The Best Video Applications for Android Phones


It is quite fascinating as to how the medium where we store media files became smaller in terms of size but larger in capacity throughout the years. We had cassette tapes, vinyl records and video tapes which are almost obsolete now. In the future, even compact discs and flash drives might will be driven to extinction as cloud space emerges. The move from feature phones to smartphones also initiated the creation of Android applications from their PC counterparts, to follow the needs of the users.

Below are ten media players which are dubbed as the best today and are available for Android users. Also included is the general consensus of their users as gathered in Google Playstore.

1VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

This PC original application finally made its splash in the Google Playstore, back in 2012. Expectedly, it became an instant hit among smartphone users. VLC is one of the most customizable media player applications in Google Playstore today. It has the ability to play any kind of file in high definition, on your phone, similar to its desktop version. It also accepts subtitles which are not commonly read by other media players. The Android version is an open source, so we expect lots of future updates, which will further improve your watching experience. This is a totally free application, hence, one can avoid the annoying ads. Many users are claiming VLC Media Player as one of the best video playing applications, if not the best one today.

2HD Video Player

HD Video Player

An offshoot of the VLC Video Player, this application offered by appsddoz boasts elegant black design and is capable of playing multiple types of files in high definition. It has ten powerful band equalizers and all possible open source codecs which makes it a fully featured media player. HD Video Player was also programmed to browse folders directly and can support subtitle files. Its unique point is the MP3 editor where you can edit these types of files using a mp3 cutter. While users complain about the inability of HD Video Player to play all kinds of files, they all agree at its strength of playing videos in high definition with ease.



This Android application is not exactly new to Android users, as it was awarded as the thirty best application by Google Play in 2014. It has a very beautiful yet simple layout. Unlike other media players from this list, it has a floating screen similar to the Youtube Application which allows the user to continue watching a video while sending an email or browsing the web. Another unique characteristic of this video player is it supports over 30 languages – a rarity among its peers, as the majority only support English. Lastly, it is Google drive supported, so you can retrieve all the videos from your cloud storage. KMPlayer users praised its nice interface and its ability to play HD videos with a good sound quality, even if it does not support all file formats.



Another open sourced application, BSPlayer is now compatible with the latest Android system (Marshmallow). It has  multi-core (it uses the processing power of one’s phone) HW decoding support, which drastically improves playback speed. BSPlayer can play files directly from uncompressed RAR files. This application also helps to reduce the battery consumption through hardware acceleration, albeit this feature has limited usage in some units. It also supports a wide range of subtitles and can find one automatically, given the user has internet connection. The free version utilizes the basic functions, while the full version comes with additional features. Many users commended its ability to play all kinds of video files while retaining the good video and audio quality, as well as its one finger swipe feature.

5Plex for Android

Plex for Android

This Editor’s Choice Awardee plays media files through the use of its Plex Media Server. Plex opens all kinds of media in HD and this application can share one’s videos with his family and friends. It can sync media to a smartphone even when offline. It also supports Google Drive and works like an interactive media player, which allows you to mark videos online, which can watch later. Another great feature, it can show you trailers of the latest movies. Of course, these come with a monthly fee or an in app purchase. Users share their smooth experience (many claim that this media player does not crash), the great UI and its simplicity to use.

6MX Video Player

MX Video Player

The MX Video Player may not boast many advanced functions, but that does not stop its reputation as one of the most popular video playing applications in the Playstore. It is the first Android video player which uses the processor of a smartphone (dual core or quad core) for a better playback. It also boasts the most number of subtitle formats it can support. You can also change the field of what you watch through zooms, while still playing the video (using a pinch move). Also, it has a kid’s lock feature for the avoidance of making unnecessary calls or texts when a toddler watches a video. Users say that this is one of the few video players which can play HD videos on a budget phone.



This video application also specializes in playing HD videos seamlessly. This is due to the hardware accelerator which uses the device’s processors in doing the playback. RockPlayer2 also allows users to modify its settings through 15 control buttons. Other functions of this media player include file management of the media files, easy seek which makes the whole progress bar able to be dragged and file sharing via internet. While an update is needed to fix the bugs it presented in its latest iteration, the users commented on the usefulness of its control buttons and its ability to play any kind of video.

8Act1 Video Player

Act1 Video Player

Act1 is probably the only media player in this list which does not have a free version. Yet it makes up for a lot of features not seen in a regular video players. Similar to VLC Player, it plays any kind of video file, has video zoom options (aspect, full or custom), subtitle support. A user can also leave up to 20 bookmarks on a single video and an on-screen clock, timer and battery meter. A unique feature of this video player is the ability to play movies in the background, while using other applications. Most, if not all video players, also stop when you lock your screen, even if your intention is only to listen. It also boasts accessibility to the playlists, as it creates separate home screen shortcuts for videos and playlist. Act1 may not be as grandiose as the other video playing applications in this list, but its consistency is the main reason why users love it.

9Power Media Player

Power Media Player

Power Media Player is a free application which acts as a one stop shop for the users. Through CyberLink’s technology, one can view photos, listen to music and watch movies in the highest possible quality. One special characteristic of this media player is the one-click touchups, which you can use to adjust the lighting, colors and contrast of the file you are watching, by a simple tap. Wireless sharing of files is also available via Android DLNA. It also supports a wide range of media files and subtitles. A full version is available which saves you from the advertisements and can give you a DTS audio support. Some people complain about the need of installing the Power DVD Mobile app first, but we see this as a minor inconvenient, given the  ability to perform such a wide variety of functions not commonly found in other media players.



The selling point of this another amazing Android application is its ability to play videos in multiple windows. GPlayer can play a maximum of 6 videos at a time in a multi-window (given you have the hardware for it). Other than that, it has also group media sharing by which you can share videos with others, without prior configuration. One can also personalize the playlist as well as setting some videos as private. Some audio files also work in this application, making it a media player. Users love its customizable layout, the ease of use and the ability to play videos in multi-window, but an update is needed to fix some glaring bugs.

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