Top 5 Most Dependable Outdoor TVs


Thinking of having an outdoor TV, so you can reminisce over video clips of your anniversaries and funny moments with your family? Or, perhaps, you want to share your favorite movie or tv show, outdoor, with your friends. These moments should be given some extra importance, thus creating stronger bonds. Having an outdoor TV can help you mix a pool party with a movie marathon, or simply create an entertainment zone onto your patio. To help you choose which outdoor TV better suits your demands, we come to your aid with our picks.

Tips on how to select the best outdoor TV

  1. You should look for an outdoor TV that has a rugged design, reinforced with durable materials. An outdoor TV that is made from coated aluminum will insure you that it is protected from humidity, salt-air, snow, and water.
  2. Look for an outdoor TV that has a reliable cooling system which maximizes the use of air flow, a TV that can stand out the toughest desert temperature or the coldest temperature in the arctic region.
  3. Bigger and thinner models are your best choice.

Where can I get these outdoor TV models?

You can purchase an outdoor TV on the manufacturer’s website or from a recognized distributor. Please, always look for the warranty cards

The Most Dependable Outdoor TV of 2016 : living your outdoor fantasies to the fullest!

32″ TV Outdoor Signature Sunbrite Model

Strongest points to consider

  • 3270HD display
  • Heavily reinforced with an all-weather aluminum enclosure
  • Has a dual-fan airflow system to keep the TV dry and cool
  • The internal components are thermostatically controlled
  • Weather proof speakers
  • Comes up with a perma-outdoor installation
  • Water cable entry system
  • 2-year warranty

Price: $1,490+

The TV’s aluminum enclosure is perfect for protecting the TV’s internal components from rain, scratches, dirt and sneaky insects that would ruin your TV. For the best viewing experience, we strongly advise you to install the TV in an area protected from direct sun, such as a gazebo or a canopy.

Don’t you worry about overheating issues, because the TV is designed with thermostatic control heater system, protecting it from humid and subzero temperatures. The TV’s design is impressive, due to its innovative watertight cable, useful for keeping the TV dry and easy for hookups.

G Series 55″ TV

Strongest points to consider

  • Patronized by the US military, Universal Studios, Sea World, CBS, Disney and many more
  • All-weather outdoor TV, temperature range is -25 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit
  • TFT Active Matrix Liquid Crystal
  • LED Backlight Modulation Technology feature, which makes it the brightest outdoor TV there is
  • No mercury components, high contrast, 40% less power consumption.
  • 1 Year warranty coverage

Price: $2,650+

The TV’s design is sticking, since it is the thinnest outdoor TV in the world.  Of course, that’s not the only reason to buy this TV. Beside the fact that it can render 1 billion colors, this gadget is secure and totally weather sealed. Plus, it is coated with a material that blocks the UV. Its remote control, cables and cover are also waterproof.

Sunbrite TV Signature Series Black Outdoor 46.

Strongest points to consider

  • The exterior design proved to be a reliable shield for the TV’s internal components, against humidity, insects, salty-air, rain and dust
  • Has a permanent outdoor installation feature
  • The body is powder-coated with aluminum, to ensure durability and strength
  • It has a multi-fan airflow system that will keep the TV cool and moisture free

Price: $2,790+

One thing that made me consider to include this model in the top list is the flexibility of its viewing angle. The display is all crisp and vibrant in all directions, delivering a crystal clear picture. When you play a movie, you might feel that what’s happening in the motion picture is getting real.

G Series 40” LED TV

Strongest points to consider

  • TFT Active Matrix Liquid Crystal, has a Backlight Modulation Technology feature to Improve the LED brightness
  • Designed for outdoor use, an all-weather outdoor TV, temperature range is -25 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit
  • No mercury components, high contrast, 40% less power consumption.
  • 1 Year warranty coverage

Price: $1,850+

Has a clear picture, crisp, and vibrant display. An all-weather TV that suits an outdoor movie party with your family and friends. The body is reinforced with a silicone sealant, to ensure that the inner components are protected from bugs, debris, and moisture.

Sunbrite SB-3270HD 32”

Strongest points to consider

  • Permanent outdoor installation feature
  • 31.5-inch bright display maximized for outdoor viewing
  • Innovative exterior design to protect the internal components from the elements of weather
  • Coated with aluminum powder to ensure its durability
  • Uses a Multi-fan system that will keep the unit dry and cool
  • More affordable than other TV models

Price: $1,490+

This TV got the number 1 spot because of the value and great deal that it offers. The package includes a sturdy mount which perfectly illuminates the beauty of the TV. The display is clear, vibrant and the sound quality is stunning. The TV itself is built and innovated for outdoor purposes.

You won’t regret a single penny when you purchase this baby. It is tested in the coldest environment to the hottest desert temperature. And guess what? It stands out with flying colors! Hook yourself with this awesome outdoor TV, and explore new outdoor experiences.

Do have something to add to this post? Let us know your favored outdoor TV models by sharing in the comments below.



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