Best Longboard for Kids – having fun with the new type of skateboard


In the midst of modern living and our penchant for instant gratification, we still need to teach our children to engage in physical activities. After all, we have to move a lot to remain healthy. Lifestyle-related conditions, such as obesity and diabetes, are on the rise among kids, so we need to let/make them play.

If you’re leaning towards the hip and the fun, maybe longboarding is a viable option (along hoover boards, which we’ve previously covered). Your kids will learn to exercise while still enjoying the deed. Hey, it is also a very cool hobby on the long run.

Of course, we know parents won’t let their children wander around without knowing they are safe. Road accidents don’t choose age or gender, and nasty accidents may happen due to faulty products. Hence, Gizmo Snack prepared you a list with the best longboards to choose for your kids.

Skateboard and Longboard – What’s the Difference?

Longboard vs Skateboard

Well, longboards are one type of skateboard. Longboards are normally longer than typical skateboards, usually measuring 51 inches at most. Note that a skateboard has a maximum length of approximately 36 inches. Anything longer than that is considered a longboard.

Skateboards are designed for cruising short distances, while longboards are meant to cover wide distances. Their length is also the reason why these are far more stable than skateboards in terms of balance. This is because you may put your feet in a wider stance, hence, lower the gravity center point and greater the balance. Of course, it goes on without saying that you can perform tricks faster if you’re riding a skateboard. However, this article focuses on what kids can use.

The Best Longboards for Kids

We’ve done an extensive analysis and researched over 30 products against different factors such as durability, ease of use and safety; we’ve selected a top list of quality longboards for your kid. Here they are:

6. Quest 2012

Quest 2012 Longboard

This 40” longboard offers great stability and good price for only $ 60. Quest 2012 is known for its flexibility and strength, as it’s made from maple wood. The board has 7″ aluminum pulley with PU spins at 2.75″. Hence, this board provides good crook and a cozy work. With its classic design, the aesthetics of Quest 2012 make it very attractive, especially for its price. Since kids will not meddle much on complicated features, this is one of the best in this case.

5. Atom’s Longboard

Atom’s Longboard

Another longboard for only below $100, Atom’s longboard is a pin tail with a 46 grit grip, a feature that is amazing given its price.

Design-wise, it is also in style, granted that the maple roll warp is to the fore. Perhaps the aesthetics won’t do so much with your children but rest assured it does not affect the gizmo’s durability. It also comes with a King Pin with a 50 degrees base come. This, in turn, has 2 inches large pulley with ABEC9 bearings. In effect, the rider will have better restrain thanks to these components. To make sure the rider’s feet stay in place, it has a harsh catch.

4. Quest Tribes Pin

Quest Tribes Pin Longboard

Stability is the name of the game for Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail longboard. It might have mixed reviews but it lives up to what it claims. This is a relatively light skateboard because of its lightweight aluminum pulleys. The design of its wheels help you cruise sleekly, which is something the young need. Basically, it has a 7 ply maple bridge and lasting 2.75 x 2 inches 80A PU spins. On the other hand, the slightweight aluminum 7” pulleys use precision ABEC 5 bearings with a void 0.7 inches ladder.

3. Quest Super Cruiser

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Kids surely love to boast their plaything around, so Quest Super Cruiser fits the bill. With the elements of maple and bamboo mixed together, a great looking kickboard is what you get. This 44-inch model is perfect for casual cruises, when kids just have to explore without the pressure of going too fast. It is also stable enough to handle a lot of weight, although kids aren’t that heavy to begin with. Moreover, its 2.75 inches PU spins provide great catch if you’re concerned about safety. For less than $70, the board also secures its place as a good starter.

2. YOCAHER Drop Through Complete Longboard

YOCAHER Drop Through Complete Longboard

If we’re talking about the variety of designs and the affordable price tag, YOCAHER Drop Through Complete Longboard is a complete winner. Don’t be afraid by its ‘professional’ tag as the board is very simple to use. The longboard is also a good foreword to the kids eager to try this hobby. The longboard has a 40” plate, but with a very generous 10” steady space. Hence, your kid will have no problem in using this gizmo. Users are quite ambivalent with the bearings, yet they are good enough for an entry level.

1. Atom Longboard Drop Through

Atom Longboard Drop Through

Well, Atom Longboards also has a drop-through version. This is actually a revamped version made after Atom listened to its users. Apparently, the original 41-inch model was replaced by a 40-inch with a wider deck (10″). The design reeks awesomeness, with maple and bamboo drop through Tiki model sporting Navigator Drone trucks. In addition, this gizmo has its own Atom Area 51 2.75 inches wheels. Lastly, the board gives a coarse 46 grit grip for great hold.

Final Words

Do not forget to supervise your kids when they are using longboards in the early stages, especially if they are still too young. Safety comes first.

What can you say about longboards? Do you like riding on one? Have different products which you’d add to our top? Voice your thoughts in the comment box!


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