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The SIM only plans are usually best for people who do not want to have a long contract with their telecommunication company. These people are weighing or testing the telco’s services and then they appreciate whether it’s worth the upgrade to other plans. The SIM-only deal is also the best for people that bought a phone and they want to have value on their service.

Today, telecommunication companies are beefing up the variety of services and better options for us, the consumers. So, fortunately, the competition between the phone service companies leaves us with a bunch of great deals to choose from.

The SIM deals here are focused on the value of your money and what the market has to offer (unlimited data, SMS and voice calls).

8.  GiffGaff

The cheapest SIM card deal around is from GiffGaff. You can get a SIM only deal for only £5 a month. For this deal, you can get 100+ UK minutes, 100MB data and 500 SMS. This deal is suitable for those who don’t necessarily depend on their phone, except for calling or texting. And maybe sometimes use the internet, for just a bit. Here’s where the 100MB data allowance hits the bullseye.

7. Three

Three is one of our top picks because, even though the offer is not among the cheapest anymore, their “All-you-can eat” data allowance is quite appealing. You will just need £20 per month to get this plan which includes 4G for no extra cash. Aside from the unlimited data, the package includes unlimited SMS and 200 minutes of voice calls. Three allows you to use your phone when out of the country, also with no extra cost.

6. EE

Deal A – the newest astounding deal from EE is ideal for people who prefer mobile data above all. You can get 25GB data for only £15 per month. Normally, it will cost you £30 per month for this type of plan. EE is doing a promotion available until  May 3rd – this big discount will definitely blow your mind! The plan is 4G capable, you can use it on your 4G wifi dongle or 4G router with SIM card insertion feature.

Deal B – The deal costs £17.99 per month and you can enjoy Unlimited SMS and Voice calls; it also includes 2GB data. Surprisingly, if you sign up on cashback for this deal, you will be able to claim back £162 then your monthly payment will be discounted. You will only pay £4.50 per month! – Yes, believe it or not!

Deal C –  This is a bit alike with Deal B but this one is far cheaper. Instead of having unlimited voice calls, the deal offers 1,000 minutes. The cashback for this deal is £144, then you will be charged £3 per month. – what a great deal right?

5. O2

O2 offers a lot of mixed bag packages. One that entices us is their SIM-only deal that you can get for £8.50 per month. If you are a frequent mobile data user and prefer voice calls instead of texting, this is not for you. O2 charges you for every exceeding voice minute and data usage that will be used above the given subscription allowance. The strongest point that O2 have is their network’s wide coverage and reliability.

4. Vodafone

Vodafone’s edge among other telcos is their reliable network and a few acceptable deals. They are persistent on selling you a package plan that includes a mobile phone rather than giving you a line only plan. You can get the lowest available plan for £30 per month. The good thing about Vodafone is their one-month lock-in plan. Other competing telcos would only offer a plan with a lock in period of 12 months. If you are a cheapo that doesn’t consume heaps of data and minutes, Vodafone could be your choice.

3. TalkTalk

TalkTalk offers a variety of services such as TV services, broadband, and home phone. You can get most out of their services if you’ll going to sign up more than a single package. You can get the lowest plan available for only £3.50 per month. They often have half-price contracts once you made the cut on their sign up bonus – Go to their website now and get this amazing offer!

2. Virgin mobile

One of the oldies telcos on the market, Virgin mobile offers enticing SIM only deals. All of their plans are exclusive for a one-month lock in period. You can stop paying anytime you want and discontinue your plan. This gives you the freedom to choose any plan, if you change your mind on a later time – possible plan upgrade perhaps?

1. iD

If you are coveting for inexpensive basement prices, iD will be your best choice. iD’s network is owned and run by Carphone Warehouse. The good thing about iD is the integration of their network on three other networks. This means you will be entitled to have EU roaming capabilities, great value, amazing perks and a lot more! In their £10 per month package you will receive, for 12 months, 4GB of data instead of 2GB. Since this contract is renewed once per month, you can change it whenever you need a change.

Let us know your story about the buck saver plan that you currently have by commenting below.


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