The 15 Best Wireless Earbuds for All Users


In a previous article we have already presented a list of wireless headphones for all types of users. However, most of the entries featured over-ear gizmos, and some of you might find them too bulky to be considered portable. Well, if you value portability and ease of use, wireless earbuds are considerably more lightweight, while still producing sound quality at par with wireless headphones. It should also be noted that the sound quality has gotten better, thanks to Bluetooth. So, for those of you who prefer them, we present the best wireless earbuds you may opt to purchase in 2016.

15. Motorola VerveLoop+

Motorola VerveLoop+

VerveLife is the most recent addition to Motorola’s earphone catalogue. One of these is VerveLoop+, which boasts wireless earbuds with excellent fit, light weight and steady build. Not only that, it is also waterproof and has a long battery life. These earbuds connect via Bluetooth and last up to 9.5 hours of usage. Among other features you can find a high-definition sound compatibility that suits the needs of any audiophile. Calls are also easily handled, as well as connectivity with Siri. Lastly, you won’t have to worry in case you misplace them, because they connect with Hubble Connect. Motorola is a firm known for offering price friendly products and VerveLoop+ is not an exception. You can have this wireless earbud for a mere $80.



ROAM ROPES is a wireless earbud designed to be worn like a necklace. The aesthetics is certainly unique, and some might mistake it for a fashion statement instead of seeing it as an actual gizmo. Hence, it may come across as annoying for those who like conventional designs. The sound quality is astounding, thanks to high quality audio drivers and proprietary EQ engine. What’s more, you can tweak its settings through a smartphone application. If you do not need these innovations, you simply disable them, so there’s no real harm in incorporating these features. Available in three colors, but, for the orange special edition, ROAM will donate to Stand Up to Cancer a certain percentage of the proceeds. It seems like the price of $199 is not that expensive after all.

13. Jaybird Freedom

Jaybird Freedom

Designed for active personalities, Jaybird Freedom offers high end headphones that are light, very comfortable to wear and quite a stunner, due to its metal construction. Jaybird has earned a reputation for producing earbuds that are not only comfortable to wear, but are also stellar in sound quality. Design-wise, Freedom solved the lingering issues of Jaybird users, by simply giving the gizmo a good fit to your ears. Users report that audio quality is simply rich, with minimal sound leakage. This is another wireless earbud whose equalizer can be manipulated through a smartphone application. Amazingly, Jaybird only advertises the battery life for four hours, but in reality it works for as much as six hours. Again, this gadget belongs to the high-end market at $200, but the price is well worth it.

12. NuForce BE6i

NuForce BE6i

The new BE6i wireless earbuds are another solid addition to this list. It has metal build, top-notch sound quality and great battery life. Moreover, the units can be magnetically attached to each other, to avoid jamming when placed inside a case. BE6i is also sturdy, perhaps overly so, as it is IPX5 certified in terms of water resistance. The manufacturer, Optoma, is also kind to provide the users with 6 earbuds with differing sizes, and two stylish colors – gold and silver – to choose from for their earbuds. Battery life is also outstanding, as it runs for at most eight hours with moderate usage. Sound quality is also awesome. BE6i is able to deliver clarity when it comes to phone calls and delivering songs. NuForce BE6i is also relatively affordable at $130, considering the features and the quality build you get with these wireless headphones.

11. LG Tone Infinim HBS-910

LG Tone Infinim HBS-910

One of LG’s best offers intertwines style and outstanding audio quality for $150. The design is deemed as company’s best, as far as headphones are concerned. HBS-910 is meant to be worn around the neck, but the retractable earbuds are probably its edge against its peers on the market. Moreover, the design is made to be flexible, which adds to the durability of this headset. Battery life is outstanding, as it can last up to 16 hours of talk time and 540 hours on standby. It delivers an excellent listening experience, thanks to the Quad-Layer technology that is meant to balance across sound ranges. Call quality is also great, due to its built-in microphones. If you want to hear a clear sound in a noisy environment, know that these microphones also provide noise cancelling features.

10. Jabra Sports Pulse

Jabra Sports Pulse

This wireless earbud is specially made for sport loving users. Aside from its design that has a perfect fit, Sports Pulse is also dust, sweat and water proof. Moreover, some quirks, like a heartbeat monitor, are also included, and you can also connect it to a mobile app that tracks your workout. A secure fit is also ensured, for a more convenient usage. Battery life is also passable, since it runs at most 4.5 hours on usage. On the other hand, sound quality is average, but you get more than just a wireless earbud, thanks to its fitness tracking features. Jabra Sports Pulse is available for $199.

9. Jaybird X2

Jaybird X2

The X2, another excellent entry from Jaybird, is suited for persons who love to workout. For $150, the gadget not only presents a solid design, but you can also expect a good sound quality. Design-wise, the X2 is available in six colors and it certainly looks like it’s ready for the gym or the hills. An inline remote is also available to manipulate volume and calls. Audio performance in particular boasts deep bass and clear highs. Jaybird is also generous in providing accessories in the form of eartips and other accessories, when you make a purchase. The battery life is noted at 8 hours with moderate volume. In terms of Bluetooth performance, it can memorize up to 8 devices and pairs with the one most recently used. Hence, Jaybird’s secured fit, outstanding audio performance and Bluetooth make it one of the best wireless earbuds right now.

