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The Best Car Alarm System in the Market 1

The modern car alarm systems are swiftly turning the tides with their cool and innovative features. Today’s car security systems use sensors that will trigger an alarm if your car’s door is opened, if there’s a broken window, and when someone tries to steal the tires. The new car alarm systems will not simply sound a loud siren, but will also let the possessor of the car know what is happening in their car, by sending a detailed message to the owner’s remote. The start-kill feature will kick in once the alarm is triggered. This feature will let the owner kill the engine remotely and stop any unauthorized start of their car.

How to Choose the Suitable Car Security System

To help you choose the suitable aftermarket alarms, try to consider these factors:


The features that you should look for in a car alarm are the start-kill option, keyless entry, and the trunk release. You should also keep an eye for the remote function, so you can start the car even when you are far and turn ON/OFF the car’s other electronics. With these features installed in your car, you will sleep at night worry-free.


Double-check the durability, endurance, weather-proof and deliverance of the promised features.

Help & Support

The car security providers that are serious about their business cater an accommodating support for their clients. They can give their assistance using different channels, such as the social media, chat support, and phone support. You won’t be left alone having to figure out how their car alarm system works.

Let’s check out the Best Car Alarm System on the Market!

1. Texas Armoring Corporation Electric Door Handles

Price: $5,500

When it comes to extreme security measures, the Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) knows exactly what to do. They offer customized armor plating, dead boot door locking and electrified door handles. However, before calling their phone number, better look for laws in your state that won’t jeopardize your law abiding citizen career.

2. Scytek Mobilink 777 2-Way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System and Smartphone Integrated

Price: $472

Scytek pride themselves on creating an all-in-one alarm system that will let you control all the security features using your smartphone. The app-based car security will let you control your car’s door locks, GPS tracking, and many other cool features.

3. Eclipse POPO1 360 Degree Vehicle Surveillance System

Price: $395

If having a car alarm is not enough for you, try the new car security system that will provide a video surveillance on all corners of your car. Having a watchful eye when you’re not around will secure your hard earned investment and, at the same time, will put you at ease. The security system is capable of recording HD videos which will help you make sure that your sweet ride is properly protected anytime, anywhere.

4. Excalibur AL-2050-EDPB 2-Way Car Security and Remote Start System

Price: $258

If you want to hack a geeky car security system, this car security package is the best for you. The system will let you monitor multiple cars with a single remote. This car security system is perfect for parents that want to track/ protect their teens when they are driving away from home.

5. Viper VSM350 SmartStart GPS Module for Car Alarm Smartphone Integration

Price: $250

Instead of providing an all-in-one car security solution, the Viper system separated the alarm with the remote module, and the smartphone integration module. Folks that have already purchased the initial car alarm packages were delighted. They got the opportunity to upgrade their viper system and have the smartphone integration module. Unfortunately, this will be costly for new consumers, because the Viper’s modules were sold separately. You will need roughly $500 to get both modules and the installer may collect an installation fee.

6. Viper 5806V 2-way Security System w/Remote

Price: $184

Viper’s reputation in the car alarm industry has been rolling for years. With every new release they managed to innovate and improve the car security systems. This new two-way remote has the ability to control your car even when it’s a mile away.

7. Code Alarm CA1053 Alarm System

Price: $100

Code Alarm believes in the “no BS” mentality. Instead of bragging with their car alarm’s new features, they are more focused on innovating the essential factors of an effective car alarm for a practical price. Their car alarm offers a loud alarm, dual stage impact sensors and keyless entry, all for a budget friendly price. They also offer a budget friendly package which will benefit folks that are living in warmer estates.

8.  Avital 5103L Car Alarm and Remote Start System

Price: $85

The Avital car security system offers keyless entry and trunk opening, remote start, and the dual-zone shock that uses motion sensors for additional security. The remote function can cover a distance of 1,500 feet.

9. Crimestopper SP-302 Car Alarm System

Price: $77

The SP-302 Car Alarm System comes with rechargeable LCD remotes that will let the owner know if there’s an intrusion or vandalism on the car. The 25-watt siren is sure one burglar deterrent to take into account. The remote may seem not to have the modern looks, but it will not let you down when it comes to functionality.

10. Crimestopper SP-101 Car Security Alarm System and Keyless Entry with Door Lock Actuators

Price: $47

Crimestopper SP-101 is specially designed for vintage cars; it has the basic security features and a power locking feature that will fit perfectly in your vintage cars. This car security system is worth the upgrade and is a great buy.

11. Pyle PWD701 Car Alarm and Remote Door Lock Security System

Price: $40

The PWD701 offers starter deactivation, trunk release function, and keyless locking and unlocking. If you are a DIY type of a guy and know your budget, then this is a great buy for you.

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