Best Photo Sharing Sites That Are Not Instagram


We can safely say that humanity has made another drastic move, this time in photography. Gone are the days when we used to print our photos and save those in physical albums. With the advent of smartphone domination, point and shoot digital cameras are also on the brink of extinction.

What is also amazing is the convenience we experience whenever we edit photos. Back then, we need the help of a professional photographer just to correct some colors in our photos. Today, applications can do the job for simple edits like changes in contrast, brightness or putting some filters in the photo.

Also, the physical albums are replaced with digital storage. To satisfy our need to show-off, we can set these in public for everyone who is online to see. Instagram is probably the most famous site among of its kind which purpose is solely to edit and share photos. Unbeknownst to many however, there are other relatively popular and good sites (in terms of features) to share your photos. That is not to say that one should leave and avoid Instagram altogether but these go hand in hand with your main photo-sharing site.

5. Imgur


Chances are you have already seen a photo which made you laugh so hard or kicked you in the guts. Whenever you are scrolling Facebook or participating in Reddit, it is inevitable to see meme-worthy images which went caused uproar online. Who is the culprit? This site.

Mostly home to cute animals and hilarious mishaps, Imgur gained notoriety thanks to its Meme-generating feature. It also presents the images all over the internet and one can see those without signing up. One can also see how his photos fare against the others because of the upvote and downvote and the favorite photo feature. Moreover, you will be able to see the rankings of your photographs.

You can also ease your worries as regards to the storage plan of Imgur as it allows unlimited photo-sharing (similar to Facebook). You can also upload photos either from the computer or from those which are preexisting in the internet via URL. You can also set the privacy of the photos you uploaded. You can also sort the photos according to its category called Topics. Lastly, it also works like a social media network because users can interact with each other whether it be through a private message or from the comment boxes.

4. 500Px


If you are a digital photography enthusiast and you consider selling your work, 500Px is the best photo sharing site for you. This website focuses on uploading your best photos and it also enables you to see others’ work. The platform has a very simple and beautiful interface. The idea behind 500Px is to help photographers to receive royalties from people who want to use their content.

You can also enjoy the relatively calm nature of 500Px, as it has much fewer members than Instagram or Flickr. If you want to see fine HDR camera artworks, this website has rich collections of striking photos. The free plan allows users to upload 20 photos a week, but the premium plan ($49.95 a year) lets you upload unlimited photos. Uploading is possible through getting the files from your local drive or from Facebook, Dropbox or Flickr. It also features basic social media network traits such as the like button and the comment boxes.

However, this site is most known for its striking photographs which are one of the best you can find online.

3. Flickr


Speaking of Flickr, before the days of Instagram, this photo-sharing site dominated the internet with its game-changing features. However, it lost a huge chunk of its users when it was acquired by Yahoo and due to the prominence of social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. However, it does not mean Flickr lost its luster when it comes to the thing it knows the best: photo-sharing.

For its comeback, it included features which are normally found in a pro-version of website applications. It has 1 Terabyte of free online storage which is a lot ,if you compare it with other photo-sharing websites which only offer 10 – 15 GB of free space. Another great feature is the automatic photo tagging and automatic categorizing of photos. This is made possible by Flickr’s ability to recognize objects in the photo such as the beach, bird or the sun to segregate what you uploaded. This website also saves previous tags made for you to use again in the future. Moreover, whenever you add some photos, it suggests the location where they were taken, due to a feature called the Flickr Map.

All features are totally free, and you can also use Flickr as a photo-editing application. If you have a Yahoo account, it also automatically gives you a Flickr account.

2. PhotoBucket


This thirteen year-old website still hosts one of the largest number of photos online and it transcended from a sole photo-sharing website to a full blown social media network. Due to its time enduring nature, it allows both types of use: for personal and business purposes. Auction sites like eBay and Craigslist link their photos of the goods to this site. Meanwhile, PhotoBucket has also partnered with Twitter to become the latter’s major platform in uploading photos.

PhotoBucket offers 2 Gb of free space to users which is expandable depending on the plans you may opt to take. All types of image files are supported by PhotoBucket. By the way, PhotoBucket does not compress files when uploaded. Hence, this website can serve as a full back up to your photos. It also works as a photo-editing website due to its partnership with Aviary. You can also share your photos hosted on this site to other social media websites, and even email.

Perhaps what made PhotoBucket famous is the possibility of combining photos and videos along with a narrative sound. Ever wondered how those collages of gifs were made? This one is the culprit.



VSCO is the nearest cousin of Instagram and is available on both Android and IOS.People use it especially for its image filtering features. This application is currently the bloggers’ darling and is dubbed as the next game changer in mobile photography. If you are tired with overused filters and millions of boring photos from Instagram, you can use this as an alternative to share your photos online.

This boasts a multitude of seriously good filters and simple editing tools. The photos you had can capture the look from a film without feeling gimmicky. It also takes another point away from Instagram due to its minimalist user profile called Grid. Once you are done with editing a photo, you can upload it to the VSCO’s website or simply save it to the Grid. This is also visible to all other VSCO users in their library.

Probably the main reason it is not known to be a photo-sharing site is because of its steadfast refusal to include a like or comment button for the photo uploaded. The creators want to maintain VSCO’s status as an application where you can treat your photos as artworks. However, it is also noticeable that millions of photos in either Facebook or Instagram are uploaded through the use of this amazing platform.

Do you have any photo-sharing website you enjoyed? Share your comments below!


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