LG wows CES 2016 with its new OLED rollable TV screen


Rollable TV screen GDuring the recent CES 2016, LG impressed the crowd with its new OLED bendable and rollable TV screen. The prototype can be rolled out like a paper into a bag. We can’t wait to see the future having the OLED technology integrated into our car, home, office and smartphone.

The development of OLED technology for the past 15 years is bearing fruit in today’s industry. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Technology innovators developed this because OLED can be created from a glass substrate which is widely used on today’s smartphones, TVs and other gadgets. The good thing about the OLED screen is it’s not limited only to glass, it can also installed to a bendable plastic material without compromising the screens display quality.

According to Janice Mahon, Vice President of Technology Commercialization for Universal Display Corporation, one of OLED distinguished ability is its intrinsic capability to be rolled and bent, things which cannot be seen in any regular LCD.

After the discovery of the OLED technology the LG innovators immediately shifted the focus of their development on this technology.  Numerous prototype designs were created. Then, they slowly integrated the use of OLED technology on their production, this made way on the manufacturing of today’s OLED Ultra HD TVs.

OLED can revolutionize our viewing experience, creating a much clearer and crispier display that will bring more colors to life.

Expect to see in 2-3 years from now new smartphones and new gadgets based on this tech.

Does a rollable TV screen really matter?

Did you imagine yourself having rollable or bendable TV? The TV can be stored into a bag, where you can bring it anywhere and will let you connect with your friends.

Exercise your imagination, and think of an ancient scroll-like device where you can draw sketches, play favorite games, share videos and captured images with friends by simply detaching the OLED screen and sticking it on a desirable corner.

Further development of OLED technology can benefit all industries. For example, artists can bring their masterpieces anywhere for them to explore new places or events, where they can add more to improve their work. Designers can create fashion trends based on a better unit, that is powered by this type of screen. The flexibility of changing their design based on concept and creativity will not just revolutionize our clothing, but also the society as a whole.

The OLED can also be integrated into our car’s windshields, where we can access information easier, or do other things (i.e. answer upcoming calls by simply connecting our smart watch into the car’s OLED screen). All good things will happen as we further innovate, and LG opens many new possibilities which can be achieved using the OLED technology. Sooner or later, we will enjoy every bit of this technology advancement. We won’t be using any type of paper in our office or school, we’ll be more efficient on promoting an eco-friendly living. Cutting down the trees and destroying the ecosystem won’t be necessary (at least not for making paper, that’s for sure).

Are you an advocate of an eco-friendly living? Or just a guy which really digs this new stuff? Either way, use the form bellow to share your thoughts on this.


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