8. Beats Powerbeats2

Beats Powerbeats2

Speaking of popular earbuds, Powerbeats 2 is endorsed by Lebron James and other high-profile athletes. There is a little doubt if we want to know the most famous one in the list. The design is undeniably Beats, as you may have noticed from its red and white color scheme. You can also choose, in its plethora of earbuds, for the perfect fit. The colorful design hogs your attention first. Then it pulls you in with its water resistance feature and a bass heavy sound. The latter might not appeal to everyone, but its robust bass remains consistent, even in high volumes. Perhaps it fits most with users who are fond of club music and like to workout as well. Lastly, considering that Beats has a tendency to cater the high end market with their products, expect this gizmo to be a bit pricey, at almost $200.

7. Phiaton BT 110

Phiaton BT 110

This is a viable alternative to Beats Powerbeats2, for good reasons. The design is not only practical, it also looks well thought of. The BT 110 features an audio cord that is tangle resistant, very much to the user’s convenience. Phiaton BT 110 combines large audio drivers, excellent battery life and IPX4 water and sweat resistance. In terms of sound quality, it features a bass deeper than its peers in the under $100 range. What’s even more amazing in this earphone is it produces sound quality that is normally found in its more expensive counterparts. However, its full use only works on more modern smartphones. It also provides some degree of noise cancellation. Battery life is quite decent, as it runs for at most 5 hours. This item is available at $99.

6. Sol Republic Shadow Wireless

Sol Republic Shadow Wireless

Another popular wireless earbud thanks to Tiger Woods, Sol Republic, comes with a durable body and an attractive design. It has a flexible necklace which bends to fit the user’s neck, so it is really comfortable to wear. This is due to Sol Republic’s biomorphic design, which ensures good fit regardless of the user’s frame. Shadow Wireless is also water resistant, a feature that is not normally seen in this price range. Call quality is also good and you can confidently use it even in crowded streets. Sol Republic also boasts excellent sound for Bluetooth earbuds and good battery life that lasts up to 8 hours. Lastly, Sol Republic provides a lifetime guarantee of unlimited eartips replacements. This unit is currently available for around $100.

5. Samsung Level U

Samsung Level U

The Level U wireless earbuds are among the cheapest in the list, but that should not undermine its quality. This gizmo brings premium listening experience that screams bang for the buck with its $50 price tag. Available in two colors, Level U is a necklace-type wireless earbud with well placed buttons. Its band is constructed to be worn comfortably around your neck, while eartips are designed to securely fit in your ears. Level U can also be connected online to deliver notifications with any smartphone, despite Samsung’s claim that it only works on their units. Sound quality is excellent too, as it features noise reduction and a powerful bass. The battery life lasts up to 11 hours of talk time or 10 hours of playing audio. All these features plus the affordable price tag make this gizmo really attractive.

4. Skullcandy XTFREE

Skullcandy XTFREE

The XTFREE wireless earbud is another unit that has been created with the sports oriented in mind. The design features a multiple colors combination and a secure fit for comfort. The eartips are ones of the most colorful in the list, as SkullCandy focused its artistic prowess to these parts. XTFREE is sweat and moisture resistant, making it a great companion to your daily workout. The battery life is also decent, as it lasts up to 6 hours of usage. In terms of sound quality, expect distortion-free sound, even in full volume, and a very powerful bass to motivate you when you work out. All in all, Skullcandy XTFREE is a commendable gadget you can have for around $100.

3. LG Tone Pro HBS-760

LG Tone Pro HBS-760

This is LG’s entry level unit to wireless earbuds, marketed at around $40.  Tone Pro HBS-760 has a very solid build and is available in different eye-catching colors that set this item apart from other entries in this list. It has a necklace band that allows more space for buttons and vibrates when you take a call. Affordability is one of Tone Pro’s strong points, but it is also capable of delivering a good sonic experience, thanks to its clear and crisp sound, regardless of whether you are taking calls or listening to music. The lack of bass may leave you with wanting more in terms of audio quality, but this should not be a major issue for casual users. This flaw aside, LG Tone Pro HBS-760 is a great introduction to wireless earbuds.

2. Spigen R12E

Spigen R12E

In case you think some entries in our list are expensive, here’s Spigen, with a reasonably good product, at only $70. The wide Bluetooth range is simply commendable, thanks to the Bluetooth 4.1.1 connectivity. More importantly, Spigen R12E secures a very good fit, due to its innovative 360 degrees rotation. Sound quality is also great, so you can expect clarity when you take calls, regardless of whether you are the receiver or the caller. You can count on a heavy bass when listening to songs, as well as clear and crisp highs. While the battery life is nothing special (four hours playback), the features are not something you normally find in this price range. Spigen R12E is potential game changer, as far as wireless earbuds are concerned, thanks to its performance and its low price.

1. Ecandy Universal HBS 740

Ecandy Universal HBS 740

Lastly, if you are really unsure of wanting to try wireless earbuds, this item might just convince you. Ecandy makes a second appearance in our recommended gizmos, this time with a price tag of only 10$. This could be really attractive even for the dedicated naysayers. This is also keenly designed like its more expensive peers, so it will look great on you. Ecandy Universal delivers good punches, aside from its ridiculously affordable price. HBS 740’s control buttons are embossed, so users can conveniently navigate through options. Its Bluetooth connection and range are at par with most in this list. The sound quality is also decent for its selling price and a relatively decent battery life is to be expected. However, the build is not that durable, because the wires snap easily, unless you take good care in using it. Nonetheless, Ecandy Universal HBS-740 is the wireless earbud to buy, especially if you are still treading waters with these gizmos.

What’s your most favorite wireless earbud in the list?




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