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New gizmos are being launched annually, and for those of us who love tech stuff it’s really difficult to resist their cool features and juicy specs. Yes, I’ll admit it, I’m one of those persons. My experience taught me not to settle for an upgrade. Just wait for the new release, which is usually loaded with cool new features, then score for it at the right time. I decided to bring you the best online sites where you can find great offers on tech deals and get the most out of your budget.


This is an open warehouse, filled with a large array of cool tech gadgets. Their website may look a bit sloppy, but they offer cheap deals that are just too tempting if you have the money. Here you can find a huge collection of appliances, computers, air coolers, and other types of gizmos. Aside from the usual items, they also provide promotional events, so you can get an item for a rock-bottom price. Oh, I forgot to mention that the Apple products are also included in the shopping list.

Our tip: Look for Fry’s advertisements regarding manufacturer rebates. This will be posted on their homepage. The product rebates will be categorized, so if you find the item that you are looking for, seize that opportunity and buy it.


This site dedicates its services to finding the best tech deals on the market. Here you can find product reviews, hot deals and coupons. They are active on customer base market and usually post the hot deals and update the prices on forums. You can also get free offers on their forums.

Our Tip:  Get the latest developments by subscribing to their RSS feed. Use it to monitor the hot deals and upcoming sales, for a shopping spree. They often post their deals on their website, so the constant update will cover previous deals. The RSS feed subscription gives you an edge in tracking the generated deals.


Micro Center’s retail store has good offers when on sale. But the huge variety of items will be found on their website. If you didn’t find the items in their retail stores, just log in to their website and order for a delivery. They offer a decent selection of tech gizmos, for a budget friendly price.

Our Tip: You can get the hot deals by visiting their Refurbished Deals and Clearance sections, on the website. The Refurbished Deals section holds the list of gizmos that are at rock-bottom pricing. The Clearance section has the list of discounted items. While there, check out the Open Box and you’ll be surprised with their super deals.


Newegg is hailed for their huge selection of items, daily specials, and affordable shipping. They have an online clearance center, where you can get re-certified, discontinued and open-box merchandise. They have a top of the line search function that will define an enjoyable shopping experience. The items will be categorized based on pricing, type, and features.

Our tip: Another thing that caught my attention is the community. Newegg users leave reliable and detailed product reviews. These reviews will help you decide whether to jump for it or have another look at what others can offer.


This marketplace is a user-generated forum, meaning, all of its users are qualified to post deals. The tech and gadget sections in the forum have the best deals. The moderators in this community give high regards to items with high ratings. These items will be posted on the front page.

Our Tip: The postings expire quickly. You will need to act fast to get the gadget that you want. Thankfully, users are easy to talk to and they will let you know if the deal is over.

How to get newly released gadgets for less money

These are the important tips on how you can spend your money wisely and on how to get the latest gadgets without sacrificing your credit card.

Know what you need

Knowing the role of gadgets in your life will give you an idea of what features and specifications to look for. Decide which is essential and which is a luxury. Also, by choosing the right gadget, you will end up spending wisely, without sacrificing the allotted budget. Always bear in mind that if you can’t buy it on your payday and you need to wait for the other payday, you can’t afford it. Score for a gadget that has all the essentials that you need to improve your lifestyle.

If you don’t need it, sell it!

Trading or selling your iPhone 6 can give you a huge discount on the latest iPhone 7. There are a lot of retailers that offer the trade-in option. By trading or selling old devices, you can get discounts, or credits acquiring the newer gadgets. This is a great opportunity for you to get the latest gadget for less. Another way to sell your old gadget is on eBay.

Previous Generation is not that bad

A newer gadget can cost you more, while a previous generation is half the price. For example, if you get the iPhone 5, it will cost you half the price of an iPhone 5s. As I mentioned above, settling for a gadget that has what you need is a smart way to enjoy gadget life.

Telco plans bundled with gadget

Telco plans bundled with talk, SMS, internet, and a gadget is another way for you to get the gadget of choice. Choose a monthly subscription plan that is suitable for your budget. Don’t settle for add-ons that are not essential and out of your budget. Gadgets are meant to be replaced after a year, technology is not constant, it keeps on evolving.

Open box deals

If you are a regular store shopper, then this is for you. When you buy a gadget, ask the sales clerk if it is possible for you to get the item without the fancy packaging, in exchange for a discount. This way of shopping is commonly known as the open box deal. Online retailers also allow their customer to go with this option. You can phone their customer service first, to confirm if an open box deal is available. A great site to visit for open box deals is Tigerdirect. They have a wide array of electronics and gadgets to choose from. Finding the open box deal page is quite a pain; better google “TigerDirect open box deals” to get the home run. On Best Buy you can find a huge selection of electronics, from laptops to video games and TVs. Amazon also offers marked down items, which are found on the Warehouse Deal page. The items that are sold were never opened, but have minimal box damage. Other are slightly used returned items, that passed Amazon’s thorough assessment and testing before reselling.

Shopping online is wise

By shopping online, you can browse a wide selection of items for hours. This gives you more time to think, compare, and finalize your shopping. You also save gas and transportation expenses. But patience is a virtue in this kind of shopping. Collect, then select the best deals and coupons and use them to your advantage.

A student’s Ace

Students can avail discounts from manufacturers like Dell, HP, Apple, Sony, and Lenovo. The discounts also apply to parents buying a gadget for a student. You can get a $500 discount on gizmos and notebooks for students that are enrolled. You can check the manufacturer’s website for complete details, or phone their support number.

Refreshed gadgets can make the cut

If you are on a very tight budget, you can get a huge discount by purchasing a refurbished gizmo. The online sites mentioned before offer this service to their customers. You can get up to 50% discount on the refurbished item. Of course, this deal varies, depending on the store’s offer and the items that will be bargained. Dell also offers this option.

Free software is not that bad

Nowadays there is a huge pool of free apps and software that are as effective as the paid ones. You will need to invest your patience and start searching online for the apps that will be useful for you. Free apps can give you the functions you need, without having to opt for a one time or a monthly subscription.

Skip extended warranty

Some people think that an extended warranty also extends the protection period of their gadget. This will only cost you more. Gadgets are designed to last, but if/when they break it’s mostly because of how they’ve been handled. Proper gadget care is the best shield against any damages that may happen. Even a fake gadget can last for years if it’s properly used, right?


Collecting cool gadgets is an expensive hobby that will most likely phase out over time. If you have the “I want to have it all” attitude, it will definitely put you in the expensive market pit, designed to dry you out. If you are really into the gadget culture, find an alternative that allows you to secure an affordable deal. Look for sites like the ones we mentioned, to get the most out of your budget.

Do you have some online shopping tricks to share? Let us know by commenting below.


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