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Robotics is filled with excitement, fun and challenges. The endless possibilities of this field can make someone develop a real passion for it. The road to robotics lets you explore not only industrial robots used in factories, but also the deep mysteries of artificial intelligence, humanoids and space robots.

Choosing your first robotics project

Building a robot is not easy, but building it from scratch can be a really difficult path to take. It requires ample knowledge of electronics, coding, engineering and robotics. If you don’t have any idea on how to start your project, this small insight could help you out. As a beginner, you should know that there is an easier way for you to explore this field, through the use of robot kits.

Robot kits give you the possibility to build your own partial or entire mobile robot. You can code instructions to vary its functions and add sensors to extend its functionality.

Getting a robotic arm kit would be a very good choice, not only for a beginner, but for those who are more advanced as well. It can give you a strong and durable structure, a powerful motor and flexibility. Most of the sensors are plug and play and it has a programmable interface. In terms of flexibility, you can change its function and design easily, due to its modular structure. Remember, if you want to take your robotic adventure to the next level, learning various programming languages and understanding electronics are the primary requirements.

Artificial Intelligence digging deep into robotics

Focusing on Artificial intelligence will require an advanced platform. The platform is designed for developers, it has a powerful CPU, better sensor integration and development tools. Usually, these platforms are quite expensive. For example, a complex robot has minicomputers on its parts, so it can decide on its own and move accordingly. Unlike the robotic kits for beginners, it can perform simple monotonous functions.

Best 5 DIY robot arm kits

1. Dagu Robotic Arm

Although it is not quite a budget-friendly project, this kit is one of the best, because of its stability. It can build a 5 degrees of freedom robotic arm made from aluminum sheets, has a serial interface and software for PC. It is also suited for school competition and robotics development. This machine will work without any hiccups, thanks to its superb control system.

You can get it here for $200.

2. OWI Robotic Arm Edge

This robotic arm is really affordable and top of its class. It has a lift power of 100g and you can control the arm to open, move and close.

Main features are:

  • 180 degrees of base motion;
  • Wide elbow range of 300 degrees;
  • 120 degrees of wrist motion;
  • 270 degrees of base rotation;
  • Vertical reach is 15 inches;
  • Horizontal reach is 12.6 inches.

Experienced builders don’t use it with an Arduino, but it works great with Adafruit Motorshield. The kit is quite hard to build, so expect hours to set it up.

You can secure an order here for $50.

3. MeArm

This is one of the budget friendly robotic arm kits that don’t compromise quality. There are three awesome colors available: Adam Red, Nuka Cola Blue and Clu Yellow. The MeArm kit is easy to set up. All you need is a screwdriver and to put all your passion into it, so it can deliver its bottled wonders. A good robotic kit that will hook you up to the world of engineering, robotics, electronics and programming.

You can have it here for $42.

4. SainSmart Robot Arm Model for Arduino

This kit is the cheap version of Dagu Robotic Arm. The appealing part of this kit is the variety of models based on servo motors. This means there is a wide array of options for you to select from. From the 3-Axis to the 6-Axis Control Palletizing Robot Arm Model, the prices go from $50 to $170. You can also get the moving platform add-on for $100, or the rotatable platform for $18.

You can order on Amazon.

5. uArm – Desktop Robotic Arm

uArm is powred by Arduino. The design of this 4-Axis robot is based on an industrial robot used in factories for manufacturing cars. The kit is easy to set up and you can directly connect it to a computer. uArm scores with its three digital servos, which are installed at the base for a responsive control system. It also has mini-servos that are linked to the end-effector, which is crucial for moving and rotating the robotic arm with a chosen manipulator.

You can get it here for $340.

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