Give Wings to Your Creativity. Build a Lego Drone!


Lego teaches us that there’s no boundary when it comes to creativity. Yes, playing with Lego bricks is really fun and we can create lots of things using our imagination. Recently, the build-your-imagination concept got an upgrade from Flybrix. The new Lego sets are said to have a DIY kit of a UAV. Plus,they are quite affordable.

The basic kit has all of the needed components to build a drone with quad, hexa, or octa propellers. You can complete the drone within 15 minutes. The kit contains, of course, the bricks, eight motors, propellers and wrench, the software you need for flying, mobile app integrated, and the Arduino brain to extend its functionality. The deluxe kit includes a dedicated controller which will be offered for a promotional price of $229.

Crashing the quad will never be a problem. Yes, you heard it right. Flybrix will even tell you “crash the drone and build it again”. The bricks are durable, so no worries are in order when it comes to a slam on a wall. Flybrix also equips you  with 10 games, ready-to-play, to help you hone your building and piloting skills.

Flybrix founder promised that the drone kit will be full of fun and it focuses on developing enthusiasm towards education. Building a drone will have the elements of physics, technology, basic engineering, and intellectual skills. The kit will inspire the builder to achieve more, expanding his or her creativity for endless boundaries. I will personally give this a shot!

Will you try this kit for yourself or your kids? Sound your comments below.


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