally see whether the bin is already full, so it’s a really useful feature, as well. Your preference in covered robot vacuums might vary, but Samsung VR9000 Powerbot is unique in all aspects. You might think the absence of a cover makes it noisy, but Samsung addressed this concern by including a Silent Mode whenever it cleans.

Samsung VR9000 Powerbot is also the tallest vacuum in the list, having a height of 5 inches and diameter of 12.2 inches. The absence of a handle makes it more difficult to carry in one hand, since it weighs 10.5 pounds. It has a runtime of 80 minutes and noise level of 71 DB, which is leaning towards the average for robot vacuums. The device takes about almost three hours to recharge.

Similar to other stellar performers in the list, Samsung VR9000 Powerbot has scheduled cleaning, floor barriers and remote control. Its dust monitoring system allows the robot vacuum to go on full-cleaning mode, if it detects specks of dirt. The Max mode, on the other hand, prompts it to clean continuously, until it hits critical battery level. The most notable feature of this device is its Point Cleaning mode. Samsung VR9000 Powerbot chases the light of your laser pointer on the floor, which, in my opinion, is really cool. Also, it does a great job cleaning both hard floors and carpet, and it can easily go over most obstacles.

Samsung VR9000 really delivers what is asked, so don’t let the hefty price tag discourage you. However, this unit is not for everyone. The design might feel weird at a first look, so it might not appeal those who yearn for Neato’s or iRobot’s minimalist design. The absence of connection to your smartphone is also disappointing, especially for a vacuum in this price range. While it cleans well, Samsung VR9000 Powerbot has no side brush to clean dirt near walls. Nevertheless, its cool features are something you will not normally find in basic robot vacuums.

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3. bObsweep bObi Pet

bObsweep bObi Pet

This robot vacuum cleaner is specifically conceived to clean pet hair. With that alone it claimed a spot in this list. It is the latest offer in the bObsweep product line, and it boasts more cleaning algorithms and sensors than its predecessors. The improvement is obvious starting with its aesthetics, which makes it look like something drafted from a sci-fi movie. You can choose between scarlet and silver, with a silicone finish. It is 3.5 inches high and has a diameter of 12 inches. The dimensions are just enough to allow this robot vacuum go under furniture easily.

bObsweep also seems to have improved in terms of navigation. Its 80 sensors serve as warning, for it not to hit walls or to fall down stairs. This robot vacuum cleaner has HEPA filters, which screen even the smallest allergens in your home. What sets it apart from the other items in this list is its UV lamp. It does not only kill flea eggs, but also breaks down molecules to eliminate strong odors.

A charging dock and a wall adapter are also available. The former is the charging station of bObi Pet, where it returns automatically when running low on battery. Recharge time takes about four hours, which is slower than most in the list. Average runtime is 90 minutes. Another unique trait this device has is the bObi blOck. It is a plastic box that creates invisible walls by emitting light beams. When bObi Pet detects the light, it “sees” it’s not wanted there and moves away. The company is also generous in terms of giving free accessories. You also get a toolbox containing various cloths and screws, to maintain this little marvel in full shape.

In terms of performance, it lives up to the premise of not disturbing your pets while cleaning. It only emits 60 db, which makes the bObi Pet the quietest in this group. Picking up small amounts of hair and small dirt is also an easy task for this gizmo. However, do not expect anything other than basic cleaning capabilities. Dealing with large amounts of dirt can put this robot vacuum in difficulty, and it ends up leaving obvious traces behind. Navigation is excellent, although it sometimes gets confused by dark colored things. Do not be surprised if you witness this gizmo trying to “eat” your black clothes on the floor.

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2. iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iRobot Roomba 880 is not only a good robot vacuum for pet hair, but is also one of the best ones right now. This competent device weighs 8.4 pounds and has handles which makes it portable. It is 3.6 inches high and 13.9 inches wide. Roomba 880 has a black finish and it’s style is similar to that of older iRobot models. While the design is unassuming at a first look, construction is nothing short of sturdy. Its removable dustbin is noticeably larger than in the older iRobot vacuum cleaners. This model also serves as an upgrade to Roomba Roomba 790, in terms of picking pet hair.

We were expecting for Roomba 880 to eliminate hair, dust and other particles, on different types of floors. But this vacuum doesn’t stop there. Its AeroForce cleaning system is deemed superior, allowing it to break larger debris. Its HEPA filters trap even the smallest allergen on your floor. Roomba 880 also requires little to no maintenance, due to its tangle-free extractors. The absence of bristles also made this robot vacuum a highly efficient device, in terms of dirt absorption. Consequently, it lasts longer than its predecessors, partly thanks to its XLife battery.

Autonomy is one of its best-selling points and it’s easy to see why. Roomba 880 is programmed to clean the floor even if you are not home. The device is also easy to use, because of its user-friendly buttons. It requires very little interaction, once you set its cleaning routine. You may also create a weekly cleaning schedule with Roomba 880. Other features, like Spot Mode, allow it to clean the smallest speck on your floor. This is a pretty keen cleaner if asked, because it only leaves when it’s job it completed. Its Dirt Detector targets areas in need of been cleaned. Amazingly, Roomba 880 recharges by itself and tells you to empty its bin through its LED lights. It goes back to its charging station once the battery level hits critical level, or when it thinks the job is already done.

However, its keen cleaning feature sacrifices cleaning speed. Roomba 880 estimates how long it takes for it to completely roam the floor. This is necessary, because it has to return to its charging dock to recharge. Then, it resumes cleaning the untouched spots. Lastly, the dustbin size is still not large enough to accommodate too much dust and pet hair. Other than that, Roomba 880 boasts a solid design, strong features and stellar performance with a price to fit its value.

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1. Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro

Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro

If you find iRobot Roomba 880 expensive, you may opt for Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro. This robot vacuum cleaner gives the same outstanding performance, for a more affordable price. It matches the cleaning prowess of Roomba 880 and has a laser guided navigation in its cleaning mechanism. The design might feel uninspired, because of the traditional vacuum cleaner look. The smart part of this device is also a bit boring, thanks to Neato focusing on substance over form. Hence, you might miss the charms of this small powerhouse.

Regardless of what you say about its design, Neato XV Signature Pro follows Roomba 880’s sturdy built and is just as easy to use. All you need to do is press the power button, once to wake it, and again for it to start cleaning. Also, Neato automatically returns to its charging dock when the battery runs low. Once fully charged, it returns to where it left off cleaning. This robot vacuum is also capable of cleaning on routine schedules. Yet, what really makes it a keeper is you can set the cleaning time for different days, and even skip days. You can also program it to start cleaning at different hours on different days, a feature that many other robot vacuums don’t have. Weighing 8.6 pounds and 4 inches high, it is small enough to go under furniture without much fuss.

Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro is the best performer in terms of picking up dirt on all types of floor. Ranging from grains to pet hair, it simply comes head and shoulders above other robot vacuum cleaners. Even though it moves slow, Neato XV Signature Pro finishes the job faster than other robot vacuums. Its laser guided technology make it an effective navigator, so instead of zigzagging, it maps spaces to avoid collision with furniture. As it goes row by row in the mapped perimeter, it does not cover the same area twice, which is unnecessary, since it is thoroughly cleaned.

Neato XV Signature Pro has to be maintained regularly, though, due to a smaller bin. It recharges for 2 to 3 hours and works for 90 minutes, which is just enough to clean your whole house. This is the perfect robot vacuum cleaner if you value superior performance for an affordable price.

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